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Nah, with all due respect, he's not the body type. Runners tend to be more ectomorph. Jony's meso- to endomorph. It's why he's so brilliantly tactile in his designs.You can tell by the way he uses his hands when speaking. This kind of physicality should be celebrated. (There's too much fitness pressure out there.) Jony's one in a million, and he's found his niche, to the benefit of us all.
Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself.I'll skip the next lines.To quote Tallest Skil:"To say that I’m at the end of my rope would imply that I remembered where I even left it."
Well said, Mr. Ive. Just in time, too.
Apple calls it "oxide TFT" (thin-film transistor),the oxide being the indium-gallium-zinc oxide of IGZO.Look at the "Design" page of the 5K iMac brochure on the Apple web site, and/or watch the video with Dan Riccio.The thing for us to keep in mind (I know it's hard) is that the iMac shell couldn't handle a retina display for heat reasons unless there was the 30% reduction in power usage due to shrinking the wiring and transistor matrix backing the pixels by using "oxide"...
I do believe it's all about the supply of IGZO at this point. No IGZO, no retina. Is that worth a refresh?
And you, along with nearly everybody else here, are missing the original point that started this discussion back at post #22. That is, four years is obscenely too soon to do a mini biopic "portrait" of Steve Jobs. He didn't live, work and die to end up as entertainment and a big-money draw for Universal Pictures or whoever. Oscar material even.Tim Cook is rightly calling it opportunistc, the other Apple people around Jobs aren't even going to be able to watch this soap...
Hint: ideas are different from images, and are processed in different parts of the brain.Some people are image people, some are idea people, some can be both. Your balance can change throughout life.And some subjects, like a full portrait of a pivotal figure like Steve Jobs, are best done by idea-based media like books.Edit: Or by well-intentioned documentaries.
Ms. Powell-Jobs seems to be getting out as well as getting the word out.She's in this video embedded in Philip Elmer-DeWitt's piece today, starting at 2:59, congratulating Tim Cook for his human rights award:http://fortune.com/2015/10/04/apple-cook-jobs-gay/
Money wouldn't have much to do with it, unless you're suggesting she'd offer a bribe. Not her style, I think.Being Steve's wife and the mother of his kids, on the other hand, might be relevant.
Philip Elmer-DeWitt has an HRC/Apple tribute video embedded that features Laurene Jobs a little bit, very touching, which starts at the 2:59 mark: http://fortune.com/2015/10/04/apple-cook-jobs-gay/
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