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Yikes. This looks exactly like what bank would come up with for iPhone users. A hipster band getting funky haircuts, at the music store, getting Tex mex food, riding in Uber cars, and getting ready to perform a gig on a rooftop. Concert - hands in the air! It's so cliched that it's painful to watch.
How about the anti-reflective display?  Does the mini get that at least?  There's no mention of it.
Wasn't it sometime earlier this year that Tim Cook reportedly told his staff that the percentage of iPhones sold via the Apple Stores was too low? Well, last night didn't help. I couldn't get my order in the Apple Store like I usually do so I went with the AT&T site.
Long fingernails handling the prototype are usually a sign of authenticity. It usually means is a guy in Asia who handle a lot small electronic components.
I tried to update over-the-air via the Settings app and it put my Mini Retina in recovery mode.
Well, after waiting for 3 1/2 days with no reply, I decided to try registering my device for the third time.  The first two times I got a confirmation code but no email.  This time it took about 3 seconds to get my confirmation email.  So, it looks like Apple just plain lost the original registrations.  If you haven't gotten an email yet you probably just need to do the up to date application again.
You act as if there is no causality there ;)  Now you get to chase down a customer service issue for a potential $20 payoff.  Oh the joy.
Submitted early Wednesday morning and still haven't gotten anything back yet.  Instead of Up To Date, Apple should call the program Two Days Late.  Too bad they can't just send the update in the mail.     Oh well, it's good for this kind of thing to happen once in a while so that I can remind myself why I try never to prepay for anything - you end up being low priority.  Congratulations, Apple.  You made me your bitch for $20.  
Is there any reason why they waited until release date to issue the codes?  Wouldn't it have been a lot simpler to issue the redemption codes days in advance and simply not allow the purchase until release day?  The problem with the delay is that it's only a $20 purchase which makes it even more irritating to the end user.  If its a $99 coupon then it's a no-brainer - you use it.  But $20 make you feel like you are a cheap bastard for waiting for your coupon.   Look,...
One thing you can be sure of is the carriers aren't going to do anything that lowers their overall revenue.  If you think that these new plans are going to lower your overall cost of wireless service then you've got another thing coming.  They don't do that.
New Posts  All Forums: