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Acer makes Samsung look like an innovator.
Apple could and should have done a better job of explaining this. My wife and I both got new iPhone 4S at the same time and it took me a little while to figure out how to keep things separate. Fortunately, I separated things before things got jumbled up and all is good. Then I went over to my parents' home in Korea while on a business trip and they both have the iPhone 4. I installed the iOS 5 and the iCloud on both of their phones and forgot that they were sharing the...
I have yet to meet a single person with a Windows phone.
I'm sure that PC had the NeXTStep or OpenStep OS as NeXT had an Intel version for years before Apple acquired NeXT that brought Jobs back to Apple.
Complete relief from the pain he's had to deal with over all these years... Jobs was certainly no Christian so let's get that whole BS out of the way. What happens after one finally loses consciousness is not even worth debating. Why bother? Most likely, we just return to the state before we were born. Do you remember what you were doing before you were born? Steve felt all the pain go away. That's worthy of "OH WOW!"
So much for the DigiTimes rumor... http://www.forbes.com/sites/ericsavi...or-hp-pc-unit/ In a way I was hoping that Samsung would go for it to have an albatross around their neck but they're not that dumb. They're not interested in the truck business.
Partly true. Samsung semiconductor division is part of Samsung Electronics, which is part of the greater Samsung conglomerate group which dabbles in everything from shipbuilding to selling insurance and from constructing apartment complexes to running hotel and hospital chains.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samsung_Electronics It's true that Samsung's semiconductor business unit really doesn't care where their orders come from - Apple or Samsung's own mobile division. Sure...
The comments from these wanna-be's are as predictable as their me-too products.
Not surprising, really. It's sort of what you expect from Samsung.
The Samsung conglomerate (largest in the world) generates over $200 billion in revenue per year and that accounts for roughly 20% of the entire South Korean economy. Samsung Electronics alone has a market cap of over $130 billion. For one, Samsung is just way too big and sprawling for Apple as Samsung dabbles in everything from washers and rice cookers to displays and semiconductors in their electronics division alone. The Samsung Group has a shipbuilding company that...
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