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Not just the British. The summer solstice has been known as "Midsummer's Day" for thousands of years all over Europe. As far as I can tell, it's only US weather presenters on TV who seriously promote the solstices as the "first day" of winter or summer
Many of us? Really? I suspect you may hold the record. I'm only a year or two younger than Dick Applebaum. You must be older than he is!
And you, as usual, are sniffing through the dregs.
Um's main point shouldn't go unchallenged. He's suggesting that Apple sell out its users to third parties (excuse me, "provide access") as part of its next critical growth stage. In other words, be like Google. Dammit, Um, it's about ethics. Can you try to remember that?
Are you feeling all right? /sI think what we'll see is that display production technology, namely LTPS at high volume and high density, finally caught up with Apple's needs. Samsung uses their own OLED fabs, not available to Apple. Other companies using LTPS have been living off scraps from the factories that have been mostly supplying Apple for their iPhones. Where they may need a million displays, Apple needs tens of millions.Tim Cook was not lying or making excuses....
The new Ms. Rogifan exercises his/her bad taste and reveals the disgusting etymology of the word "sucks."The new Rogifan has become a useless distraction-troll. What happened to the old harmless, annoying worry-wart Rogifan?
That would be the uninformed interpretation. The reality is that Apple was using up 70% of the world's output of LTPS display manufacturing capacity throughout 2013, and only now has developed sufficient supply to release new screen sizes and densities using LTPS.You're not the only one who is ignoring or is ignorant of this simple scenario. I've been posting it it repeatedly for many months now, but apparently it's too much of a reality sandwich for most people to bite into.
I seem to remember it was half a millimeter. Unnoticeable.
The sky is falling too. Look out.
On screen technology, even Japanese companies are hard pressed to compete with Korean fabs. I don't see how any American company would have any resources to draw on.Buy Sharp you say? Japanese would never go for it. What Apple has been doing is investing in Sharp's production development, and even that has seemed problematic. If we get IGZO phones or iPad minis this year, or 4K displays, we will know some more progress has been made.The point is, if even Sharp has trouble...
New Posts  All Forums: