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Thanks, I knew we were getting iMessage, I wasn't sure were it was. So, it's just incorporated into 'Messages'?
Hasn't anyone else heard about Apple's own proprietary iMessage service? That would allow some of us to dump our carrier's high price (and for the carrier, very high profit) messaging plans?
ILMAO, did Siri really say this?
Wasn't Apple going to introduce their own iMessage service like Blackberry's where only Apple device users could instant meaasage each other on only Apple devices. Not the icon in the upper left corner, that the carriers' instant messaging service.
That's AT&T's instant message (for me), Verizon or Sprint instant message for others. Apple was supposed to introduce their own iMessage, instant message. It was to be modeled after Blackberry's instant message service.......
So, what happened to Apple's iMessage?
Thank god for an improved antenna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I updated yesterday evening, 8pm eastern time. Wouldn't go through the first time, tried second time & got iOS5 (but it took hours). And for some reason, I have NONE of my 900 contacts on my 3GS.
I'm gonna bitch...................been with these guys 20 years (Cellular One, AT&T Wireless, Cingular, at&t, and whatever other names they used).
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