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From the inventor of Liquid Metal himself, that's where:http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/backstage/comments/on-rumors-metal-iphone-backs-and-radio-transparency/
As much as I like the 4S for its glassy solidity, I also look forward to a time when I can snap up a 5s cheap, mostly because of the camera, but also because of its weight and thinness. Minimum mass needed to get the job done is always the best engineering principle.
I'm keeping my two 4Ses running iOS 6. They're going to be museum pieces someday. Classics. Right now i'm using one as a phone and both as cameras.
That link didn't work. The job is under Corporate, Marketing, on the first page.https://jobs.apple.com/us/search?jobFunction=MKTPM#&t=1&sb=req_open_dt&so=1&j=MKTPM&lo=0*USA&pN=0&openJobId=31049682
You're right. "Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream" are words to live by. I haven't listened to that album, sorry to say, but must.
I see your point, and I feel the same way about some U.S. exports that are downright embarrassing. Big cars, SUVs, violent Hollywood movies.Cross-Cultural Tolerance Differential (CCTD) example: when Brits come to the U.S., they frequently buy a big American car, preferably something like a pink Cadillac, something truly horrible to those of us who are so over big cars.When Americans go to the UK, they do standout gaffes like buying a Barbour Thornproof.But the Beatles, In...
I would think a real Englishman could do both at the same time.
I'm thinking their secondary education in "core subjects" is much better these days than it is in the U.S. I'm waiting to confirm with my UAE friend, but I suspect they take education more seriously, and can rely on a more committed student population.
I happen to know that the Tomales Bay Times "alternative" newspaper was done on a NorthStar 'round about 1976. I wonder if she (the founder) got it from you. Was there a store closer to West Marin than yours?
Yeah i'm hoping they get the new headquarters finished before The Big One hits.Now that I think about it, lighting up that torus will probably get extraterrestrials to finally intervene and help us out.
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