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A lot of posters are also misunderstanding where this recent ban or deprecation of the flag comes from. It's got nothing to do with political correctness, just as Germany's ban on the swastika in published form has nothing to do with PC. Germany's case is more extreme, but it illustrates the point.What the removal of the symbol is meant to achieve is to marginalize a dangerous, deviant group's Pavlovian talisman. If the symbol were a flaming cross or a pointy white hood or...
With LCD, battery life is the same whether it displays white, black, or something in between. Even Jony Ive can't demand that it be otherwise. How 'bout you just leave him out of your trolling "narrative"?
". . . demanding design aesthetic." Yeah sure, what a prima donna, right?Did you miss the references to the "inevitability" of good design? Or, if that's too subtle for you, there's also the minor advantages of increased battery life when displaying black with OLED, and the saving of space where there's no room for an LCD backlight in the Watch.These inevitabilities don't have to stop Ive from expanding on the collateral advantage of losing the image frame in blackness....
Correct, pick away. I just meant to point out that Chan begat Zen, and that the art of both is beautifully and simply unlike what people are thinking of when they generalize about Chinese "taste." Most are familiar with Zen art, but not the Chinese parent.Thanks for pointing out to us that the root word is "dhyana," which I imagine begins with a "j" sound. Thus Chan, then Zen.
I thought so too once, but later saw it as "color."
Why are you assuming the 5C was designed for the Chinese market?
Interesting slant on Nixon's trip to China in the new bio "One Man Against the World," by Tim Weiner. The purpose of the trip was to try to talk Mao into pressuring the North Vietnamese into a peace deal. Nixon failed, Kissinger too I supposeā€”haven't read the book yet.The idea that only a conservative could have gotten away with making a US deal with China may be correct, but it's based on a false notion that Nixon and Kissinger knew what they were doing. From beginning...
China is the birthplace of Zen, and Taoist art besides.In the 19th century, American industrial design was already known for exactly the two adjectives you use. Remember tail fins in the 50s, potato cars in the late 40s. It's lasted to the present. Have you checked out Escalades lately?
"China isn't known for [good taste]." Neither is, or was, America.On the other hand, there's a tradition of attention to detail in Chinese art that goes back thousands of years. Some of it is quite tasty.I don't recall any chrome on any Apple watch. Polished stainless maybe?
"Panders"? The mini-quandary referred to in your post can be solved if you consider that Chinese tastes in objects like phones and computers can be world-class, and of great appeal to non-Chinese markets.
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