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God I hate infantile fixations. Is your imagination really that trashed? You just had to bring it up again, didn't you.For everyone else who still has their reason intact, we can realize that the ONLY way that this display could be made is by using an "oxide" backplane. No other way. We'd still be waiting. And we'll still be waiting for monitors till they can properly produce screens at this size and pixel density in the millions they're going to need.
Everybody wondering the same thing, consider the fact that this display is likely to be in short supply for some time to come. It's taken three years of work on IGZO production processes, obviously, or they would have brought one out with the Mac Pro instead of resorting to selling Sharp monitors in the Apple stores. That must have been a painful decision.
IGZO!!!! It's been way too long . . . ! By the way, will the anti-thinness nuts now stop kvetching about how it's unnecessary for a desktop? You saw how the iMac fit with their main graphic for the event, the profile of all the product types done as a glyph of svelte aluminum edges.
"Man, you so dumb even sog35 can make a joke that's over yo' head."Also, you deserve a scalding blast of contempt for your bendy-phone comment just above. I wish I knew where you take your rhumba lessons . . .
When you look at it this way, it's a wonder that any of it works at all. I'm going to give that Gruber-English show a listen. His podcasts always help me sleep.Just kidding, I usually try to hear them through.
That, and if he saw how the new size enabled a new use case, a new combination of portability and mind-expanding gorgeousness . . .The point being, if we haven't learned from Apple that each new form factor—iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, iPad mini—pulls in a whole new galaxy of users based on well-executed form factor alone, then we've missed one of the core insights that motivates the design and engineering people who work there and keeps them sane while they work on what is...
I would add, not as an excuse but a piece of realism to bear in mind, that the rising complexity of everything they're trying to integrate is going to result in more and more bugs.They may arrive at a threshold from time to time, especially after they settle into the new HQ and recruit a new wave of people. But there will be rocky times ahead because they're doing the near impossible so routinely.I don't know what to do with your last sentence, except to note that we've...
Corrected your narrative there.
There's no evidence that Ive felt forced in making the Plus, and a lot of evidence that he and the hardware and software teams made every effort to exploit the larger size.The dual domain pixels, the higher density, the wait for LTPS capacity and for processing power, etc., all point to a recognition on the part of the designers that this device is going to be highly, usefully fetishized by visually oriented people of all kinds. You have to imagine yourself finding it a...
Ha! Way to go, t.b.!You haven't been rummaging around in the undergrowth of those birch forests, have you? Beware the mukamor, for it turneth thee into a prophet.
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