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Exactly. My point is that fixating on a trillion dollars as some kind of goal or marker point is deeply irrational. It only has meaning, like all even numbers ending in zero, because we have ten fingers. That's how primitive this stuff is.We can't do anything about it, but I'm saying that it's bad juju to participate in gloating about it. It's shameful, really, how grubby this number worship is. There are many warnings in literature about it. It falls under the "hubris"...
This is the stupidest kind of hyperventilation over a meaningless "milestone" number. We should resist this kind of talk like we resist the rabid hooting of a group of juvenile beta-male chimps. The only thing more obnoxious than triumphalism is anticipatory triumphalism.
British usage treats companies as plurals. Apple design, Foxconn assemble.The entity "Benjamin Frost" appears to be genuinely British when you see details like this that fit the pattern. Spelling, too. Of course, careful editing could be going on.
Yup. A lot.
"Vituperative prejudice"—I like that, nice turn of phrase. I've been watching the spectacle of "Benjamin Frost" unfold his persona over many months. At first I just thought he was a crass idiot, not a professional trasher of the forum. Lately , though, he's followed the old Tekstud/Conrad Joe pattern of laying out an improbable fake character, get everyone thinking he's just a jerk, and then start slipping in pure anti-Apple troll FUD under the door.You aren't expected...
It seems to me that Google has another, UNstated purpose, one that is deeply cynical.Pricing their "reference" tablets at or below cost distorts the market by setting consumer expectations to get a tablet of such and such display quality for a completely unrealistic price. Apple's reputation for selling overpriced stuff is reinforced. Low-priced Android mediocrity is advanced. Consumers are further misled.This is the other big reason for avoiding Google and what they stand...
Correct, well said
We may have to come up with an entirely new model based on how different this situation is from the telegraph and telephone buildout.Those were simpler times, with only those thin copper wires carrying a few volts from the house to the central office where the switching was done. AT&T owned the local Bell companies, owned Western Electric that did all the equipment making, Bell Labs that developed all the new hardware, and owned AT&T Long Lines, to connect the locals...
Exactly. Even for FaceTime, we can get used to it. It's good discipline, and would select out narcissist motormouths like the one you just responded to.If Benjamin Frost agrees with you, that's when you know you're not thinking deeply enough.
Nice analogy. The black hole at the center is the human gravitational thirst for connected knowledge, i. e., Meaning.
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