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Back on the hardware topic, it's nice to see the screw holes match up between the PC board and the metal case back that is so mysteriously not machined, not stamped, seemingly, but maybe cast by a previously unknown process than leaves no rough edges. Story here: http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/181468/rumor-rear-shell-for-4-7-iphone-6-shown-with-inlaid-apple-logo-in-new-photos
Still derailing threads by throwing out nonsense. Yesterday patent trolling, day before profits hoarding, today "antitrust" —i think you mean "monopolist," but never mind being rational.And accusations in advance of hypocrisy if Apple fans approve of Apple using NFC.There could be some good discussion in this thread about the relative merits of NFC, but wading through all the totally useless distractions you throw up is too depressing.
Sorry, you're right, apologies.
Not talking to you. But if I was, I should say it's good to see you reading something besides Ayn Rand.
Ha. Superstition is still valid in the theater, where magic rules."The play's the thing wherein I'll catch the conscience of the king." Notice it just flushed out wizard69 as a supporter of mass murder.
I see you have a good deal of Macbeth in you.The play is about 'murder as a means to an end' being a violation of natural law. You might want to think about that.
Every once in a while you let slip something that plainly shows what an outsider you are here.To your "point," Apple is amassing that money for a purpose, not hoarding it. Remember their stated mission is to change the world for the better by making products and services that people want to use. If you don't think Steve and his pals have thought of some really big future projects, then you have yet to learn anything from Apple at all.
So far out of context it does a grievous injustice to one of the great passages in the English language.
Amazon did serious damage to Apple and the entire industry by pricing their tablets at near cost, as did Google. They gave new ammunition to haters and anti-aesthetes who say that Apple is overpriced and fueled by greed. It didn't help that their tablets seem to have better displays than Apple's.
"We have all become Macbeth." —Speak for yourself. These (in the play) are the words of a man who overstepped the natural bonds of his people by killing their good leader, usurping his crown, all because of ambition and listening to his even more ambitious wife. He is desperate, tortured with guilt, trapped, and his soliloquy is a denial of Time in all its aspects: present, past and future, and then denial of life itself.Is that you? Certainly isn't me. Sorry, this is one...
New Posts  All Forums: