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I'm not done with it yet, but like you say, it's essential reading. And full of great details.
Good find, just in time. Reading it now.
Yes, back on topic !You may or may not be right about the board member changes, it doesn't matter to my point. If Apple becomes that "totally different company," they immediately lose the momentum that's been keeping them progressing since Jobs returned. The good will of their customer base is what they keep inflating the balloon with, and they do that with the evolving products and user experience, so they can take on ever more customers.In other words, the idea of an...
Yes, the drink I've been doing for 40 plus years, and really with the berries and all, it's kept me alive through various bohemian misadventures, and it is the most delicious thing besides, no?I just never called it by that word, because that appeared later than the 70s. So it used to drive me crazy when I would describe the drink to someone, and they would say, "Oh, you mean a smoothie!" Grr. Anyway, thanks for the call-out.
Thanks, I'll check that out. Don't know this Melvyn Bragg.
Maybe the cursed word comes from Australia. They put an "-ie" on all kinds of thingies there.
Apple itself would crash and burn in a BlackBerry-like flash, and the threat would evaporate. Of course there would be mass revolt, a world depression, and so on . . .
From the 1940s and 50s. The time of vegetables and, god help us, blender drinks.No kidding, Adelle Davis, early California health guru, advocated making a "shake," I think she called it, out of berries, bananas, brewer's yeast and a bunch of other stuff, in the blender, which was the best thing ever to have every day, which I still do since she put it in her book that I read in the 70s. Saved my life, I'm pretty sure. Later such things came to be called "smoothies," and...
The reason that Apple can't become a creepy company (unless you're looking from the point of view of a hater, of course) is the same reason that they make "great products that improve people's lives."When you focus on the humane goal of maximizing user experience, you immunize yourself against nefarious exploitation of your customers. This is basic Steve Jobs post-psychedelic psychology. It's in the biography.. I'll cite you a page number if you don't remember it.
Too many movies fill your head with dread.Something I'd like to know from adults who use the word "scary." Particularly males. Does it never occur to you that the word is just a little bit infantile, like it belongs in children's' stories?I come from a time when men didn't talk that way. They didn't eat veggies or drink smoothies, either.
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