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A river could be turgid, but not an ocean.And as you say, it's not a pretty word.
No, actually, I'm a fan of Apple moving into as many markets as possible, as long as they can keep their aesthetics and ethics intact. I never listen to the kind of music beats are designed for, and I generally don't like unreal bass. My taste has nothing to do with this. It's about including another third of the world (or so) into Apple's user base. The more people who speak the Apple language the better.
Can't argue with any of that, just saying that what you call overstimulating, pathetic, crappy, etc., is what drives the sales, not what to your eyes looks like style or image. Your senses are tuned differently, mine as well, from this generation's that we're talking about. They came up with different sound systems, different drugs, all that stuff that makes one generation separate from another musically.If bests had tried to sell balanced headphones they wouldn't have...
One more step and you'd have the point. You say "Apple is . . . acquiring for image and style."No, because Beats got to be the favored brand/image/style by having the right sound. Dr. Dre wouldn't have been able to pull it off if they didn't have the right sound.It's not the right sound for your demographic, because you belong to a group that abhors that bass-y beat. The Beats demographic lives on that big bass, and that's a much larger demographic worldwide than you...
There IS more to this picture. Apple is buying and planning to develop a platform, not a brand.The platform is portable audio done as an environment that you wear. First isolating headphones to be worn out in the world, in the streets. Beats music provides the content for the platform. Simple, new, going to be very big.People say it's un-Apple to be buying a brand. True, but they're not, they're buying a platform. Apple has always been about platforms first, brands a...
Good, you changed your language. It makes all the difference. I agree completely with what you say here, except for the first sentence, where you respond to my objections to your original language.
No, I agree that Apple can reach another huge market here, but I wouldn't call it "downmarket" by going "cheaper."It's a matter of mindset, which Apple has shown us over and over again to be the primary starting point in this business of improving peoples' lives through artful technology.Beats has already accomplished this with their headphones by going against sound reproduction principles and making an acoustic environment that can be taken out in the world. Their...
I think you misunderstood him. He was making his point in opposition to this statement you lifted out of context.
Very interesting idea. Maybe the whole idea behind this.
Finally, reason has returned. You could have saved everybody a lot of time by thinking (instead of reacting) from the beginning. Congratulations."Cheaper sub-brand" still reeks of your class-based prissiness, though. And we don't "use" Beats. We are fortunate to have Apple management that knows a wave to surf when it sees one.
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