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Good. Now we can finally get past the hand-wringing. /s Well, I hope one poster in particular will be struck dumb with disbelief.
The squares represent an IGZO backplane matrix, mostly open space because of greater electron motility, allowing for greater pixel density, thus the need for resolution independence, as you say.Don't know about your outside world part. Don't really know about the IGZO thing either, just guessing.
Looks like an IGZO backplane to me, meaning that pixel densities are going to be all over the place, meaning that resolution solutions are in the works.But then, I know nothing, and I got IGZO on the brain. Unless . . . unless . . . it's LTPS!
Where did you think the extra sensor assemblies were going to come from? Oh, that's right, your view is a no brainer.
Are you referring to the bezel, the little shiny edge around the screen? If you are, we have a surprise for you.
@drblank, I didn't mean it as a threat, just that your posts will be remembered here because you made your opinions very clear, and that you probably won't need to say so much as the story unfolds in the future. At least I hope not, because not all of it bears repeating. Other than that, I wish you the best, stay away from L. Ron and Lyndon, because they're looking for recruits with your worldview, and do check out some of the serious literature on "augmented mental...
Since you are an older white guy who's never gotten high from pot and actually thinks LSD is addictive, I doubt you would choose any sort of Dionysian life "style." But seriously, here's a hint for you as this Beats scenario progresses: Apple has a healthy relationship with all kinds of frontiers of social change. It's what they are about. Your view is not healthy because it would condemn an authentic statement of identity by an entire generation that covers much of the...
Like I said, we're getting somewhere with you. This is all about cultures you are ignorant of, and afraid of. You've shown yourself to be a puritanical white dude who lacks the basic empathy needed to understand another's life situation. Arguing with you about this stuff is like trying to converse with a virgin priest about sex. You're just not going to get an authentic exchange of ideas or feelings.
Now we're getting somewhere. I'm pretty sure you meant to say "not positive" in that last sentence. But I disagree with you. The Dead weren't promoting acid and that culture, but they were celebrating it, and so were we. It was about liberation from the straight-jacketed white, narrow, left-brained mainstream culture that had locked up and destroyed the best minds of our generation, as Ginsberg put it.You missed out, but Steve Jobs didn't. Lucky for you a great deal of the...
New Posts  All Forums: