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If you write a song aobut things that people don't like, they won't buy it. What is hard to understand about that? If you make statements that people dont' like they can disagree with you by not purchasing your product. Its not censorship. Its freedom of what you choose to support with your money. If people dont't like the message that Ted Nugent or Ricky Martin put out, they are free not to buy their music. I haven't come across anybody who thinks that...
I have to use XP at work. I'm a network admin, so I get to see a fair amount of bizarre stuff from XP. All that "Take a Tour of XP" and "Sign up for MSN Passport" is so annoying. Sure I can turn it off, but its a hastle finding out how. For example you can uninstall MSN Messenger right? Not if you have Outlook XP. There's probably a way to do it, but I don't want to spend half an hour figuring it out. I'd rather be reading AI. Had one with XP the other day...
Bunge,Doesn't sound like the subsidies had much to do with it.Subsidies
As far as taxing corporations, there is indeed a balance. IIRC Ireland has become quite prosperous due in large part to their relaxing the taxes on corporations. Ireland
The national sales tax is a great idea. If you want to buy the 20 million dollar mansion, you'll pay a lot of tax. If you have a lot of money and want to live the "fast life", you'll also be paying a lot of taxes. It gives people an option as to how much they want to be taxed. And, people who make 10,000 a year don't hardly pay any income tax, certainly not 1,000 a year.
Sorry for going off on a tangent. It sounds like they have tried putting all sorts of stuff through their miracle machine. (Kind of reminds me of the Malcom in the Middle where they throw a bunch of things in the wood chipper.) I wonder if these will ever end up at the land fill.
Yes they will be mad, but do you think that if we can get oil domestically that we won't? There is going to come a time that the world will not be dependent on oil from the middle east. Its just a question of when that time comes. With this advancement it seems like sooner rather than later. Question: (I'm not sure of the answer.) How much of a problem is Africa from a terrorist stand point? And if they are, where do they get their financial backing? Just curious.
I think the concept is a little suspect since farmers in America get paid by the government not to produce. There is a lot of farmland that isn't being used.
Another thing to consider. This will be a good thing for US security. Now if you can get all the oil you need from waste, you won't need the middle east. What will it mean when all those countries don't have an endless supply of money? I think middle east terrorism will not be as much of a problem with out all the financial backing it gets from oil.
Yes I refrigerate my ketchup. I also put my peanut butter in the fridge. Not sure why though...
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