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Listen, Apple Insider Staff, where did you get this "Old Continent" label from? I've never seen this in 60 years of paying attention to such things. I have seen "Old World" and "New World," of course, but those are quaint usages from the 1950s, maybe kept alive by aging scholars into the 70s. And everybody's immigrant grandmother used to refer to the "the old country" and get all teary-eyed. But never have I seen "Old Continent." It's ridiculous and should go straight...
Junk and mediocre stuff has always outsold really good stuff, so no surprise there. This story is about some progress being made in South Korea, just like progress was finally made in the US, after people like Steve Jobs got some familiarity with BMW bikes, Porches, his VW bus, Sony, etc. Good design is starting to win big mindshare, for the first time in my 65 years of paying attention.
Aside from the incoherence of the software—Samsung Life Companion stuff, crappy random fonts, etc., there's still something deeply tacky about the hardware, even though it's improved a little since the band-aid perf-plastic or the fake leather and stitching of one or two generations ago (not so long).Samsung hasn't figured out, and they may never unless they take a crash course in Western design culture of the last century, that you can no longer fake any element in a...
Which we heard something about with Pixelmator. There was one other app that I can't remember. But there probably isn't much else ready yet, so all the talk about the camera features that some here complained about was completely appropriate, just as video processing was when they announced the first 64-bit chip.
Thanks, been waiting for that. Still gimped gamut on the mini. Such a cross to bear. /sActually, i haven't missed the full colors that much on my mini retina 1, but I don't use it for looking at my own videos much. Perhaps that's why, though.
There are use cases, I'm sure, where Touch ID will be worth a lousy $100 to have on your hand-carried or jacket-pocketable go-everywhere device. Not every buyer will have a recent iPhone. That's a possible buyer's point of view. A hundred bucks is a parking ticket.You are thinking that the cost of adding Touch ID is a matter of adding a few dollars worth of hardware, and that leads you to say unkind things about someone who would pay the price. That strikes me as arrogant,...
I'd second that; it is kludgy to have to close the drawer before you rotate. Must be that the Contol Center function locks all other input to and from the screen. How would they get around that? Maybe screen lock shouldn't be in Control Center at all, since it has to include rotation to unlock and relock.
Well, since no one knows anything and speculation is free, then I'll come down on the side that says Apple had something very real, specific and big in mind, or they wouldn't have invested at this level.Then, trials showed that GTAT had underestimated their success rate, capital burn-through or both, but the statement from Apple indicates there is still expectation of eventual success. They will probably find a surrogate owner, maybe even a reformed GTAT, and keep the...
Serious question, what is being said about the future of sapphire as a material, or what search terms might one try?
The sapphire story just put up here on AI might be an example of Apple bankrolling a new domestic technology. The US has kept current in crystal growing since the days of making silicon for Touch-Tone phone oscillators in the 60s, as far as I know. Now if only IGZO had been invented here . . . Just kidding.
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