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Exhibit A from usual suspect # 1.Mr. Usual Suspect, may I remind you that you are the product of the longest and most vicious quota system ever instituted in the history of human exploitation?White guys just have to shut up for a couple of generations, if only not to look like cultural imbeciles. I say this as a white guy myself.
Nice. And you're a nice guy to give that idea away.Meanwhile, like Siprescott says, watching the apps begin to bloom is a thing of beauty.
Nope. News, discussion and rumor.
It may take some of us three years. Others will be certain in three months. There may be a correlation with time spent in the gym.For example, I will know in three months, and I never go to a gym.Victory laps are unseemly, asking for trouble. It isn't a conquest, but haters seem to feel they are losing something when Apple succeeds.What you are calling a pathetic rollout is a reflection of the difficult task they set for themselves with this Watch. It's the most novel,...
Copy that, thanks. Too bad, because I thought there was a chance of putting a dent in his armor and ending the joust amicably.
Correct. Here's a report to back that up a bit:http://news.investors.com/technology-click/100314-720182-apple-watch-manufacturing-postponed-on-design-changes.htm
Well, I didn't think of that. Still, he just seemed cranky, not Frost-y.
Well, not quite analogous. But wait a second.Why is NoSpamMan banned? For arguing like he has been in this thread? That would be ridiculous, because he clearly is not trolling, but raising questions and accusations that are a very natural outgrowth of this unusual product launch. He has not been screamingly unreasonable or sinister like many trollish posters we've had who go on for months or are still actively subverting the thread.Back to your analogy, because that is the...
Just speaking as a gearhead here, without any Rolex cred in particular, i would think that you'd want to get that fine machine cleaned and lubricated, lest you permanently damage the bearings and other wear points. Sorry for the free advice. I hate getting it myself.
We have no evidence that they had so few available, are working under a policy of building to order, or even assembling finished elements to order. We have only some speculation (to be kind about it) here from certain posters that Apple is being so cynical as to run a game on their customers like they and you suggest.Add: I see in your next post that you have an idea how they might done it better. That's always a possibility, I suppose, but I'd like to know the numbers...
New Posts  All Forums: