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Nah. Said it before and i'll say it again. The reason you want to punch someone wearing Google Glass is that it violates facial symmetry, and no biological wiring that we have is deeper than face recognition, primarily based on the eyes.To see someone covering one eye with a snaggy tech device for geek reasons is infuriating. That's why Glass is doomed, but everybody thinks it's because of its intrusiveness. They are wrong. It's because it's monocular, not binocular.At...
Yeah, you're right. Too bad the word "torus" isn't very sexy, like, say, "pyramid" or "sphinx." Hey, how about "sphincter"? I think it just means "ring."
Same with American and especially Korean. Full of screamingly unnecessary fillips and dumpy-diaper rear elements, with hideous, leering faces.What's missing is any shred of charm. The Mini has a little, but the interior is a bad cocaine trip. The lowly Fiat 500 is pretty humane and cute, and sells well, in So Cal anyway.,, regardless of roadworthiness.All the Germans are going apeshit in the US with sinister LED treatments. Everything is tawdry and meretricious. Even Tesla...
Yeah, I meant to get back to this, re WhiteFalcon and fallenjt as well. The whole big-picture context of the article was that this was taking place around the culmination of the most difficult thing he's ever done, the three years of developing the Watch, and (we would have to fill in) the work on two completely new form factors for the Phone, plus the stresses you mentioned.Repeatedly, the article points out how unusual this situation is for him. The very least we can do...
This is a great post, and I hope Bibi Frost sees it.
But Frank probably did it out of arrogance, not ignorance. Talk about a reality distortion field . . .
Well, thanks for posting that, though. It is one of the ugliest ducks out there, especially from the side or rear. It's been out for years, and I never got used to it. Thankfully it didn't sell well.
And you join the chorus of old birds in the shadows. Nice going.
Get out, stop talking shit.The impression I got is that you would be an arrogant jerk to try to do cheap predictive gossip on this very complex man.
Yeah, I thought of the mirror-finish chamfer on the iPhone 5.It seems there's an explanation detail of design philosophy in almost every paragraph.
New Posts  All Forums: