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Yep, looks like two stores a month on average until next summer. There must be a permanent staff of store-opening wranglers working in China.
You worthy eraserhead commentors are missing a very big, maybe a little-too-subtle point about digital ink or graphite. That is, digital erasing is a magical, non-physical process, just like laying down a mark is when it's made of electrons or photons under glass. So you touch a software switch and you undo your electronically recorded line by touching with the same fine signaling tool the input sensors that first recorded the line. You remove no material. Your wish to...
The Pencil is complex and difficult to manufacture—obviously.You are thinking about it wrong.
Raymond Soneira has been getting more and more infatuated with his "objective" instruments. He's way off in the weeds with some numerical anomalies, meanwhile losing his ability to make commonsense judgments with his eyes and brain.
Facts and logic are the wrong tools if you want to argue about appearances with a blind person.It's not an "automatic assumption." Any feeling, empathetic person can conclude that race played a part in the expulsion of these guys just by using what is usually called "emotional intelligence." If you lack that capacity, you will tend to raise questions like the recalcitrants in this thread.As a white person myself, I can only laugh at this point. I've been following civil...
The list of white guys in this thread who comically want to split hairs and lecture us about what is or is not racism grows longer. Take a number and we'll call you for your debriefing.
A couple of the posters in this thread. Easy to pick out.
Seems to me you guys are too much into the Scrumpy Jack over there. Bad mood, bad vibes, bad hangovers, grousing with no engineering perspective whatever.The camera "issue" is bogus and you know it. And who are you to say that the internals were not locked in over a year ago, before production and integration of the faster Touch ID was at volume scale, while Apple was waiting for Sharp to get its oxide TFT display lines running well enough to announce this product?Or do...
White guys lecturing us on the fine points of what racism is. Hilarious.
1. You won't be able to send Rogifan away from her role as the buzziest gadfly here.2. You are implying that they're holding back Pencil to guage demand. That is the least likely and most repellent of possible explanations. Disappointing customers and losing sales for inventory control purposes of $100 devices — can you imagine Tim Cook approving of that?
New Posts  All Forums: