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It looks like the remote to the iPod. Its where you plug in the headphones.
I thought they fixed the problem with fink. It was the update that also gave you the ability to update Virex without having to download separate virus definition files.
If you just put the 10 minute clips that were split from each other together in the timeline, you won't notice the split when you play it back.
The first movie mentioned the machines using a form of fusion to augment the humans heat output. Which begs the question, why don't they just use fusion?
Never mind. He found that you could "change all" in the "Get Info" menu.
I had a graphic designer friend ask me this question. Is there a way to set it so all his .eps files open in Illustrator and not Photoshop? I know that you can use the option key to set a file to always open with an app, but is there any way to associate .eps with Illustrator by default? Or do you have to select every file and say you want it to "Always Open With". thanks Chris
What! I love Jimmy Neutron. I know they are flying through space in amusement partk rides, but its for kids. You can't tell me that when Carl sprays himself in the eye with his inhaler that you weren't laughing so hard you cried.
Whoa, that's cool. I only got a 74 though.
Alcimedes you hit the nail right on the head. That's exactly what I think happened. Instead of 7 literal days, it was 7 ages. I think people are a too literal on that fact. We use day with a great amount of flexibility. For example "back in the day of the dinosaur" or "in the days of the Romans". We all know that by day we mean era. Also Genesis was written in Hebrew, where the hebrew word for day does have a lot of different meanings. As far as earth being...
I think that if the theory evolution is to be taught as an explanation to our existence, it must also be shown that there are many major holes in it. Evolution does occur, but you have to be realistic about the places where it does. It occurs in species with enormous populations, and rapid life cycles. By enormous I mean quadrillions of members. This pretty much puts you into the realm of insects and bacteria. When you start talking about more advanced species you do...
New Posts  All Forums: