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I'm guessing we won't see a new finder in Leopard. Why would they waste the time to add grid spacing to icons in the current finder if it was going to be replaced with something else? I may be wrong about this, but sadly I'm not expecting much to happen in finder land.
Excellent! Good to see the options are there.
Kickaha is correct that Time Machine uses hard links, but instead of rsync it uses the same filesystem notification mechanism spotlight uses to flag files as changed. The upside is that like spotlight your system will easily know which files have been changed without having to search the whole drive. The downside is that everytime a file is changed it will have to be copied in its entirety to the backup. For small files this is no biggie, but for larger files it kinda...
Storing recipes in Address book would be kind of a weird combo. Call Jeff and bake him a really great apple fritter at the same time! Seriously if you want something as simple as address book for recipes, you could probably put one together in an evening. In addition, with CoreData, Cocoa Bindings, and Interface Builder you might even be able to do it without having to write a single line of code.
Well seeing as how the name is BOOTcamp, I'm pretty sure that booting into windows will be required.
Right, the lead browswer engineer that works on this stuff daily has less understanding of browser measurements and how they work than a guy who once worked in publishing. Absolute measurements work great when the dpi stays the same. Unfortunately they don't, and Hyatt address this by stating they assume 96 dpi when making browsers. Assuming 96 dpi when it is actually 72 or 120 throws you nice cm is a cm right out the window. Now with Resolution Independence and your...
For the web FreeState is right that a pixel is resolution independent. You can read from Dave Hyatt where he explains that css pixels do not equal device pixels. Kind of confusing but that's the W3C for you. http://webkit.opendarwin.org/blog/ (read the part about CSS units part way down)
Incorrect. PDF can contain vector and raster images. Here is an article on PDF that describes how it can contain both vector and raster images. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pdf
Found it on Apple's site.http://developer.apple.com/documenta...z2D/index.html
Actually no it doesn't. Read up some more on Quartz. Quartz is nice and fast at rendering and resizing bitmap images, but not so fast at working with vectors. This is part of what Quartz 2d extreme is supposed to fix. Since Quartz works so well with bitmap images, that is why Apple still uses them for a lot of the widgets in OS X. Here is a thread on Ars that you can read.http://episteme.arstechnica.com/grou...r/997006643731Also here is a post that talks about making...
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