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From everything I've read on iPhone 5 (4S), NO LTE, NO NFC (for now). It will have the new A4 processor, maybe bigger screen, longer battery life would be nice, PLEASE a new antenna, PLEASE lighter (no glass back). My 3GS is also ready for replacement (although I will say, I've been very happy with it). I tried an iPhone 4 but had severe reception problems and had to return it. So I'm ready for the new phone.......bring it on...!!!
How do you know all this, or is it your chrystal ball? And what about a new antenna design?
In jail with the general population (a rough sorta bunch) they'll get 3 square meals a day, free medical and dental (they'll need both) and all the sex they want! Lock the door & throw away the key on these lowlifes.
OK, time for the new iPhone. Fix the antenna problem......... And make the iPhone lighter (get rid of the glass, go to plastic/aluminum, anything lighter).
I think they'll (Apple) get into the TV business with a "whole' Apple TV, not just a set top box. Running iOS and having iCloud and the interface with your iPhone and iPad seems a natural evolution to me. Imagine the possibilities.....
It makes me sick ! Just another 'screw job' for the American public !! Basterds !!!
I, like you, do not pay for Hulu Plus (although I used to watch stuff on Hulu when it was free). When Hulu went to Plus (pay), I sent them an email and told them to 'shove it', their pay service. You can watch TV shows for free on the network websites or on FIOS or Comcast 'On Demand', why would I pay for something I can watch for free.......... I do subscribe and pay for Netflix streaming & one at a time BluRay's........
I totally agree!!!!!!!
This is nothing but a pissing contest between two BIG companies. Which one can shoot the furthest. And the lawyers keep getting richer.............
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