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Doesn't this require a wired or cabled connection, and iTunes? Can a 'restore from backup' be done wirelessly, between only two iPhones ?
Why can't this be done for transfer between existing iPhones also? Imagine how easy configuring a new iPhone would be. Doesn't this make sense to anyone else ?
I've been ahead of the handheld streaming trend for years, using my transistor radio to listen.
This will rival Apple's insert in Newsweek in November / December of 1984 for the original Mac. Interestingly, it's also the same number of pages, 12.
Can't wait to see and hear the dimwitted ways in which Samsung and Google will respond to this.
Here we go again with another installment of generic images used for patent announcements. Love that c. 1995 tower with clunky webcam attachment. Can't seem to locate any AOL install floppies on this gentleman's desk, though. Looks like he's using some type of assistive accessibility keyboard for Windows '95, from what I can make out on the screen. Thankful we haven't seen any close-ups of that creepy, weird hand recently.
Have been with Apple since owning my first Apple II in 1984. iCloud is easily one of the most confusing things I have ever seen come from them. In my opinion, if any remote storage is to be successful and gain any significant amount of traction among users, it must be 3 things, equally: 1) simple, 2) transparent and 3) complete. iCloud currently does not meet these 3 criteria. There's a reason that Apple doesn't boast about "80% of our installed base uses iCloud". Because...
I'm starting to think of S.G.I. .. How ironic was it that they became widely known to the public for their re-creation of the dinosaur, only to become one later themselves.
Gotta love these generic images used for diagrams in patent announcements. What's up with that bulky PC tower / circa. 2012 Mac Pro connected to the TV / monitor, and the clunky looking external webcam?
A quick look at the first image makes me think that the sheer number of added buttons and controls on the device would drive Steve Jobs nuts.  The creators of the unit very well could be Android users.   
New Posts  All Forums: