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Well, since no one knows anything and speculation is free, then I'll come down on the side that says Apple had something very real, specific and big in mind, or they wouldn't have invested at this level.Then, trials showed that GTAT had underestimated their success rate, capital burn-through or both, but the statement from Apple indicates there is still expectation of eventual success. They will probably find a surrogate owner, maybe even a reformed GTAT, and keep the...
Serious question, what is being said about the future of sapphire as a material, or what search terms might one try?
The sapphire story just put up here on AI might be an example of Apple bankrolling a new domestic technology. The US has kept current in crystal growing since the days of making silicon for Touch-Tone phone oscillators in the 60s, as far as I know. Now if only IGZO had been invented here . . . Just kidding.
Steve Jobs: "Those jobs are not coming back." He actually misspoke, for brevity, I'm sure: those jobs were never in the US in any great number in the first place.I don't remember the actual figures he used, but I think it was something like 400,000 factory jobs are on Apple products, but more important, he said, were the 30,000 production engineers needed to set things up for those workers and keep the lines running. The US has no reservoir of experienced engineers who...
Your original post, and your point, are not those of an adult. You're ignoring that social, technological and cultural stages and processes are relative.An adult automatically includes a relativistic perspective in assessing something like progress in working conditions within a particular society. A child or an adolescent does not. Neither does an android troll wishing to score an anti-Apple point.
One correction in this tongue lashing: it should be "SERIOUSLY GAL." Rogifan alternates between logical on some days and highly emotionally negative on other days. Or it varies by the issue. But reason doesn't always work when she's in one of her hissy moods. Sorry about the sexism, but that's what I've seen over the last year or so.About the mini retina, another factor to consider is that it has been a difficult product for Apple from the beginning last year. Ray Soneira...
Let me guess. Well-endowed unicorns?
There now, fellow citizen. They have nothing to worry about from us.How's the immigration policy down there lately?
Are you suggesting that this is why he owns the Washington Post, and that it has been shown in the e-book case that he has a relationship with the "justice" department?Imagine the value of a back door into Amazon's servers, but of course that would never be allowed to happen . . .I think as good citizens we have to reject this line of thinking.
Yahoo is now Googleized by Marisa Meyer's redesign crew. Yahoo Mail and Groups interfaces are now chaotic, unfriendly, unusable almost. Not Apple material, I think.
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