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One more time. Lack of historical understanding is what produced the Nazis. Once they were able to invade Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, it was too late, and the remedy was to become more destructive than they were militarily. Tragic and avoidable, the more we learn. So that's it. I'm through laying out this generally received basic stuff.
And I'm amazed by your lack of historical and moral insight. The Nazis were as bad or worse, probably worse, but that should only encourage one to understand the origin of such evil. Seriously, check out the literature. There's not only Reich, there are Hanna Ahrendt, Arthur Koestler and a slew of eyewitnesses into the process of how fascism was last created in mass form.Who's talking about excusing the murderers? Only you. I'm just talking about not making it worse or...
How far back you want to go? The Crusades? I'm game. How about the loss of Khazaria to Judiaism? Mohammed's encounter with monotheism while hanging out with a Nestorian Christian on caravan? The betrayal by the British assisted by "Lawrence of Arabia"? Name your era and let's go head to head.I was speaking of immediate cause and effect starting in 2003. The illegal invasion of Iraq will go down as the worst mistake yet made by an American hubristic foreign policy, and it...
I had to leave a lot out of a late night, too-long post, and I knew this morning I would get jumped on for "knowledge, understanding, more history and empathy."The time to block the formation of this round of fascism may be past, we shall see. Instead of preventing, we once again enabled and actively created. The brutal sanctions and the final betrayal and beheading of Iraq, and the botched occupation, are what created this fascist moment—just as the vengeful and...
Yes, there's a clear statement of this point in the article. The US invasion of Iraq created the space for ISIS to move in. Of course, this turns out to be a minor point, given the scope of the rebirth of the caliphate as a fulfillment of Islamic destiny, self-described, based on their fundamentalist interpretation.But the article barely addresses a broader and more useful question that concerns us here, including Tim Cook and all of us who care about the topic at hand....
To dismiss it as unrelated to Western imperialism, colonialism and racism is also to miss the point, by a much wider margin. I haven't read the piece, by the way, so if this is what underlies the story, apologies.
Let me remind you of your most obnoxious post ever regarding Tim Cook, which is saying something:http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/183399/apple-watch-chip-suppliers-rumored-to-start-production-soon-orders-at-30m-to-40m-units/80#post_2639076
No, the point is that Dick and George's War on Terror is what created the opportunity and motivation for the rise of the extremists of whom you speak. If you deny that, you will be staying in character as a deluded, naive ideologue.
You have it slightly askew, as do most others. The US was not embracing the people of Iraq as equals when the "new conservatives" around the vice-president and the president conspired to invade and behead the state and plunge it into chaos. This is the direct origin of the present caliphate-wannabes, as any honest fool can tell.
I also wish he'd gone this one step further toward the root of the problem. I'm surprised, actually, to see that he said what is reported here, as I would have expected him to take a more developmental, historical view, rather than advocating outright extermination. We aren't going to get anywhere with the Benjamin Frost-cartoon view of history. (Sorry, I know how you feel about cartoons, but there are simplistic cartoons and then there are complex, illuminating ones.)
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