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More like Apple wanted something without selling its soul to the devil, i.e., Google's ad-whoring-with-its-users machine. Who says they might not have offered to pay money for the function instead?
Speaking of Buffalo Bob, what was your impression of Clarabel, what was his name, Bob Keeshan, Capt. Kangaroo? I can't Google him right now, and maybe I dare not. I liked the guy, but now I'm thinking he was one reason we all didn't follow the John Wayne version of masculinity, if you get my drift.Right now Tom Ashbrook of "On Point"—good NPR/WBUR talk show—is about to do an hour on Tim Cook's coming out statement. Must listen.
There. Better than I said it. Touché.
I've only read a bit into the front of the thread, and the way I see it, you're doing a good job that someone needs to do. I'm just getting started on a bit of outrage here. He's trying to float two lies already, one being that Apple is no longer the underdog—how can that be when it is the target of Android, "the world's most popular mobile OS," (which he says, lie no. 2, is not targeted at Apple), and Apple is also the target of subversion by paid, orchestrated troll...
You are distorting his narrative. Android was originally aimed at Microsoft, yes, but he then goes on to say that the aim was "pivoted" to target Apple after the iPhone appeared.You know what Vic Gundotra said at his declaration of was at an earlier Google I/O conference. That "one company" they are defending us against is Apple.You will not be rewriting history here without opposition. .
Good point, thank you. "If it's all about ROI to you, get out of the stock."Interesting that some can even posit "what if?" questions, like what if Tim were espousing conservative, Tea Party views, what would we say then?As if Apple could ever embrace anything but values of equality, inclusion, social development, all the "liberal" values inherent in making artful intelligence machines. Sorry, they're designing in California, not Texas. Apologies to the oasis of Austin,...
[why bother]
That's a very different Odo you're prodding there. Apple has done the impossible and converted the Constable.
Your analogy fails the taste test. There isn't a gram of waste in or on an iMac, least of all what you call chrome, which on those American wannabe pimpmobiles is plastic with an aluminized coating. Escalades are the most vicious things ever made by the wastemakers of what used to be Detroit. Yech! End of rant.
Well, Apple is also trying to do some work on "democracy and freedom"—your phrase—in Alabama, where it's really needed as well.To be fair, things did improve a bit after the federal government and many civil rights workers moved in. I can still hear George Wallace saying "segregation fo'evah" in his lovely Alabama accent. It's burned into millions of minds that lived through the period.Everything is relative. Think about how to work with different people at different...
New Posts  All Forums: