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You can set apps to be visible in all spaces. It's under the preference control for Spaces. Choose the app you want and instead of assigning it to a specific space, just assign it to all. For me, spaces is amazing. I absolutely love how it works. My workspace has never been so organized.
Why would you want to? The built in firewall in OS X can pretty much do all you'd really want. The only reason to purchase a hardware firewall is to protect a whole network segment. (You could use OS X for this, but it would kinda be a waste of a machine. Perhaps if you had an old box with 2 network cards in it ...)
Gwoodpecker is right. By default OS X does not have any open ports. Someone from the outside will not be able to establish a connection to your box unless you start some of the "Sharing" services. In the case of you making a request on your machine, and having it be answered (ex. surfing the web), a firewall buys you nothing. It lets the reply traffic through. Think about it, you don't have to open port 80 to surf the web, but you sure do to run a web server.
That you just proved the point of all the people that are saying price is a larger concern for the majority of buyers than the number of polygons a console can push.That's fair. It just seems the majority of the console buying public doesn't agree.That may be true, but the perception of most people that I've talked to is that hooking it up to a SDTV is a waste.OMG a .2 difference. Wow I was way off. Only you are the one that is wrong. http://nexgenwars.com/ By my...
I just don't get why some of you refuse to accept the reasons people are giving as to why they like the Wii better. People are trying to tell you that it is too expensive for them to consider purchasing just to play games on. That is a valid reason to choose a Wii over a PS3, and the market bears witness to that fact. Also people really like the new control scheme. My 60 year old mother will play Wii tennis, and loves it. She has never played any game console prior to...
Hold down the "option" key when you drag the column's wider or narrower. The columns will stay that width in the future until you change it.
1. I'm curious about the GC in Obj-C 2.0. I don't know how much you can find out about it, but it would be interesting to know what implementation they are using. 2. Are there any plans to extend CoreData to work with third party databases ala EO? 3. Any moves to make Directory Services or Keychain accessible from Cocoa? I don't know if these are the types of questions you are looking for or not.
Take a look at lineform. I have Intaglio and am contemplating a switch.
I can see apple slowly introducing ZFS as a FS choice for secondary drives first. I would let them work out any bugs with it before they move it to being the main FS. I'm guessing we could see ZFS as a main FS option sometime around 10.6.
Sorry about the broken link, I've fixed it. The game was ok, but it didn't really live up to the relaxation bit. I'd for sure give the demo a whirl to see if you enjoy playing it.
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