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A widespread mal-meme. It would be deceptive and unethical to game the market like this. Apple and especially Tim Cook don't play dirty with their customers like this, in my opinion.Some people and at least one notable company work out of principles and ideals other than self-interest.
I wish people would have a look at their use of this cliché. It is far more likely that a new device like this—the iPad is another example—offers surprising conveniences not yet imagined by anyone who can't visualize the evolution of its use-cases and how they are going to break unseen habits that we didn't know we had.Clear? I thought not, unless you paid attention to the iPad's liberating form factor, only accessible because it has a large screen with no attached...
This is what they might be doing—finishing their manifest destiny for this form factor and giving it an LTPS or IGZO display, the way the gods intended.Better battery life, which I've thought was never that great for the mini retina, and which I have, better color gamut, and maybe thinner.
Another possibility: lines for the Watch will lead to some very bad press. Say each sale takes three times longer than an iPhone sale. The long line seems to move agonizingly slowly. People start kvetching on camera. The story becomes "Apple blows the watch intro, retail division in trouble."Or say the news crews interview the standees and ask why they want a watch, and they get nothing but fluff-headed answers, because none of us really knows what it's about.Stuff like...
Stop with the "Angie" crap. It's plain sexism.
"I consider her as a weak part of Apple's VP chain . . ." —yeah, being a ten-year customer of Apple stores gives you automatic keen insight into the top tier of Apple management. That's all you need to tell us.I've been a retail customer since the first store opened in Glendale, and I think she's the one to take the stores into the real global phase, which is happening now. It's very possible that this particular move is directed squarely at scalpers. You left that out as...
Any references on the use of aSi for the iPad Air? It was Raymond Soneira who asserted that the Air displays were IGZO, based on current-draw measurement, IIRC.The new 12" Macbook retina is evidently IGZO, judging from the presentation announcement, which went into detail about the backplane wiring.Edit: there's an alternate explanation for how they shrink the backplane wiring here, under "Retina...
Destructive comment. Even if you're not misled, you may be misleading others. I suspect you don't know what you're talking about. Again, on this subject.
We've been over this before. There's no evidence I'm aware of that the iPad minis use IGZO.
The iPad Air or mini is using LTPS? The only time I have seen that assertion is in this thread.Last I read, LTPS was suitable only for smaller screens, and supply is still constrained because of iPhone production requirements.
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