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Just stop it. Of course they ran into a problem or problems with the production or performance, and of course it was unexpected.Do you imagine they were procrastinating or somehow forgot about the schedule? Jeff Williams? Tim Cook? Got some other names in hardware or production engineering? Do you you even know who is manufacturing the pencil? Have you looked into the technology that's in that little stick?You have an obligation to find out something of substance before...
He can have more influence in China than perhaps you are imagining. This would naturally be part of company strategy: influence through information. They are selling information and knowledge tools.Not everyone gets it, as this thread shows. Americans have internalized their own totalitariarian thinking. Science, reality, cultural evolution — none matter to the Fox News crowd. They just know that they hate social progress. And social responsibility, especially. I have the...
He doesn't know about the Sierra snowpack, because where he lives there are no hills, even. Scraped flat over 10,000 years during the last Ice Age.
Hey, you're right. I take back that bone I threw him in my last post.Coal is way cheaper than fusion, and after that's gone we can burn peat. Tons of it in Indonesia. To hell with the Orangutans. They're embarrassing to Re . . . oh, never mind.
Amidst all the garbage, you have one good point. Fusion research should be well-funded.Whether Apple sees a role for itself in that is another question. Maybe they already have someone looking into that sort of adventure; I wouldn't be surprised.Reforestation is already one thing they're doing to offset solar collecting over arable land. Looks like most solar goes over desert. Too bad, but it isn't like cutting down rainforest.God, you atavists like to dig in your heels.
"We don't want to debate climate change. We want to stop it." Spoken like the world's most influential corporation. Also, have to look for that quote where he says that the problems are too large for governments alone. Companies have to lead as well. Unmentioned is the underlying assumption that all this will be better for customers and Apple's business in the future. Of course they can't draw that conclusion explicitly.
You're using your eyes only, stuck on surface looks. Learn to use your sense of touch.Ask your girlfriend to show you how.The 6/6 Plus design is a marriage of visual and tactile. You are completely missing that.
"far sexier" . . . "lust-worthiness"" — I think we're getting the message here, and it isn't pretty. No more details, thanks.
Horse feathers.
So Ireland, nevermind these distractions, can you tell us how Rónán's names are pronounced? Serious question. A simple respelling into English would do, thanks in advance.
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