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That's funny! Nobody questioned their falling circulation. I think it is their blatant left leaning bias that turns off many readers. Moving to the digital will not help as long as they stay biased. I think Time and NY Times will follow this path for the same reason :-) Die Walkure
Actually, why not to do this bidding every time in the beginning of the telephone call/data session? Why do I need even know who provides the service for me as long as it is cheap and reliable?
What I think is that Ehternet providers (wired or wireless) has no right to control my flow of information. The same way as telephone lines providers. And the role of FCC is to enforce it and protect my privacy rights. If it will turn out that wireless bandwidth is a scarce resource then it means only that buffet model (all you can eat for fixed price per month) is not applicable. Like public utilities wireless providers can charge me for usage ( first few hundred MB for...
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