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Twitter, oh PLEASE.......what a waste of time and resources.....!!!!
Gee, I posted here 2 months ago that since Apple didn't have a new iPhone to introduce at WWDC, 'I'll bet there's some special pricing/sale that will come out about the time of the WWDC'. A nice price for what has become a dated phone with the next iPhone (5th generation) not coming until fall. That should get Apple a bunch of sales that they wouldn't have had this summer!
There are studies AND books out there written about the effects of 'Electro-Magnetic Radiation' and 'RF (Radio Frequency) Radiation' from high voltage electrical towers and high power radio transmitters and it's not good. That being said, there may or may not be enough radiation coming from a cell phone to cause damage. I don't take any chances.....99.9% of the time I'm on the iPhone, I'm using a Bluetooth headset. Then this whole thing becomes a non-issue! AND, you...
I hope Steve is doing alright and he's up to that whole presentation thing !
SO, we'll assume no 4G capability until the next phone "in the spring of 2012" I might have to nurse my 3GS along a little longer and wait for the 'REALLY' new Apple iPhone.
The whole thing sounds like a pissing contest between attorneys..... Can't we just all get along, maybe without attorneys and politicans (actually, they're the same), we could.............................. So who's better as a bottom sucker, attorneys or politicians?
So right!!!!!!!!
Well said, Tailpipe........................Thanks!
I never used a death grip either, most of the time I wasn't even holding the iPhone 4 but it still managed to drop most calls. The talk had just started about the iPhone 4 antenna/reception/dropped call problems when I got my own iPhone 4. My thoughts were that Apple wouldn't release a phone that has 'that big of a problem'. I WAS WRONG!!! I got tired of people asking me 'What's wrong with your phone?' (after so many calls woud drop). I returned it. I never had ANY...
THANKS! I NEVER/EVER believed all that iPhone4/antenna/reception crap UNTIL I got an iPhone4.
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