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The point, which you missed, is that this was a show trial against Apple. Nothing to do with other trials. Read Orwell better, or Darkness at Noon by Koestler, if you don't know what is meant by "show trial."
How does one do that search safely?A poster from France suggested here a while ago, maybe during the trial, that the key to Amazon's pull with the DoJ was in how wide they left the back door open to their customers' purchase and search history to other gov't entities. In contrast to Apple, of course.I personally would never subscribe to such a crazy conspiracy theory that called into question the integrity of a corporation and our gov't. The theory would also imply that...
A reader of Orwell should be able to recognize a show trial conducted by a malevolent state when he sees one.
This is also an interesting angle. And location beacons out in the world, as well. Where is the fingerprint sensor by the way?
You Beats me to it every time. I just figured out that a subscription to Beats streaming could be offered with the watch. Can there be a wireless connection to headphones yet, bandwidth-wise? If so, this would be a very big new platform: wear your acoustic cocoon out in the world.
Good. Now we can finally get past the hand-wringing. /s Well, I hope one poster in particular will be struck dumb with disbelief.
The squares represent an IGZO backplane matrix, mostly open space because of greater electron motility, allowing for greater pixel density, thus the need for resolution independence, as you say.Don't know about your outside world part. Don't really know about the IGZO thing either, just guessing.
Looks like an IGZO backplane to me, meaning that pixel densities are going to be all over the place, meaning that resolution solutions are in the works.But then, I know nothing, and I got IGZO on the brain. Unless . . . unless . . . it's LTPS!
Where did you think the extra sensor assemblies were going to come from? Oh, that's right, your view is a no brainer.
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