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How's that Vine App. working for you on your Windows Mobile device? I'm sure it must be really exciting, it seems to be a big selling point in some of the Windows Mobile commercials currently in rotation.
 But what kind of press have their efforts generated? Who (with the exception of an educated few) has even heard of Asimo? Regardless of the quality of work it generates, anything that Google does easily garners more press and attention.
I actually think that if anyone should feel threatened by this, it's actually these people, not Apple.
There's actually a sort of miniaturized version of the Steadicam available for the iPhone (and iPhone only!), called the 'Steadicam Smoothee'. Gosh, to be an amateur filmmaker these days. The tools are becoming so affordable.   See what you think .. http://bit.ly/1bxguGy
 What are the games so far that require an external controller? The problem is that while this list may be short now, it will grow as more games require a controller. This will surely grow into a problem, unless Apple does something to officially list which games require an external controller, and which games do not. Perhaps a new sub-category for games in the App Store ('Games Requiring a Controller')? I personally do not see myself purchasing any in this new category of...
 As I remember, AirPlay either wasn't available or it wasn't possible to do what I wanted to do a few years ago, using an iPhone and a Mac. I remember being able to share pictures, and to play audio and video with AirPlay, but not being able to use it for application or screen mirroring. For some reason, Apple's own page mentions nothing about screen mirroring between an iOS device and a Mac. Even the Wikipedia article fails to mention anything about application or screen...
 I've been using something called AirServer for about 2 years. Pair your iPhone with a Mac. connected to one of Apple's large LCDs, and it becomes an interesting and unique experience.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tallest Skil  This is as relevant a place as any; go ahead and ask.   I think I began having problems with what is known as 'Image Persistence' (similar to what I used to know as 'Ghosting' on RGB or Arcade monitors in the 1980s) about 7 or 8 months ago (April or May, 2013) - see similar/related images here, here and here. I've read enough about it so that I think I know what it is. The display (a 24" A.C.D.) is showing behavior that is...
I actually have a very serious question related to a 2009 24" Apple Cinema Display. Can someone with a history of experience with Apple Displays send me a DM/PM, so that I may ask a question? Thank you in advance.
Doesn't 802.11ac support that amount of data?
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