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It's more evidence that they don't have the storage to offer you and the other 800 million people in your position.
Yes, I remember you did. I would think this would be a story for DED, who has been following the data center construction he can get close to. Right now there's a lot of presumption going on and mythbusting needed (probably), all of which are right now reflecting badly on Apple's competence. What is possible for them technically should be part of the discussion. It's disgraceful to leave it out.
Maybe they should have started a few years before they did, say like after the iPhone came out and showed itself to have more than 1% market penetration potential, right? Nope.I would imagine that planning for the North Carolina center started in 2010 or 11. By then, Apple was realizing they had a tiger by its tail, as Steve Jobs said. Mobile computing was going to replace the PC.So we are asking them to be not only risk takers, but clairvoyant as well. That isn't Apple....
Maybe they will, but it doesn't seem very Apple-like to be leasing space, entrusting their customers' data, to competitors. Microsoft and IBM are maybe least objectionable.Anyway, it looks like each data center takes about three years from the planning stage. But what do I know about any of this? I'd like to see some informed commenting here. I do know that foot-stamping without considering material causes looks very bad and just spreads more entitlement tantrums.
My point is that I don't think Apple has the server capacity yet to open the floodgates. They're adding how many tens of millions of new FaceTime, iMessage, Siri, Maps, Photos, etc., customers per month, and they really only just started building data centers. Where are the centers in China and Europe?Give them a year or two and the situation will be different. Server farms don't really grow out of the ground. They are probably trying to encourage discipline or home backup...
Oh shut up. You had your chance to comprehend.
The limited storage theory doesn't have much to say about what they charge or make on their paid storage options. It's more about keeping users from overloading the system by discouraging unlimited uploads. The money is chump change for them, as you say, but bandwidth hogs may go elsewhere, and that's a good thing for now, according to this theory.The last thing Apple wants is a bad experience with Apple. Look at what hill60 is already going through at post 45. Finally,...
Two years ago Balmer was saying that Microsoft had a million servers, and he also said that Google had more, Amazon slightly less. By now, Apple probably has a few hundred thousand, I'm guessing. If you can locate better info than this, let's see it.Don't forget when comparing free storage that Apple has to guarantee functionality, more or less, to 800 million customers and their crazy photo habits.
Think of the scale for a minute. How many individual Apple users are there to back up? 800 million? How many have massive picture libraries, etc.?Can you imagine Apple entrusting that massive pile of goodwill capital to a third party, especially a competitor? A fabtastic scenario, that. As in insane.Think of some better unconditional entitlement. Better yet, go to Costco or Fry's and get some terabyte drives for the interim.
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