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Don't kick yourself, the iPhone 4 had serious antenna problems. Very good phone except for the serious antenna problem. I had one and love it except for all the dropped calls, I returned it. I still have lots of dropped calls from other people with iPhone 4's. I'm also waiting to replace my 3GS and if all they introduce is a jazzed up 4S (A5 processor, 1GB Ram, 8MP camera) WITH a revised antenna, that 4S will go from a great phone with a bad antenna to a REALLY GREAT...
I was in New Jersey on vacation when this article was posted, nothing in New Jersey. I stopped at a couple Starbucks stores in Pennsylvania on the way back from vacation, nothing there either.
Ok, sorry. I didn't know what the little red exclamation mark was....
Is this an advertisement......???
I ordered an iPhone 4 before any of the antenna stuff came out. I started to read about antenna problems but I was so skeptical about a 'real' antenna issue, I went ahead and bought the 4 (an outright buy @ $699). After all, Apple couldn’t make a bad or flawed phone, I said. I was so excited to have my new 4, it was so cool, it was so fast, it was so pretty, it did everything better than my 3GS. I dismissed all the antennagate talk as ‘bunk’; Apple wouldn't knowingly...
I'm sure the antenna issue would have been dicovered if they tested the iPhone 4 in it's normal body, holding it the way the vast majority of people do......
So, is there an app for that? An app to be able to use a stylus or your finger on an iPad touch screen?
How 'bout I just dust off my Palm Pilot (I still have it) and the stylus it came with from 10-15 years ago ?...............are we regressing here ???? As someone else said................... "No thanks. Next..."
I want thinner, lighter, more battery life, bigger screen, 8mp camera, a much improved antenna system, 4G capable and a faster processor. Too much to ask for?
If any of you have unlimited data (AT&T or Verizon), DON"T EVER GIVE IT UP. You will NEVER get it back AND you'll be at their mercy (AT&T or Verizon) for RIPOFF pricing!
New Posts  All Forums: