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I'm pretty sure having an off-putting odor that drives away customers falls under affecting retail duties.
There were issues with HealthKit in the iOS 8 GM build. Because of the launch of the iPhone 6, iOS 8 couldn't be held back. We will see a 8.01 update within the next couple of weeks.
There was a problem with the code signing of Xcode Beta 6. I assume they pulled it to rectify the issue.
You are absolutely right on with your assessment. My wife has her own business as a hairdresser. The couple of times she ran Groupons, the clients never rebooked for future service. Also, they did not tip well, if at all. This combined with the lost income from the Groupon turned her off to these sorts of promotions. She did much better giving returning customers discounts if they referred friends and family.  I don't doubt there are many people who use deals like Groupon...
 I agree with the first 1/2 of what you said. People forget about compressed memory, App Nap, coallesced timers,  adding a whole new mode of working with multiple monitors, tags, etc.  iCloud already is a huge success. Bookmark and keychain sharing between Macs and iOS devices is awesome. The same is true for document sharing between devices. Granted, core data syncing was rough when first released, but it has improved dramatically since then. Apple still has some work...
The LLVM/CLANG folks have done a great job. Even more so with LLDB. Debugging used to be awful compared to what VS offered. LLDB has really closed the gap. It looks like their next project is a new linker, LLD. I wonder if we'll see that in a 5.x release or if that will be part of the Xcode 6.0 release.
This is good to see as the initial version of the VPP was all but worthless. Having to manage an apple ID per device did not scale past very small businesses. Also giving redemption codes to employees which may leave the company also was a bad solution. Being able to assign apps by device is a much, much better system.
They sure weren't. Only iOS apps. It has been a bear trying to buy non-Apple Mac apps for business off the store.
Obviously Chandrasekher has to downplay the competition, but he couldn't be more wrong. For those who know a little about computer architecture, the following is a great breakdown of the new A7.   http://www.mikeash.com/pyblog/friday-qa-2013-09-27-arm64-and-you.html   Also, beyond just the chip improvements, Apple was able to take advantage of the extra bits in a pointer to help speed up the Objective-C runtime.
I don't think it it purely a timing issue with Mavericks. Keychain syncing would also benefit those with both an iPhone and iPad. In my time with both the Mavericks and iOS 7 betas, I did run into issues with iCloud Keychain. I think they are still ironing out issues with it.
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