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  Actually, swiping down from the entire screen space between the Dock and the top edge of screen activates the Spotlight search in iOS 7. That's about the same amount of space one would swipe right on iOS 6. Contextually and in terms of UI, it's actually more consistent. You'd swipe down similarly from that screen space to get search in Mail, Notes, Music app, Videos app, iTunes U (more or less), and similar apps where Search is not a prominent feature. Swipe down from...
I'd like to see regional charts throughout the major markets in the world. More telling than just the US market.
I'd rather see something disruptive to phablets than joining them. It's true some would prefer them. IMO phablets market is banking on ever increasing screen sizes. It suggests innovation limit after a certain screen size will be reached soon. Then what do you do next? There's a pattern emerging from phablets and my guess is everyone is racing towards smaller margin to compete in the same phablet space. Good for consumers? Not really. Those lower margins is going to mean...
You mean like netbooks?
    There was one story about Android tablets gaing market share past iPads in Japan.   http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-57564407-37/google-nexus-7-tops-ipad-in-japan-is-this-a-trend/   Keep in mind, this was just in Japan and the study was a survey and not actual shipping numbers.
That line of thinking was also brought up in the hey day of the netbook. You're suggesting Apple should react, follow, and play Samsung's game instead of gambling on their own ideas to succeed. How's that working out for HTC, Motorola, Sony, etc. since they also have comparable large screens. Next, you might even suggest Apple abandon iOS and use Android instead.   This was in response to mvigod.
I recall playing with these using the Chinese female voice to read English. The accent stuck. So cool.
    And it's Apple's responsibility to make sure competing businesses are able to keep their employees? How does that logic work in competition? Shouldn't you be asking why those businesses aren't able to compete today when many of them were miles ahead of Apple in their respective industry a few years ago?
At one point, there wasn't any income tax either in the US. It was Unconstitutional to tax one's wages. Interest income was however.
I can't wait to get my check for 1/7 of $1.
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