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There is good reason to believe, based on this story and a few others, that the supply of displays has been a constraint on iPhone production for Apple, and therefore rolling out a newer iPod touch with what would have to be a larger screen would be a foolish distraction for them until this problem is solved.LTPS production is said to be tricky, I read somewhere. I wouldn't know anything about it though.
A very interesting and vivid review of the Tesla experience, thanks.Going on to read about saving Tesla's laboratory is a great surprise. Elon Musk's contribution changed my view of him. He's all right, eh?Question: how much does the Model S weigh, without batteries? Or if with batteries, how much does the battery package weigh?Edit: I see the curb weight is 4600 lbs, that is, with the batteries.. It's a heavy car, something that Apple might want to improve upon.
I believe that LTPS screens go all the way back to the iPhone 4 Retinas. Here's a sample piece of evidence for that, as well as some background for this story. Plus bonus vintage small-vs.-bigger-screen squabbling from some familiar forum members when they were younger and more innocent.http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/150335/apples-next-iphone-expected-to-consume-70-of-high-res-ltps-screen-supplyThe story is a bit garbled, but it for sure indicates that the iPhone 5 would...
^ i'm guessing that the Apple Watch will be so compelling that some will leave the Rolex on the left wrist and wear the communicator on the right. Might be easier for payments anyway.
Rest assured that he's not tarnishing the sterling general picture, at least the one I have of the national character. The exception proves the rule, and all that.Your suggestion in another thread that he's a transplant is persuasive. His line that "God is an Englishman" and other such puffery sounds like "the lady doth protest too much" methinks. If he is a fake Brit, he's then likely to have a little stipend to sustain his trolling, and he's got a British editor to get...
This guy was widely promoted for US president starting in the 50s (?),http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfred_E._Neumanthen in 2000 we got his spittin' image.http://www.texastribune.org/directory/george-w-bush/A study a few years ago showed that women are most attracted to men with highly symmetrical faces. Eyes matter, you might say.My point stands. Asymmetry of the face evokes a visceral reaction. And yes, it's a matter of degree.
This person's brain is going to explode in __minutes. Too bad. It should be studied.
Wonderful stuff, thanks. I think this explains why the Lucas fuel pump on my '53 MG had contact points that switched on the pumping solenoid every time that the diaphragm relaxed. At least you could hear when it stopped working.
Yes, thank you for bringing up two tangential cases that I chose to leave out of that post, for simplicity.One is the eye patch, which is used in movies, advertising and visual storytelling to suggest villainy, swashbuckling, romantic peccadillos, etc., but never used for a character that is supposed to be the "mild-mannered reporter."The other is the monocle, which in film is the mark of the evil wire-puller, the refined, cold-blooded guy who pets the cat in his lap while...
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