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Second that.
I've been seeing this error a lot lately. The compound noun "breakout," as in "breakout box," should be separated when it's used as a verb compound."Break out the atropine, the guy OD'd"—much better.Same with adjectives and nouns though, sometimes. He's a backdoor man; the NSA installed a back door. But I think the latter is a losing battle.
So far I've read the first paragraph, and I'm looking forward to the rest. I have always had my suspicions from the very beginning.
Sounds like you don't want to see a dimension that Isaacson might have missed. And when it comes to Apple, he has shown himself to be flatly two-dimensional. May have been true about his view of Jobs as well. It was a workmanlike bio, and timely, but lacking a lot of nuance.
I might have known . . . : )
Sorry that you, of all people, bit.Religions start with a concept of something supernatural, usually a god or a goddess, or some kind of spirit being. This is why Buddhism is not considered a religion in its original form as a technique of enlightenment.Steve Jobs was a realist. There is no need for supernatural explanation to attempt to interpret him or his philosophy.Quite different when disciples of a prophet representing an absent supernatural Being are arguing about...
Walter Isaacson is a bonafide popular/commercial biographer and journalist.These other guys are bonafide journalists, and now perhaps more serious biographers.All are authors, because they all have books out, big deal. We'll see which are the better historians.
No, it isn't.
That's a good guess. Another possibility is that the backlighting for this display, since it's IGZO, is too dim to light up the Apple logo with the customary brightness. It would be perhaps 30 % dimmer, in other words, and look defective next to earlier non IGZO models. Or, I suspect they have some tricky light-guiding going on to get the dimmer lighting spread properly across the display, and the logo would cause a visible disturbance on the display side. Both of these...
Thanks for posting this video. It shows how better design and engineering can get rid of dead weight, which is what the long front hood really represents. I don't believe Apple will accept the head-on collision cliché without a fight, like Smart has successfully carried out.My position is prejudiced by having driven rear-engine air-cooled cars since 1960. The best idea is to avoid the very rare head-on collision opportunity by quick maneuvering, which the short front...
New Posts  All Forums: