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Do you have a link for that page? Thanks.Edit: Never mind, I found it with " Vision+ drone" search.
Likewise, I acknowledge your equally demented iWatch-ing. I think there was one other poster here a while back.Google Glass was a big setback, was it not? As if we didn't have two eyes. Millions alienated from the concept of digital eyeware. Half-baked. Meanwhile, Samsung and Sony are designing for robot wannabees.Edit: there are hints. The three story white building, for flying Apple drones connected to the iWatches (someone suggested the drones here a few days ago). And...
I'm obliged to point out that i've been saying this for some months now, some time after Apple trademarked "iWatch." No one picked up on it. You are the first to also espouse the idea. Great minds think alike, and all that. Samsung's Gear VR is maybe a forecopy. Apple's stereo glasses patents promise something much more wearable.
That you wear.
Interesting. I wonder if it's still used. Hofmann said ergot was being investigated for obstetrics because the midwives had used it from ancient times for birthing problems. An example of how an unbroken folk tradition is to be defended at all costs. We haven't been doing such a good job of it here, but the Swiss . . .
Very good. Apple has a ways to go when it comes to longevity. But then it's a new developing field, whereas mechanical timekeeping is mature.We need better ways of generating and storing electricity also. The hundred-year iPhone. I suspect the silversmith's son would be into it.Humankind, as well as Steve Jobs and the personal computer industry, owes its greatest debt to Albert Hofmann and his wonderful employer Sandoz of Basel, for the enhanced vision provided by the...
Well, neither, just echoing some ignorance from earlier in the thread, where somebody was talking nonsense about Ursula Andress and Heidi, etc.I would venture my own ignorant hypothesis from America, that the Swiss would have a large pre-Indo-European component, then an equal measure of Celtic/Gallic, with some Germanic stirred in on top, or side-loaded. The love of fine machinery is maybe Celto-Germanic. How's that for generalization? Anyway, not much blonde.
Aha, that explains the memory I have of that little car snafu. So that event was streamed live. I just read about the editing the other day. Memory serves after all, however pale and wan.So are these events always live streamed?
Courageous, too. I've thought in the past they wanted to be able to edit out glitches, but they must be more confident now. Something big is in the works.
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