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My feeling is if Apple introduced an iPhone with >4" screen, something will be unique about it. You'd probably not notice it unless you hold it in your hand. But the photos will not show it causing the naysayers to complain about apple's tardiness to increase screen size and that's it's ho-hum. I've noticed this with the fatty iPod nano and this year with the iPhone 5C. Both seemed like no big deal until you physically interact with it. Something about the way it feels in...
Samsung is still a follower at heart. This behavior is built-in. Not too surprised by this "me-too" announcement.
 Maybe you can provide a link for this configuration from apple.com. Given Apple's brand protection tendencies, I cannot believe this is true.
I believe it will not be very successful itself since Microsoft will be competing with other Windows 8 Ultrabook hybrids. This will mean direct competition within their eco-system which often becomes race to the bottom margins. Unless they can come up with a killer-app that everyone must have and only they can offer with Surface Pro, the market will likely look for cheaper alternatives.
@ash471 You can use 4 fingers to swipe from left to right to go to previous app. And swipe right to left after that. It worked as back and forward like in a browser. This is actually in iOS 6.
For those of us who write Chinese, iOS 7 offers recognition of multiple handwritten characters on screen. While voice dictation in Chinese is pretty sweet on iOS6 already, this is still going to be a home run in Chinese market - especially on iPads. Hope it's in OS X Maverick too.   http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2013/06/10Apple-Unveils-iOS-7.html (look for bullet points at bottom)
  Actually, swiping down from the entire screen space between the Dock and the top edge of screen activates the Spotlight search in iOS 7. That's about the same amount of space one would swipe right on iOS 6. Contextually and in terms of UI, it's actually more consistent. You'd swipe down similarly from that screen space to get search in Mail, Notes, Music app, Videos app, iTunes U (more or less), and similar apps where Search is not a prominent feature. Swipe down from...
I'd like to see regional charts throughout the major markets in the world. More telling than just the US market.
I'd rather see something disruptive to phablets than joining them. It's true some would prefer them. IMO phablets market is banking on ever increasing screen sizes. It suggests innovation limit after a certain screen size will be reached soon. Then what do you do next? There's a pattern emerging from phablets and my guess is everyone is racing towards smaller margin to compete in the same phablet space. Good for consumers? Not really. Those lower margins is going to mean...
You mean like netbooks?
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