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Yep, lots of air leaks around the dashboard elements, like the speaker grill and the radio. But the ash tray was sealed off, so no ashes blew out during headwinds.The little grills you mention were more for the dual—count'em two—horns, which required a special relay, or they wouldn't work when the headlights were on.
And so is the main motor in the Tesla in the back, the way God intended : ). Put the working weight over the drive wheels, keep unnecessary weight off the steering wheels. Smooth out the front for aerodynamics by getting rid of the radiator grill. It was always the sensible way to lay out a car, but people were scared of it in the end.I imagine all the empty space ahead of the driver and passengers in the Tesla is about energy-absorbing crumple structures.
Sounds reasonable. Repairability is grear goal when it comes to the nose of a sculpted car. The Karmann Ghia nose was always as much Bondo as sheet metal after a few years of parking on city streets.
To repeat, all the cooling air the batteries and the AC need is now coming through the smaller air intakes surrounding the big, yawning opening, which is itself blank to incoming air, since it's completely plugged with one big convex slab of plastic.What's the explanation for this design curiosity? Behind the plastic non-grill, aside from the sensors mentioned by yoyo2222, is an empty, fabric-lined luggage space. Are you saying they were thinking of putting a...
Yep, I can't imagine Jony Ive compromising the tactlie part of the driving experience either. The feel of the road through the steering wheel, and all that which keeps you engaged with the experience of going down the road. I hope self-driving will be optional, modular in function, even gradual.Edit: brakken, above, isn't so optimistic I see.
I had hopes that there was such an explanation, but it turns out to be a tinted blank of what looks to be grey Lexan, with no vents. The lower intakes seem to serve for all the needed the cooling air.Maybe there was a design change after the sheet metal dies were already made, or maybe they have plans for that gaping mouth. They are carrying it forward to the next model, it looks like. Baffling.But we can see why Jony and Marc may think they can do better.Edit: yoyo2222...
What is that supposed to mean?
Next he'll be just another "rumor out of the Far East."
Very funny. Seriously, though, if Samsung is now producing larger IGZO-backed LCDs—competing with LG which makes the 5K iMac display—then maybe the long pink unicorn hunt is over, and the New Age for LCD big-screen Nirvana has arrived.Who knows, maybe these big IGZOs, including Apple/Foxconn home theater panels, are the reasons that Apple is spending 26 billion on manufacturing and parts orders this year.
I believe you/we are being baited a bit, for amusement.
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