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 Looks as if the headline suggests that the law would only apply to 'smartphones', not all mobile phones.
 Looked like a good offer, but this is either a vaporware sale, or the event has already ended, according to the link.
I'm confused. Are both companies not companies of the United States? How or why would Europe have any authority over the conditions or possibility of one company acquiring the other? Does the United States also have a voice regarding mergers or purchases of European companies?
 Knowing this, a simple search would guide you here. More information is available here.
Does anyone know if this means that there is/are tangible units currently in some form of production? Or, does this mean that, at least so far (as with Model # A1573), that only prototypes are in existence?
Hope Apple knows that CY 2014 only has 12 months. They should know better than to specify dates (in this case, CY 2014) for product delivery, as people will expect those products to be delivered during that frame of time.
Wow, I could see this one coming. Just knew that the ugly head of politics, and not without bias, would find its way into the comments. "Please help the people of this small country protect its territory... " The Americans have already tragically heeded a similar plea for help once before, and at great cost, beginning in the early 1960s. Part of me wants to say, "not this time".
Beats is too consumerish. I'd rather see an integration or deal with Shure. Quality matters.
Is this in any way a descendant of Opera's 'Ice' that was shown in demonstration, but for some reason was never released (for iOS)? http://iphone.appleinsider.com/articles/13/01/18/opera_unveils_new_ice_mobile_web_browser_for_ios_and_android
I'm still confused. Isn't 10.10.1 fundamentally the same as 10.1.1, and 10.10.2 the same as 10.1.2? Either I am really missing something, or someone is trying to pull the wool over my eyes. Would someone please explain how the numbers are different?
New Posts  All Forums: