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Nice movie, nice report. Flying remote cameras are a very big deal.
Your second point is correct. I absent-mindedly slid from your "his positions are" stupid to my loose association of his remarks with his intelligence. Guilty as charged.
If I thought he were only "morally wrong or just plain stupid," I would ignore him, like I try to do with others I disagree with here.But I see a pattern of deliberate provocation behind his apparent immoral and plainly stupid posts. Frost's response to Rogifan is the worst post i've seen in four years of hanging out here, from...
Ha. A conservative CEO for Apple? Maybe when the Pope is Jewish, or when you find a bear using your toilet.
And his parking spot . . . shirts by the lot . . . New Balances or not? . . . etc.
Somehow I think he has a better handle on it than rob53.
Threatened by any form of social progress.
First line of second paragraph: "private donation." Then maybe you can take it from there,
Very interesting read, thanks!
Thanks, I see that now. I'm a little out of practice with watching TV.
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