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I know, if I end up getting a 5 (after I've read all your comments about the new phone), I can wait for it without waiting in a line somewhere.....
WHAT do they do for bathrooms, food, recharging their electronics, etc.......?  Anybody know or anybody been there?
These 'people waiting in line' are goofy. I guess trying to 'plug' whatever they have to sell is worth the 'line wait'. I purchased a '4' on a preorder, kept it for 3 1/2 weeks until I couldn't stand the terrible reception/dropped calls anymore. I returned it, got my money back and waited for the next iPhone. I did preorder the 4S because I saw Apple had fixed the antenna problems (with the dual antenna's) and since the 4S was more of a refresh than a totally new design...
iPhone (original)=iPhone 1 iPhone 3G=iphone 2 iPhone 3GS=iPhone 3 iPhone 4=iPhone 4 iPhone 4S=iPhone 5 NEW iPhone=iPhone 6
You're right, f#@k at&t. I've been with at&t since about 1991 and I'm getting ready to jump ship. Whoever said 'they're just trying to get you off their unlimited data plan' was right. DON'T DO IT. Keep your unlimited plans!!!!!!!
Uh-oh, watch out for the tree huggers looking to grab your iPhone, I always knew theere was something wrong with the iPhone, it was TOO good! You just knew someone would come along and point out that you were using TOO much of something with an iPhone...............
Stick a fork in them, they're done!
Who cares................only rumors..................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Or you could… go to Sprint where they have "unlimited" data that doesn't get throttled or Verizon where the service both physical and customer are infinitely better." I heard recently that Sprint started to throttle, only 1% or so but they are throttling! Isn't it Verizon who nickle and dimes you to death with a fee for this, and a charge for that.............
Wasn't it Steve Jobs who wanted to start his own carrier so he (Apple) wouldn't be held captive by a mobile phone company?
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