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No, you do it on a night with a waning moon, and you run widdershins around a yew tree five times, with a broomstick between your naked legs. What you rub on the broomstick is not to be spoken of.
True, but you know what he means. The remote (e.g., the mouse or the finger) determines the interface.
Exactly. You beat me to it.
I wouldn't break the rules and nitpick on AI's spelling, but I feel we must put the brakes on a recent trend in misspelling the slowing and stopping devices on vehicles. The word is brake!"Brake horsepower" is that power that actually makes it to the wheels via the transmission, differential etc., which cost power through friction. It's measured by a brake dynamometer, thus the term.I've noticed other posters misspelling the word in the context of "regenerative braking"...
Hadn't thought of that. Someday a taptic alarm clock, won't be seen as an alarm for long. Imagine the possibilities.
You are incorrigible, O¡Speaking of sexy, do you not think that mating the watch to its charger every night will have its erotic overtones? A last flood of oxytocin before bedtime? It's that "click," i gotta have that "click," people will say. (Only to themselves, of course, but still . . .)
Appears like Apple and Tim Cook know they have a huge PR problem in Europe over NSA spying in particular, plus the usual backdraft toward Apple over pricing, profits, tax and labor practices, etc. Cook's interview in the Telegraph last week was similar to this one, but with no Snowden and maybe more promises of privacy. This Bild interview seems to be behind a paywall, so we don't know the details, but the Telegraph story was accompanied by the worst comment thread I've...
Again with the "ads." If Apple is going to do an ad, it's not going to look like this.I think you're right about the 1 percenter target of the magazine, but including wannabe 1 percenters. The "counterrevolutionary" part may be a bit outdated. Marxist theory never got updated for the electronic information age, let alone the Internet age. For all we know, the children of the 1percent could fund the next social transformation. Knowledge and communication are powerful...
Who says this is an ad? Looks like fashion news to me.
One more time. Lack of historical understanding is what produced the Nazis. Once they were able to invade Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, it was too late, and the remedy was to become more destructive than they were militarily. Tragic and avoidable, the more we learn. So that's it. I'm through laying out this generally received basic stuff.
New Posts  All Forums: