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Xcode 4 is shaping up to be a very nice IDE. LLVM and CLANG have made a huge difference. It is great to see how fast things are progressing now that Apple has moved away from GCC. I'm hopeful that debugging will greatly improve with LLDB as well.
You can absolutely create folders of bookmarks and rearrange bookmarks to your hearts content. Perhaps this page can help you out.
Preview is non-destructive. If you don't like the change click the little arrow to the right of the title in the toolbar and select "Browse All Versions ...". Find what you want, and restore it back.
I imagine that we may see all new versions of iWork once iCloud goes live.
It's not air bubbles that are the problem, it's dust particles. If you get the radtech product that I'd linked to earlier, they have a protective sheet over the top so you can use credit cards to smooth out bubbles without getting scratches in the the anti-glare sheet. I've found the best way to get it to work is to have a helper. One person puts on the sheet, and the second uses compressed air to keep dust off while you go. My opinion is that glossy is the way to...
A thousand times this. I can recommend these. I've put about 6 of them on at my work where the light from windows causes too much glare.
I don't think it was the licensing but rather the lawsuit between Sun and NetApp that scuttled that ship.
For Linux/Unix I'd imagine you'd use NFS. OS X can share and connect to afp:, smb:, and nfs:.
I've been using 4 for a couple months now and it is a nice upgrade. I've had bad luck with LLDB though. Many times I'd get a crash when starting a debugging session, and subsequently the debug_server process would ramp up to 100% cpu and need to be killed of manually. Also LLDB didn't step over lines properly where GDB did. I'll have to try out the new version and see if they've made any progress on the LLDB.
The push notification service in OS X server is a piece of junk, no doubt about that. My biggest gripe is it messes up iChat client availability if you are also using the iCal and Address Book servers. The Push Notification Service uses jabber just like iChat. However, we found that if a user has iCal open the Jabber server will show them as online even though they aren't even running iChat. I'd have to look in the documentation, but I don't think that the Push...
New Posts  All Forums: