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So the new Apple retail under Angela Ahrendts is going to open four more stores in China in the next three weeks? Maybe not such showcases as this, but still . . . Anyway, what a stroke of genius to get Wang involved, with his calligraphy and the perfect classical poem. He's a great-looking Bohemian if I ever saw one, an old-school Apple user from Central Casting. This is going to sell a lot of Apple stuff, and maybe even make some cultural waves as well.
Appears like Relix doesn't own the original Gram Parsons/Chris Hillman "Sin City," which was on the album The Gilded Palace of Sin, A&M Music. What Relix owns seems to be a live version of a later Burrito group. The original song was a real work of comic-apocalyptic literature, sort of in the vein of Day of the Locust or The Loved One. A real LA genre, in other words.
Thanks. Disappointing, though. It was a great song for its time, maybe one of the reasons I ended up In LA. Gram Parsons was a huge loss.
What's the play count of "Sin City," by the Flying Burrito Brothers, out of curiosity?
I know what you mean, the poseur factor being pretty strong in America, but consider that it's a good outdoor hat for artists, coming as it does from Basque shepherds, not only for warmth but because you can pull the edge in any direction to shade the eyes. So it's good for working under indoor lighting as well.This all gets more important as you get older and your eyes are more burnt out by contrast. The main problems with berets are the assumptions people make about you...
Rumor has it that there are vacancies on all sides of Apple ]['s apartment in New York.
You are confusing me with someone else. And I was just acknowledging Ireland's earlier post in this thread. I really don't need any help in despising Apple ]['s jingoism. Never have, never will.
Like you say, different for everybody. I plug in the old 4S every night, 30 pin, takes some attention. Also the iPad mini, Lightning connector, what a pleasure in contrast. If I get a Watch, it'll be long-lasting fun. Everybody's oxytocin circuits are different. I still get inordinate pleasure from feeling a naked iPhone 4. I'm looking forward to my contract upgrade for the 6 form factor alone. Function is secondary. I think many people feel the same way, which is why much...
One of the most repellent things you've ever said here. I suppose you get language like this from watching movies, since I doubt you're such a tough guy in real life.Anyway, you are saying that someone should assassinate him, correct? Do you think this is civil discourse in an international forum on technology?Ireland is right, you are a disgrace.
Like you were saying about iOS in the other thread, it's not for you. The watch is probably going to be most useful for people who go out in the urban world every day and interact with it in lots of little ways, sort of like the way you interact with your stunning array of tools at home.No one has grasped the charging part of the experience yet, but I will let you in on the secret, which I'm sure you will get conceptually better than anybody. The method, remember, is...
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