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thecarbonationeffect @ mac.com
Slow, painful, heroic one. Would you rather be hit by a train, or trained by a hit man.
Are you sure display sleep is not set to turn off display after x number of seconds?
Drummer Would you rather have hands attached to your ankles, or feet attached to your wrists?
He has a V12 Engine, possibly in a Ford F250/350 Pickup, Viper or Dodge ram.
Or maybe he just thinks the dealership frame holds the plate on the car.
My PC Compliments my Mac all the time. Just today it told it how nice it looked today.
Guess who's back... ...back again Guess who's back... ...iBook's back What's up. After a long year off these boards I am back. Just thought I'd say hey!
Pictures are cool... [ 09-20-2002: Message edited by: iBook ]

As for the Deck, I would recommend the Pioneer P440, or 4400, and the IP bus adaptor, that allows you to hook an auxilary item into it. The head unit is $179, and the adaptor is $59. I have had just about every brand of Head unit, and have found that Pioneer is the best as far as price, and functionality. Last I checked, the cheapest Alpine unit (Alpine is as good as pioneer as far as quality) that has Aux inputs is 379, so it would be far cheaper and just as good to get...
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