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I know for a fact that there is a new version of the bug reporting tool. It was online for a day or two before WWDC and then reverted to the old version. I would imagine they are bringing that online for an official release, and maybe upgrading some of the other tools for managing iOS and Mac App Store submissions.
There is not really any great reasons to not use an admin account for day to day usage. All the admin account gets you is write privileges to /Applications, and your username is pre-populated in the privilege escalation window when it pops up.
On another note, Xcode is really moving along.  The changes to LLDB in 4.6 are really nice.  It is great seeing Apple push C, Obj-C, and C++ to have more modern features.
  Yeah I'd seen that in the Apple discussions.  It really more of a workaround than a fix.  It'd be nice to figure out what exactly is the problem and get it fixed.   Yeah this is very annoying.  As best as I can tell, the AppleTV downloads the movie from iTunes when you start watching.  Usually the whole movie copies before too long into the movie.  Without any active network traffic the computer figures it can go to sleep and does.  At some point the AppleTV tries to...
I have issues with my AppleTV and iTunes. The AppleTV is unable to connect to iTunes after the computer has gone to sleep and been woken. I have to share the computer's screen and manually restart iTunes to get the AppleTV to successfully connect. I'd love to have that fixed.
I've updated my 4 servers at work. No troubles at all. You may look into troubleshooting connections to Akamai. Apple uses them to do their downloads and updates. On another note, I hope that we are seeing server turn the corner. It had been shedding features since 10.5. Hopefully now that it is distributed through the app store and decoupled from mainline OS X updates we can see more progress. Mail services in particular could use some love.
  You know what, you are right.  We are all idiots, including the entire Webkit team.  Obviously you know so much better than all the rest of us how to right software.  
Safari has a page cache that will use a lot of RAM if it is available.  The page cache also does more that just keep around some images.  It keeps the DOM structure of the page, and also keeps the javascript in a paused state. Just closing all the windows won't clear the page cache. SolipsismX is right that unless you can show Safari not giving memory back to the system you can't really say there is a leak.  All you are really showing is Safari caching a lot of pages.
  True, but if you can also look at it this way.  An Intel Core i7 3610QM starts for $378.  Since Apple buys large volumes, let's just put it $300 for comparison sake.  The Intel part is 160 square millimeters.  That is roughly $1.88 per square millimeter in die area.   If you look at the A6, it is 96.71 square millimeters for a total cost of $17.50.  That is $0.18 per square millimeter, or about a factor of 10 cheaper.
  Lion server always had a GUI for VPN.  What it didn't have at release was a way to set the client address pool.  That was added back in with the 10.7.4 update.  ML is not really any different from Lion as far as VPN services are concerned.
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