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Destructive comment. Even if you're not misled, you may be misleading others. I suspect you don't know what you're talking about. Again, on this subject.
We've been over this before. There's no evidence I'm aware of that the iPad minis use IGZO.
The iPad Air or mini is using LTPS? The only time I have seen that assertion is in this thread.Last I read, LTPS was suitable only for smaller screens, and supply is still constrained because of iPhone production requirements.
There's a good story on NPR this morning about how a Coca-Cola executive in 1964 made sure that the city of Atlanta properly honored Dr. King after he got the Nobel Peace Prize, avoiding a disgraceful no-show from Atlanta citizens. Tim Cook might be familiar with the story from his MLK studies. http://www.npr.org/blogs/codeswitch/2015/04/04/397391510/when-corporations-take-the-lead-on-social-change
Don't forget about Socrates and his young boyfriend Alcibiades; in fact the Greeks as a rule in the Classical age found homosexuality acceptable. This is why the Classics Departments (Greek and Latin language and literature) at modern universities have traditionally been refuges of gay scholars.Quiz: In the Illiad (Homer), who was the hero Achilles' boyfriend? (Confession: I forget his name.)The long dark age of gay repression following the Athenian ascendency paralleled...
^^^ freediverx, nice round-up. Pow!
Worth quoting for Page 5 here. Thanks.
Wanna see someone call Tim Cook a hypocrite, imagine him lecturing the Chinese and them saying, "Hey, look what's going on in your stupid country, you're going backwards in Indiana, Arkansas and twenty other states." Tim: "Well, I tried to tell them . . ."Chinese official: "Apple has a lot of glass houses here."What is so hard about this chain of reasoning for you? Convicting him of hypocrisy without an argument based on whether he has a moral high ground over another...
From James Mellaart, The Earliest Civilizations of the Near East, about the excavations at the town of Çatal Hüyük, Anatolia, dating from about 4000 years before Moses:"There was no war for a thousand years."Compare to your Bible, written in the era of nomadic goatherd petty warlords, wherein there is constant war.
Well said. This form of being a jackass is also on the wrong side of evolution.
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