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". . . contains painful truths." How about "contains ridiculous dramatic distortions"?The problem is that people will go to this movie and come out thinking they understand Steve Jobs, when in truth they'll be getting a mythological caricature. They will be further from the truth. I would think that would be the painful part for Tim Cook or others in the company.
Very interesting. Apple must have realized the monster they had by the tail right after the success of the app-enabled iPhone, while they were in the late phases of developing the next data hog, the iPad, whose success was unknown.Steve's insecurity about the success of the iPad was well known, but after about a year he was saying "we have a tiger by the tail" with that platform.All of which means they only knew for sure what business they really were in around 2010-2011....
Well, by now she's wise to the game, with all the weird requests she's been getting the last few hours. 😈
Agreed. Also that the question of the Apple car caught him off guard, but I think his laughter was not nervous but genuine. It's his way of saying, in effect, "ha, ha, nice try."It works well. The interviewer gets props for a good serve, doesn't mind when Tim smacks it back over the net.
Answer #1. You'll have to wait a couple more years. All larger oxide-backed display production capacity is directed toward Macbook, iMac and monitors for the near future.
Worthy of signature status.A wall of troll noise from a blandersonsf can cause one to lose more than the thread.
Nah, doing a biopic of your friend four years after his death, which you can tell from the trailer is an overwrought soap opera version of the most important founding events of the life you're still living at Apple, that is striking the first blow.The biopic is by nature a contaminating dramatic form, because it reduces a complex life to a TV movie formula. Sorkin would know that he should never expect anyone close to Steve Jobs as friend or family to sit through his movie...
And this definitive post should be archived where we could access it every time the "bring the jobs back to America" sentiment rears its irrational head. I wonder if you've thought of doing your own blog.
Ha. I see what you mean. Not exactly a charmer, then.By the way, in the late sixties, as I'm sure you recall, it was "never trust anybody over thirty." Youth can be cruel.
And thanks for the eyewitness report from the front lines, what, 35 years ago?I imagine he was "always on," as they say in Hollywood. Full of himself, in other words. Justified by his accomplishments? That's not what I'm saying, since I wasn't one of his collateral damaged ones.I guess I'm going to have to read Becoming Steve Jobs. The only reason to talk about all this personal stuff is to see what we can learn about the coming wearable/pocketable PC revolution, to keep...
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