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Yeah I don't see the connection between Xcode 4 and html at all. What I do see is that Apple has had a huge influx of developers due to iOS, and they are trying to prevent those developers from using 3rd party development tools. Also, due partly to licensing issues (GPLv3) and partly due to technical reasons (GCC was not really designed to be modular and expose a bunch of functionality for IDEs to use) Apple pursued LLVM and CLANG and that has finally really started to...
I agree that Apple has been very slow to update their OpenGL implementation, but there are a couple things to remember. First, Apple uses OpenGL for a lot of drawing in the OS, and they need that to be very stable. In contrast on windows OpenGL is used only for games or specific apps. The card manufacturers are able to ship implementations quickly that most likely are not nearly as robust as the OS X implementation. Second, Apple writes a software fallback for...
My company is a business of 30, and I have to work with OS X server daily. OS X server is in need of someone to polish a lot of the rough edges. It could be great, but it seems it suffers from not having enough attention paid to it.
I think his point was, that if it is a free service a lot of spammers will grab the free accounts with which to send out their messages. By being a paid for service, it greatly restricts the number of people that would use it.
Just find the folder in the finder that you pulled off the Dock, and then drag it back from the finder window into the dock where it used to be.
HereAnd Here And last here Pretty much show you how to use Outlets and Actions, how they work behind the scenes, and how Interface builder works. Took me 3 seconds on developer.apple.com to find. It's pretty simple how it works. All the elements you use to make a GUI in IB are objects that get saved (or if you prefer serialized or some say freeze dried) in the .nib file. So let's say you have an NSButton in your interface. All of the information about it, like its...
Did you not read the article? They had their own dedicated wifi connection. When you have 570 other networks operating in the same room it uses up all the available spectrum and leads to problems.
I'm sure they did, but with a limited number of WiFi channels, I would imagine 570 networks just used up all the spectrum.
To answer some questions about the six axis sensors, I want to point out a current limitation of the 3 axis accelerometer. Right now the phone can pick up tilting the phone in any direction and translating the phone up and down. Currently though the accelerometers can't pick up a rotation of the phone if it stays flat. For example if you set your phone down on a table and rotate it so the home button goes from close to you to far away. The gyros will pick up this...
I think there was a new ship in the Navy that was going to use NT as the basis for its systems. So I don't fault you for thinking the shuttle may have use it.
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