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So the video doesn't work with the iPad from the Charlie Rose website? Anybody get it to play? No, I do not wish to jump through Hulu's hoops. Edit: Seems Charlie Rose's website is being run by 13-year-olds. IPads not supported. Can anyone provide a direct link to the Hulu video? Thanks.
No, it's ok, I'm over it. But I worry about those still trapped. At least you guys can get to Glastonbury once in a while to take the cure.
No obsession for fliegen, maybe for the fliegenpilz. This key to Eurasian shamanism also turns out to be a key to Indo-European patriarchy. References available on request.The round window is a brilliant thing to look forward to.
Only Germans can or should explain that one. Complex mythography is no stranger to them. Thor and Wotan are both tue-mouche figures, for example, as well as maybe your Vulcan buddy Weyland the Smith.As for being any sort of public figure, I feel the same way. It was just a thought.
@EauVive, so wouldn't developing for Watch be like a relief from resolution madness? What you were saying about the agriculture civilizations going solar: True, and that's the point where humans go wrong, when they estrange themselves from the dewy romance with the moon, mistress of the eau vive, the living water. Going solar means adopting a solar god-father, an obscene goat-skinned war, mountain and storm god, an insult to women and poets. That's the sky-father...
Seriously, a 13-month calendar would make an excellent app, tied to visual maps of the solar system and the earth, moon, and sun. This would be using the vast potential of the computer watch like the platform wants to be used.For month names, maybe offer lists of the ways they've been named in the past. I'm guessing that the Greeks adopted their month names from the Pelasgians who were there before the Greeks arrived, barbarian nomad invaders that they were. I remember...
Have you taken one apart to see where the camera will go next year? Or better, have you ever taken anything apart, like say a watch, or even a clock, and put it together again?How people can believe that Apple leaves out technology just to drive later upsales always astounds me. Like you know what they are capable of cramming in that little case. Did you even see the video of the circuitry stack? Go back and look at it. For shame. Get some realism. Do something with your...
Anything but a seven-day week would be a disaster, from the point of view of the 13-month restoration imperative. (28 days divides into 4 7-day weeks.) I say imperative because we must recalibrate our time and season sense to harmonize with the Earth-Moon-Sun system. The Moon is the timing signal for much of Earth life, including especially humans, with our cognitive engagement with visible environment signals. The 13-moon calendar goes back to Neanderthals, and was...
I have to congratulate you on your fortitude in checking out these other toxic sites. Even MacRumors is too disturbing to me. These people are so absurdly vicious about Apple, my blood pressure can't stand it. They don't have to like anything from Apple, that doesn't bother me, it's the pile-on of hysterical hate that's just completely wicked, as in Old Testament ripeness for divine destruction. It's pathological.
Those thick lines are insulators to isolate the antennas. They have to be there and they have to be that thick. They aren't arbitrary or chosen as design features.We'll be learning more about their function soon, I expect. But one thing we know now is that Apple doesn't do things like those inlays for frivolous reasons. They may adjust one to be symmetrical with the other, but that's it.
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