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Did you not read the article? They had their own dedicated wifi connection. When you have 570 other networks operating in the same room it uses up all the available spectrum and leads to problems.
I'm sure they did, but with a limited number of WiFi channels, I would imagine 570 networks just used up all the spectrum.
To answer some questions about the six axis sensors, I want to point out a current limitation of the 3 axis accelerometer. Right now the phone can pick up tilting the phone in any direction and translating the phone up and down. Currently though the accelerometers can't pick up a rotation of the phone if it stays flat. For example if you set your phone down on a table and rotate it so the home button goes from close to you to far away. The gyros will pick up this...
I think there was a new ship in the Navy that was going to use NT as the basis for its systems. So I don't fault you for thinking the shuttle may have use it.
I highly doubt it. I would assume they use a custom written control software. I think it is an embedded system from IBM.
Uh Safari supports kerberos just fine. Many Apple apps can use kerberos. Addressbook, iCal, iChat, Finder, VPN, and Safari all can use kerberos for authentication. You might want to re-investigate Safari.
I can also say that I have the mail bug where when you attach a file you are not able to empty the trash till you quit mail. It is quite annoying, and I do hope they fix it.
If I were you I'd just spend the $9 at Monoprice and go mini dp to HDMI. I have my mini connected through and Onkyo receiver to my TV and it works great.
No, I was referring to the buying of UAW votes by giving them a larger stake in the new GM than the private bondholders. However it was the private Bondholders that were owed more money than the UAW. (Amazing how GM can turn a near 4 billion dollar loss in the previous quarter to having an extra 6 billion to pay off loans. Oh wait, they didn't use money they made from selling cars, they just used more TARP money. rofl)
Are you advocating that the government would do a better job than charities? You don't think politicians will use that money to help increase their voting base and to further their political power and influence? I don't think more bureaucracy and money for politicians to squabble over is the answer. The recent buyout of GM shows exactly the sorts of problems that come from government helping out. Don't you see that if you keep putting the thumbscrews to high income...
New Posts  All Forums: