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The 6 Plus is thicker, probably for battery volume. More room for OIS actuators. Logical speculation, of course.
I would suggest that you desperately want to spin it all negatively. Positive requires no spin.
Voice in the wilderness. Did any of these whiners pick up on what you were saying? And finally, what was the cause? Will Dilger look into it?
Charge every night, lasts all day, so they said. I'm sure early users will suck it dry at first. Major FUD campaign awaits, lots of marginal characters like SirLance, pazuzu, other trolls will revel in pig manure.
Here's an example of mid-century aesthetic that Newson's little jet reminds me of.That's the elder Ferdinand, and son Ferry Porsche. I forget who the other guy is. Probably around 1950..Edit: I think he's Erwin Komenda, the designer of the VW and the first Porsche sports cars.
PED has a nice list today of Apple power hires lately.http://fortune.com/author/philip-elmer-dewitt/He's going to have to rename his blog to Apple 3.0.
That BBC program is a really good look at Mark Newson. Gives me hope for Apple's space program. But seriously, he's a genius, as is Jony Ive. What a great move for Apple.
Which is the significance of Apple, the first American company to bring good design in consumer products to the masses. Now it can be thought of as a magnet for good or great designers from all over the world, including whatever number we have home-grown.The main reason I'm interested in Apple at all is because of this huge shift in American industrial competence. When I was growing up in the Midwest in the 50s, the first thing we wanted to drive was British sports cars,...
I was going to skip this video, so thanks for the prompt. It's amazing how they approach the same goal of simplicity from two slightly different but complementary positions, like you say. Definitely have to see this to know how big a deal this is for Apple, and for us ultimately. Even if it just rattles the trees of the droids, like Mac-sochist so well characterizes above, it's a huge step for the value of "design is how it works." They also are saying "design is how it...
Thanks for that video link. I see a lot of sympathy in those designs. Nothing to be blown away by, like you say, but that's probably the point. They're not meant to overwhelm but to fit in with our innate sensibilities. In the case of the jet and the spaceship, the idea is to fit in with the air at high speed as well, of course. I also like the complete lack of aggression in the little city car.Humane designs, in other words, which is refreshing in these times of extremity...
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