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If you're subscribing to Katherine Rampell's view, she of the NY Times, that Apple deliberately cripples their older devices with their software updates so that you'll buy a new device, then I won't have much to say to you. The idea is absurd on its face, was widely howled at when it was published (see for example Gruber on the subject), and I have to say only attractive to someone with the sort of simple mind as Ms. Rampell exhibits.You want to think like that, go ahead on.
Yes, Virginia, planned obsolesence is bad. It means things wear out too soon or are changed only to make them look new and the old look old. Naughty capitalism.Technical progress is good, and it is inevitable and predictable. Change not for the sake of change, but because things can be made better. Leads to natural, unavoidable obsolescence.
What Apple does is not planned obsolescence. You can't float that idea here. Go over to MacRumors if that's how you want to make noise.
Yeah, they do, but that's an abuse of the word, a watering down. It originally meant fake excitement generated by PR or advertising. We still need that word, more than ever, in fact.Using hype to mean genuine excitement pulls the teeth out of the word. Typical of these shallow times. Not speaking of you, of course, but of those who use words to make a living.
Hey, watch it buddy. Actually, I haven't lived with one of those light 5-type phones, so I can't really compare. But the lighter-is-better idea also applies to the use of the phone as a camera. You can do some interesting video when you can put the acquisition device in strange places, like at the end of a long stick looking at the entrance of a wild bee nest, that sort of thing.
". . . as iWatch hype grows." AI, this is an abuse of the word "hype." Unless you're referring to your own hype, which is possible I suppose. The word always implies that someone, usually the source, is inflating news of the product or event or whatever. Apple is not hyping the rumored iWatch. You've been advised about this misuse before.
Details first! Which Final Cut Pro are you trying to use? Do others, many others, report the same problem? What do they say on the support forums? You can't just say "maverick is a nightmare" and leave others to clean up your meaning. Notice also that it's "Mavericks" not "maverick." Details!
From the inventor of Liquid Metal himself, that's where:http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/backstage/comments/on-rumors-metal-iphone-backs-and-radio-transparency/
As much as I like the 4S for its glassy solidity, I also look forward to a time when I can snap up a 5s cheap, mostly because of the camera, but also because of its weight and thinness. Minimum mass needed to get the job done is always the best engineering principle.
I'm keeping my two 4Ses running iOS 6. They're going to be museum pieces someday. Classics. Right now i'm using one as a phone and both as cameras.
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