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To be fair, we have to allow for the quarter-century lag in perception that afflicts conservative viewpoints. For example, it was around 1990 that Deng Xiaoping was ditching the old Red Star regalia ("ChiCom Red") in favor of "modernization" of China. But history is like science: annoying detail in the way of ideology.
Very doubtful. The 5C was based on an understanding of the world youth market. Seems to have worked well enough.
Ooo look, our most ethical commenter has found a new duplicitous trick to suspect Apple of. Thank God he has the sinister imagination to bust the company, no matter what ruse they come up with to sell Watches. /s
Really, it's shirt pockets that have to change. It's like shirt designers never bend over to pick up something in their whole lives with something in a shirt pocket. Now that we have pocket computers, shirt pockets should be deep with flaps.Anyway, I'm sure the bezels will shrink when the technology allows it, including the production technology.
So now that Apple is gaining a bit on their supply vs. demand problem, you guys think it's time to complain some more. I like this term "chavs."
You could remember it this way:"If your belt is loose you lose your pants."English spelling is weird, but some of the odd cases reveal the history of the word.
I'd imagine Apple has test screens running 24 hours a day for years by now, testing longevity of various generations of emitter compounds. If any prove worthy, then they have to work with fabs to build out capacity to quantities never approached before, even by Samsung, correct? I suspect we are still years away, but that's only because we have heard nothing to compare with the details we've heard about various LCD technologies.There are good reasons Apple has stuck with...
So you would be in favor of Foxconn building facilities in the US? Because you aren't going to get the process engineering done locally, as Steve Jobs said. It would be much more difficult than setting up in Brazil, for example, which is still an industrial country. The US is post-industrial, according to decades-old economic theory.Edit: took out contentious language.
Yes, Pegatron, which has been the obect of more worker and safety scrutiny than Foxconn, but then they are not as experienced yet, are they?
It's more evidence that they don't have the storage to offer you and the other 800 million people in your position.
New Posts  All Forums: