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We absolutely should go back to 13 months. The Babylonian twelve months is a crime against nature for which we're still paying, actually more with each passing "moonth" that we ignore the harmony of the solar system that we are immersed in. The proverbial "year and a day" is 13 X 28 days = 364 days, plus one day off to get over the New Year's hangover.
Finally a calm and considered write-up of the watch part of the event. Several points of Apple-ish elegance and inventiveness reveal how hard they thought about and worked out the concept of "computer watch" or whatever you want to call this new category. 1. The UI as a freeform galaxy of apps, with time in the center, grouped by "neighborhoods" of apps. 2. The precise breakdown of input into crown wheel scrolling, selection by pushing on two different switches as well...
You just reminded me of the times i've left my phone and my iPad and gotten them back only by sheer luck and human decency. If it could be aware of your stuff, it's worth the price right there.
China, Japan, and who knows, maybe Korea. Plus me and numerous other screen fetishists/photo lovers.
Let me guess: suburb of Naptown? I always pictured you in Madison County somewhere.
"Something about [my perception of] this phone seems very off."My guess is that you are very anxious to conclude that Tim Cook was prevaricating about waiting for the technology to be ready to do big screens the Apple way, as well as being anxious to show that those who agreed with him (like me) were just making excuses for him .You got parts of the answer today, but it's way too complex to approach simplistically. First, no info on whether the backplane for the display is...
The 6 Plus is thicker, probably for battery volume. More room for OIS actuators. Logical speculation, of course.
I would suggest that you desperately want to spin it all negatively. Positive requires no spin.
Voice in the wilderness. Did any of these whiners pick up on what you were saying? And finally, what was the cause? Will Dilger look into it?
Charge every night, lasts all day, so they said. I'm sure early users will suck it dry at first. Major FUD campaign awaits, lots of marginal characters like SirLance, pazuzu, other trolls will revel in pig manure.
New Posts  All Forums: