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Imagine that, at least one-tenth the age of the Earth. What a guy.ยก
Lots of termites in California. Old growth redwood is bug resistant, also to rot, but it was also overcut with typical rapacious abandon, so salvaged old growth wood is pretty much all we got. Need a few hundred years to grow more. Not like the hardwoods you guys got.I'm only supposing about this barn, based on hints in the story. Nobody probes anymore into the details, even though they're paid to write up the news stories. We could have avoided all the comedy if the story...
The more important factor is that the barn was almost certainly built from old-growth redwood, virtually unobtainable today. This alone makes it worth any effort of preservation. Hats off to Apple for keeping their eco-psychedelic origins alive.
Are you guys so TV-addled that you can no longer think in cause and effect terms?A cartilage skeleton is an evolutionary dead end. You need bones to get up on the land, m'boys, BONES!
The difference being that you don't pull out a card, you use the phone that's in your hand already, often at least. And then the Touch ID confirms that it's you holding the phone.But you're right, payments have been antiquated here for quite a long time, and that's maybe why the chipped card is about to be leapfrogged. It's a classic reversal. When I first went to the UK and Europe in the late 60s, no one was using credit cards at all, and we found that astonishing. When...
Yep, they're not on that pesky evolutionary treadmill.Meanwhile, the history of the record biz is full of legendary, beloved developers of artists, along with a fair number of reviled sharks.
I have caught wind of that title, but since I don't have TV, and since I take better care of my POV, I'd rather suggest that the music biz runs on mutual benefit as much as it does on predation. You don't get to where he is by acting like you describe, at least not exclusively. That's just common sense.
I forgot about your Objectivist values. You see the shark as the successful individual. I took it as dumb ripper of flesh.
You've been in the media business for a while then?
That's not obvious from anything I've seen, especially since he seems to be tight with the older guard, which does not suffer fools easily. (Shark = foolish predator.)Do you have a link or two to back that up?
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