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Thanks. It is profound, without getting him tangled up in his anathema:"I don't do nuance."That one keeps coming back to me. I guess it haunts me.
And it goes beyond Washington to global entities. Certain of their representatives drift in and out of the public "government," as in the previous administration, but they run things from the background nonetheless, and plan far into the future to do so. Y'all gotta stop thinking what you see is what's running things. Just ask Salvador Allende.
What was this in reference to?
When are you youngsters going to wise up? Your "executive branch" has no ultimate power either. Just ask JFK.
They're being a little harsh on you there. I think you have a point when it comes to the idea of Apple buying Tesla, which would be a nightmare of legacy engineering and design inertia.But you don't have a point if you think of the plain fact that Tesla pulled it off and came up with an interesting and maybe successful car while having no experience at all either. Apple could do so as well. As someone said above, cars are now consumer electronics. The ones in trouble are...
What do you care?Actually I know you don't care, you just want to make a stink about something you're ignorant of.
You don't remember him from yesterday, the 'lines at Colette' thread?Edit: Sorry, I thought you were in that thread. I see you weren't. Check it out if you want to know why i'm surprised you're treating him like a good dog.
Why are you answering this . . . person as if he were a normal poster? And what is this "I think the demand is slowing down after the first hype" toss of a dog biscuit to him? And what does "this is only accessory" mean? C'mon, keep rank.
I like this perspective.
So now you're going to put the staff at Maxfield under suspicion for profitably collaborating with scalpers, including the really cynical parasites like you present yourself as being?Also:"Apple reps only yesterday finally . . ." — I wonder if your braggart advertising had anything to do with this repellent decision that the reps had to take? If so, why don't you go back and take credit for it among your scalper colleagues?Don't you dare try to take credit for it here.
New Posts  All Forums: