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I just don't get why some of you refuse to accept the reasons people are giving as to why they like the Wii better. People are trying to tell you that it is too expensive for them to consider purchasing just to play games on. That is a valid reason to choose a Wii over a PS3, and the market bears witness to that fact. Also people really like the new control scheme. My 60 year old mother will play Wii tennis, and loves it. She has never played any game console prior to...
Hold down the "option" key when you drag the column's wider or narrower. The columns will stay that width in the future until you change it.
1. I'm curious about the GC in Obj-C 2.0. I don't know how much you can find out about it, but it would be interesting to know what implementation they are using. 2. Are there any plans to extend CoreData to work with third party databases ala EO? 3. Any moves to make Directory Services or Keychain accessible from Cocoa? I don't know if these are the types of questions you are looking for or not.
Take a look at lineform. I have Intaglio and am contemplating a switch.
I can see apple slowly introducing ZFS as a FS choice for secondary drives first. I would let them work out any bugs with it before they move it to being the main FS. I'm guessing we could see ZFS as a main FS option sometime around 10.6.
Sorry about the broken link, I've fixed it. The game was ok, but it didn't really live up to the relaxation bit. I'd for sure give the demo a whirl to see if you enjoy playing it.
I believe it was Tranquility.
Actually it is 4 times. 200 ppi vs 100 ppi is 4 times the number of pixels. Take a 1"x1" image for example. At 100 ppi that's 100 x 100 = 10,000 pixels. At 200 ppi that's 200 x 200 = 40,000 pixels. At 300 ppi that's 300 x 300 = 90,000 pixels. Basic math .
NSTextField inherits from NSControl which has the following methods: – doubleValue – setDoubleValue: – floatValue – setFloatValue: – intValue – setIntValue: – objectValue – setObjectValue: – stringValue – setStringValue: – attributedStringValue – setAttributedStringValue:
After reading that paper, my position is not changed at all. It would seem they worked very hard at making sure the outcome supported their hypothesis. They didn't use a better allocator which goes hand in hand with GC, they restricted testing multi-threaded GC. In fact the paper showed that under certain circumstances the GenMS garbage collector can be faster then manual memory management. The downside is that GenMS doesn't play well with small heap sizes. Their is...
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