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Hilarious comparisons. The thing to remember is that Apple is on the right side of history, by intention, consciously.
Like Tim said, human rights ain't political. If Drudge takes offense, it's like you're doing something right.
That's some ugly image you posted there. I hope you don't look at it every day. That guy is a crime against nature.
Mazda 3s, Thanks, I was going to mention Gruber. Didn't know he has a post on it already. Okay, all you supply-manipulation theorists who were going on and on about how Tim hates inventory, we want to serve you your pie now.
Your usual invidious interprtation of Apple's motives. They don't need to nickel and dime the watch face design market. They do need to keep control of aestheitcs in the early days.They are always bragging about how much money they are paying out to developers. That doesn't exactly fit with your narrative.
Maybe the size and knurling of the knob are reduced because there is no mechanical work being done.
Come to think of it, how hard would it be to get the numbers and hands to run counterclockwise?
You have a good idea there, in spite of yourself. Or you had a good idea.
Apple's arrogance in thumbing its nose at FCP users and their legacy of hard-won work still rancors this many years later.. I don't think it's out of line to say that Tim Cook would never have allowed this to happen. /s, sort of.
I just heard on The World from PRI that Toronto is the raccoon capital of the world. This guy lives in Toronto. I think we have our explanation for Lewis's "look" and attitude. Raccoons can unbox anything.
New Posts  All Forums: