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Well, it was a cargo plane for space station parts, a satellite launcher, with a crew capacity for fixing stuff like the Station and the Hubble. They worked the platform, in other words.It's true the boosters needed were a problem in the case of both disasters. Were the trade-offs worth it? I'd say ask the veteran crew members. We simple observers don't have much to form an opinion on.Do you have a link handy on that moon-orbit asteroid plan?
Apple, or Tim Cook, never said there is no need for larger screen phones. He said they could not do a larger screen without making unacceptable tradeoffs. That was about two years ago. At that time, there was not enough LTPS screen manufacturing to supply Apple, nor was there the A7 or A8 that they're going to need for the higher density screens they will be presumably coming out with.In the meantime, he pointed out the obvious advantage of the current sizes—perfect for...
The poor junkyard dogs at MacRumors couldn't get past those white bands. Only one poster, shinyafro, took notice of the difference in the surface of the new part.
Another little difference: the inserts in the new part are some kind of yellow metal, compared the the grey metal inserts in the older part. Suggesting new requirements in metal compatabilities.
Where is the 5" or larger phone that has a decent operating system, a decent power-efficient processor, a decent ecosystem, a physically beautiful body, and so on?Apple doesn't crank half-baked stuff out like nearly all the other companies, which are fast and technically competent, by the way, but not deliberate and perfectionist like Apple is in general. The larger Apple phones have been waiting for processor evolution and for display production expansion. Just wait. You...
Thanks. So the more I look at this new "iP6" part, the more it looks cast, not stamped.I'm sure that would be obvious to anyone familiar with type of stuff, but at first I thought no way do you cast anything this thin with normal metal, and have it come out this clean. But then on the other hand it's too thick around the screw inserts to be stamped. So a new molding process and a new metal alloy is an attractive explanation.Too soon to break out the cigars, but still . . .
It looks like the screw bosses have threaded inserts pressed into them. Internally threaded, that is. Is that a new thing? Do the aluminum cases also use inserts?
In this case, you would insert rather than append an apostrophe—people'sBecause "people" is already plural, you wouldn't write peoples'.But there's a reason apostrophes can drive people crazy. If you consider the backgrounds of the many and varied peoples who now speak and write in English, it's no suprise that you will find wide disparity in these different peoples' use of details like the apostrophe.
Yes, a threat from Rogifan has much veiled gravitas. His comment must be taken seriously, no matter how childish it may seem on the surface.As we know, he is on the right side of history. Apple, with its concern for environmental responsibility, its concern for its users' privacy, all these are trivial liberal distractions that a mature American corporation will grow out of eventually, thus proving him right in the end./s
This really stirred up the Delta males, eh? Get out the sticks and the garbage can lids . . .
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