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Yes. But it does't matter who wins, some will still want to change away from ROC.
It's part of the official name of Taiwan in both English and Chinese. Some people in Taiwan wants to change that but not all.
Ruling class typically produces nothing but takes from those who does produce. They do not apply trade in what they do. The EU and large government bodies practices this.
Destroyer of wealth generated through legal trade. The ruling class never change in human history.
Have you seen the latest laptop design from HP and Dell? You might notice how close they resemble a MacBook Pro. What kind of culture do you suppose exist here in the land of IP protection?
Anyone else noticed that the headphone jack and Lightning port is smaller? Hope it's just placeholder and it uses normal size headphone jack and Lightning port. After all, iPod touch 5th gen has about same thickness as this rendering but no difference with port sizes.
The world does not have much expectation from Cook. Good. Good.   It only makes their ass kicking hurt even more down the road.
Really hope the conversion into actual sales for Apple is monumental - like creating another US market volume within 2014.
If Chromebooks does take off, I'd feel sorry for the HW manufacturers. The margins has gotta be miniscule.
People like him produces no actual value in the world. As soon as a disruption occur in finance - like iPhone was to smartphones - the healthier the economy would be.
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