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That's a very different Odo you're prodding there. Apple has done the impossible and converted the Constable.
Your analogy fails the taste test. There isn't a gram of waste in or on an iMac, least of all what you call chrome, which on those American wannabe pimpmobiles is plastic with an aluminized coating. Escalades are the most vicious things ever made by the wastemakers of what used to be Detroit. Yech! End of rant.
Well, Apple is also trying to do some work on "democracy and freedom"—your phrase—in Alabama, where it's really needed as well.To be fair, things did improve a bit after the federal government and many civil rights workers moved in. I can still hear George Wallace saying "segregation fo'evah" in his lovely Alabama accent. It's burned into millions of minds that lived through the period.Everything is relative. Think about how to work with different people at different...
Oh I get it, ha ha.
Ugly thread, owned by the benighted ones. Apple is in the business of raising consciousness, always has been from the very beginning. The founder was inspired by a fellow acid-tripper, Leary associate, mostly gay philosopher, Richard Alpert, author of "Be Here Now," which was a guide to using the expanded consciousness afforded by mind-manifesting substances like LSD and psilocybin. The problem with most of you who can't accept Tim's and Apple's stance on "human rights...
Oh stop, they're all pagan, except for fool-the-natives day.
The thread unravels, but good point. People who are pro choice are also pro life and pro women.
And here we have Exhibit A for the Tim Cook case. Cross burning at da loca's at 11. Be there or be queer.
Well said!
I couldn't read the whole thread, but I see no one has convinced you of the most obvious point:That is, Apple's core business is making products that improve people's lives. In order to do that, they have to embrace—not just tolerate—as many kinds of people in the world that they can. There is zero room in this equation for any favoritism or exclusion whatever. The big sword of gender prejudice has been hanging over everybody's head at Apple as well as any other company in...
New Posts  All Forums: