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It's nice to see Khrono's getting 3.1 done so quickly. I think that goes a long ways towards removing the feeling that OpenGL was dying. I wonder when we can reasonably expect to actually see this available in OS X though? It would be nice if we had access to the 3.1 drivers on day one like Windows and Linux.
I like the new direction it seems Apple is choosing for it's UIs. Here is a great blog post by a cocoa developer discussing "Administrative Debris". Static buttons and playheads just sit there as debris to the interface. You can see how Apple's approach to minimizing this in several areas. In iMovie you can just scrub through a clip just by dragging your mouse horizontally across it. In iPhoto you can flip through a stack of photos again by dragging your mouse...
I don't see this as much a ploy to get people updated to Leopard, as it is a way of allowing their app developers use the latest and greatest Leopard toys. The new versions of these app packages require Leopard, but if anyone complains about that fact they can just get the box set and no more reason to complain. I'd love to see Apple offer new versions of Final Cut and Logic Studio written solely for 10.6 taking full advantage of 64 bit, OpenCL, and Grand Central with...
What a great move by Apple! I have to wonder if they will expand this idea beyond just iLife and iWork. I would guess that they used all their latest advances (Obj-C 2.0, Core Data, Quick Look, Quicktime, etc). It's a great move because now they aren't stuck programming to the lowest common denominator of past versions of the OS, aren't stuck with feature disparity when running on different OS versions, and don't have to support the product on multiple versions of the...
Hasn't Apple always been in a bad place using different firmware (OF/EFI) that forced manufacturers into making Mac specific cards? I'm curious if Windows has started supporting EFI to the point where graphics card manufacturers are able to produce EFI compatible cards that would work with both OS and Windows.
Those problems are precisely why a journaling file system exists. Fortunately for us OS X has used hfsj for a while.
It actually works great. Space bar is the key you use to select controls that are highlighted with a blue border. Buttons that are solid blue mean that Return is set as the keyboard short cut. It is a convenience to have the most likely choice already set to the Return key, so when you have a window with an OK button you just have to press Return. Just because it is different than Windows doesn't mean it's broken.
Which is why it won't add any new features over the currently shipping version of Leopard, and most likely won't cost $129. It's an optional OS for those with the latest 64-bit Intel hardware that doesn't provide any new features. This is a great move for Apple. It let's both Apple and 3rd party developers work on a version of the OS that is free from legacy issues while not alienating anyone.
Have you tried %u? That's for 32 bit unsigned ints.
You realize that spaces takes next to no system resources right?
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