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The office Christmas party is exactly the right timing for early September.
The Jacksons and the Johnsons were the children of the most eligible Jack or John chosen by the girls at the village seasonal fairs, especially Mayday and Beltane, I seem to remember.So much for the sanctity of marriage among our ancestors. The lusty women ran the show back then.I wonder if there's a spike nine months after Apple events.
And this is the bummer explanation, also credible, if the details match reality.
There's only one possible event that's potentially big enough to justify this space. And everyone has talked themselves out of even considering it. Apple will invite the entertainment industry press and a slew of media industry types to an unveiling of the new Apple-branded 4K 65" and 120" LED/LCD panels. They are reference monitors, too sophisticated to be callled TVs. "Apple TV" will be the non-mobile platform of the future. Edit: there has to be an iPhone connection,...
Good point about big screen OLEDs.Manufacturers can blackmail Apple by witholding parts. Apple can only withold orders, and that isn't an existential threat the way witholding manufacturing capacity—parts—would be. I don't mean to say this is happening; it's just a hypothetical reason for why Apple can't go for OLED at this point when production is limited to two Korean competitor-suppliers.
IGZO-backed OLEDs already exist, but I can't remember offhand who's using them for what.Sharp's problems are probably financial, not technical. Apple has very deliberately gone with improved LCDs using LTPS and IGZO for their own reasons. One could be that OLED life expectancy may not be proven yet. Another could be that there is not enough manufacturing capacity in the world to supply OLEDs to Apple without their being subject to price blackmail—or without LG or Samsung...
Which one(s) you mean? There are always some. The point is they're on the horizon, not ready for production in the millions at the right kind of price, and tested for years of reliability. And so on.
Yes, but that was with Americans, who are well-known incompetent bums. The IGZO investments were with a culture that's based on honor and hard work. : )
I personally don't own an IGZO device, so I don't know about this "next dose" business you speak of.It's been a long wait, that I agree with.
After investing several hundred million or so in Sharp's IGZO, Apple is probably not going to let the manufacturers die.
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