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I know for a fact the table is at least 720p resolution. Probably 16:10. But I know it is designed for 720p video. Just had a beer with my friend from Apple not an hour ago. And he works in a department that knows :-) I heard some other juicy stuff, but he doesn't know what else is confirmed because there were different models floating around, the only thing he knows about the final one is the resolution is at least 720p. See you all tomorrow, Cheers
The Head of Publishing had Apple PRs permission to speak about it today. So do several other CEOs. Even the head of Google in Europe said the same thing this guy did several weeks ago.
wifi during the presentation. Uhh no. You can barely get cellphone coverage in there for 3G streaming. Quite a few people do stream it to ustream and qik, but only the pros and the channels are private. After waiting in line an hour to get in the event you'll find your mobile is dead. It's the engadget guys who know how to do a press event. They have 3-4 laptops, $800 extra battery packs, several wifi cards, and a webpage to help them post quickly.
There isn't enough bandwidth or processing power to broadcast it live. It could be broadcasted live to TV but the networks refuse to show the entire thing without commercial breaks and commentary. I know this because about 4 years ago I actually talked to Steve jobs in person about this very thing. He told me (at the time g4) wanted to broadcast it but with commentary. He said if a network agreed to broadcast it without interruption or commentary he would allow...
It doesn't matter what people here think. The best selling computer of all time the iMac was ripped apart by fanboys for not having a floppy drive. People here don't represent majority of the population. This MacBook Air is already doing exceedingly well on the AppleStore..
The reason it says that is Apple doesn't want people buying them up so that MacBook Air people will have enough for them to purchase... There are plenty of external USB drives out there for even $30 at some stores... Just get a cheep one.
No never. Apple doesn't care about LCD TVs and such. There's not money in it, and the whole industry is wacked. I'll bet 10,000 with anyone who thinks apple is coming out with LCD tvs.. It is not happening. Apple has made their intentions with TV very clear.. It you need TV you can always go back and Get Mac TV they made in the 90s
First currently there are no real 30" panels with a higher resolution that can be bought and put in consumer products. I've seen a few 30-40 displays that were customized for military application with higher resolution.. We'll probably switch to display port first, it's going to be a giant leap for Apple to offer 200-300dpi displays.
I'd like to point out a few things. I knew in advance which studios were switching and posted them. I work in the "system" so to call it. Universal is switching to blu-ray by summer, and completely dropping hd-dvd I'm so tired of hearing about hd-dvd. Nobody gives a crap about the cost. You have $600 blu-ray players outselling hd-dvd players WITH 10 freaking movies for $150. What more do you need to see? Geeze already enough.
The updates are delayed because of reasons that might seem silly. At issue is the keyboard. For anyone who is a super fast typer (myself included) you are probably skeptical of the new (spaced) apple keyboard design. I initially thought it would be bad, but typing 70wpm I can tell you the new keyboards with space around they keys is the best thing to happen in keyboards in 20 years. Apple will have a hard time convincing users to change their keyboard without them...
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