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VERY WELL SAID!!!!! THANK YOU........... (BTW, I tried an iPhone 4, I had to return it due to reception issues) SOMEBODY at Apple please read this gentleman's post!!!!!!!
I've not read anything recently about a redesign of the antenna on the new iPhone in September. Anybody know anything or want to weigh in on that one?
A flip phone, that's so.......................90's.........
If Apple ever did a slide out keypad on an iphone, I'd be moving to a different phone/company.
"Please tell me that was just a bad attempt at being humorous. Seriously? No genius, I'm talking about the overall scale of the icons themselves being smaller than normal." I wasn't trying to be a smart-ass, I didn't perceive the icons to be out of proportion......
"You could save that icon to a webpage and then create a WebClip bookmark. This would only take a moment to do but I have trouble thinking that someone would have put that kind of thought into it just to make a sloppy rendering with the iPad display." Me too!
"That does look like the iPad display cropped and shrunk to fit on the iPhone." "And, I had the exact same reaction as you re it looking like a 'shrunken' iPad display." EXCEPT, I can't find that 'Stocks' app anywhere in iPad apps to download to my iPad (I have that 'Stocks app on my 3GS). So, it would have been a little more tricky to shrink an iPad display and put an app on the screen that you can't get on the iPad.
"What's up with those tiny icons?" Are you talking about the small app icons that are in the folder together? Maybe you didn't know you could do that.........
I got an early iPhone 4 (pre-orderd), had it for 3 1/2 weeks and had to return it for dropped calls (incoming & outgoing, whether I held it or not). Maybe they had problems with early production runs................... So I skipped a generation and finished up my AT&T contract. I'm still using my 3GS and anxiously awaiting the next phone............I like the edge to edge thing, if that happens.
New Posts  All Forums: