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"Revolutionary display tech" is your hare-brained term. I only pointed out—repeatedly—that Apple had to wait for LTPS or IGZO production capacity to expand from suppliers, since at the time Apple was already using 70% of world capacity of LTPS, and IGZO was still under development entirely. I also said they would likely raise pixel density at the same time, which they ended up doing only for the Plus. Both use LTPS, which we've since learned is the only choice for screens...
Sorry, that was stainless steel, not chrome. The point remains that it would get scratched no matter you did. Dust inside the case would scratch it.
Thank you for answering Rogifan in a more patient way than I would have done. Besides the processor and OS evolution you mention, there is also the critical shrinkage and smoothing of the package.The engineering effort to achieve the feel of the two 6 models in the hand are totally unappreciated, or under-reported. How much thickness was shaved from the main component board assembly and its packing with the battery and other elements, for example? The rounded edges on the...
Listen, smart guy, there were plenty of us who listened to Tim Cook two or so years ago saying that they weren't ruling out larger screens, but they weren't going to bring one out until they could make one the Apple way. Some of us never said a word in defense of 4-inch supremacy. But we had to say a lot in defense of Tim Cook's doctrine of waiting for the technology.Turned out he was being absolutely truthful (but appropriately cagey), except we didn't get a larger...
Yes it is a bee line, but make sure you don't try to toe it.
Very good post, with epic level of detail.
This is correct, but ascii doesn't register such real-world elements as wood or soft finish aluminum, or the occasional juicy bits of color at the 5C table.I love the way people with PC-deadened senses use the word "corporate" to describe Apple's character because it's successful and ubiquitous. As if they didn't get that way by putting users first and fighting bad corporate taste their entire history.
If only ascii WOULD smoke some weed. He might find a way to lighten up. Too many these days go through a wasted youth without smoking pot, and they end up as trollish curmudgeons. brlawyer is another that could use some right-brain medicine.
It's a good point that 2-lens and two-sensor 3-D is more possible with phone-sized components. Even GoPros are too large for medium-distance 3-D, and the dual camera kits often mount one camera upside down to bring the lenses closer together. Distance to the subject determines the distance you want between the lenses. An adjustable interaxial is the reason many 3-D rigs using two cameras are preferred for pro work.Finally, synthesized 3-D is not generally as good as that...
His left eye is way off track. He would not be able to achieve stereopsis.
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