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10 years ago there wasn't such a thing as Xcode and the current visual studio wasn't around either. They would have been using Visual C++ on the windows side and Metrowerks CodeWarrior on the mac side. Your argument about IDEs as a reason for Adobe's decisions just doesn't hold water.
The problem with Apple and SMB is that the SAMBA project moved their licensing onto GPLv3. I don't think Apple can use the later releases and is stuck modifying an old version. Not sure what the answer is at this point.
I think it is Intel locking out Nvidia chipsets that is forcing Apple to look at AMD for chips. Of course Intel has the better cpus, but their integrated graphics are awful. Even worse for Apple, besides just being poor performers, Intel has absolutely atrocious support for OpenGL (nevermind OpenCL). I'm sure Apple wants to continue to move forward with OpenGL 3.3 and even 4.0. Getting drivers from Intel that support the more recent OpenGL specs just isn't going to...
I haven't looked at numbers yet, but does copying formatting work for the borders?
You will never get what you want because that is not how Apple's software development works. They use their apps to test out new user interfaces and software ideas. The sidebar in iTunes, Core Image, OpenCL, the segmented round progress indicator, etc all got their start in various applications. Apple tries things in different apps, and if they work well they eventually move them out to their public frameworks for everyone else to use. They are testing a new interface...
I wonder with CS5 if Adobe will finally get rid of scratch disks. OS X has really great memory management, and it seems stupid for them to reinvent the wheel trying to use their own virtual memory system. That may have been a good idea back under OS 9 but not now under OS X.
I wonder with the iTunes, and App stores now becoming available through the web if we might see Apple finally ditch iTunes as the hub of all the mobile devices. iTunes went from being a great way to organize music to be a kitchen sink solution for everything that needs syncing.
CMD + CTRL + O will open a folder in a new window. Maybe that is what you are looking for.
So of what use is a Blu-Ray drive on the mini server? sheesh I can see the mini server as a great solution for small businesses. For hardware a second NIC would be great as then people could use the box for firewall/NAT applications. Not a must have, but would surely be welcome. In OS X server I'd like better GUI configuration options when dealing with DNS. Currently it is very spartan in its options. Also DHCP populating DNS would be nice for windows machines...
You might also look at Cheetah 3D. I think quite a few folks render their SketchUp models using it. http://www.cheetah3d.com/
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