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Shipping time is now down to "1-2 days" on the US store.
My brand new MacBook Pro in its native environment:
SETI is something that has trouble getting funding to buy their own computers. Drug companies have no trouble with funding biological research. My cycles vote for SETI.
I hope you get that invite, because putting your current address in the clear on a website isn't such a good idea. BTW, I've also been wanted to check out Gmail. Feel free to PM if you have an invite to offer and you're feeling nice. ;-)
You could use a Firewire-based analog to digital converter and display it in a window. To actually run the LCD you'd be looking at major Powerbook surgery and there isn't enough room inside for the D/A converter anyway so you'd have some kind of external box.
So what kind of framerates do they get in Quake?
Can you return it? With the 15% restocking fee you would be out $180 or so, but that might be less than you would lose selling it on eBay. Just a thought.
In my experience using a TV as a second display is always a bad idea. You're limited to 640x480 and the dot pitch means that text will probably be unreadable. Regarding Final Cut Express, it looks like you might be able to make a few bucks - eBay search It's up to you to decide if it's worth it. edit: Pasting eBay links doesn't work...?
I guess you'll just have to upgrade to the Z4 now...
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