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Good points, but there's that gaping maw. To cool the luggage?Actually, I gotta get over to the showroom. Is maybe the AC condenser behind that grille?
Among front-engine cars, yes. But there's no reason to put an electric motor over the front wheels, which take most of the steering, braking and suspension stress of the vehicle.Tesla's solution should be attended to. The main motor's in the back and the batteries aren't even loading the front.The joys of driving a rear engine car are worth any trade-off in oversteer. But overall balance must be calibrated. Porsche found that no more than 63 per cent of the weight could go...
Rogifan, you just answered your own complaint, obliquely. This is probably going to be way too subtle, even for Gruber and maybe his friends. The reason they did not talk about the gold Edition Watch before the masses is that the Knowledge (with a capital K) does not belong to the uninitiated. To get It you have to make an appointment and show your interest, and maybe intention to spend the money. To reveal It before the uninitiated who don't intend to buy it would be to...
In your cheap, lame analogy, 1984.When I was a kid, we used to go out in the middle of the night to catch night crawlers, the big worms that you could spot with a flashlight, glistening red under the blades of grass. You had to grab fast, or they would slip back into their hole when they sensed the light.
Because the points are perversely wrong, and the posters, being perverters of truth, know it.So do you, so just stop.
Very cheap shot. Slurpy gave you one of the best slapdowns of his career here.I'd just add that Apple isn't forcing anyone to buy into their ecosystem. They're winning customers honestly by making stuff that people want and enjoy.Your agenda is showing.
Like they say about reality, it has a liberal bias.Seriously, the company you are following is way ahead of you here.The very least you could do is read a book on Apple's origins instead of watching your next fascist crap Hollywood violent brain-deadening movie. I bet not a single one of you has read John Markoff's What the Dormouse Said. And I bet you're all virgins, in the Steve Jobs sense. By 1970 we had all decided that every single one of the backward "values" you...
"Without negative feedback trolls almost always leave of their own accord." There are psycho-trolls, who do it out of contrarian disposition and who might go away, like you say.And there are paid trolls, who do it for money. Frost is one of these latter prostitutes, in my opinion. He won't go away unless he is banned. Here he is panting for Walt Mossberg's death blow to the Watch. He should be banned, even if the rules have to be changed to ban him.
Al Gore is on Apple's board because of his planetary vision, in addition to his experience in geopolitics. Steve Jobs also had the kind of vision, not so much in the geopolitical sense. I'm glad to see he's going to get his Earth observatory in space. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/al-gore-weighs-in-on-sunday-s-long-delayed-earth-observatory-launch/ I had thought Apple might provide the backing to push it through. Maybe they could put up another one to give...
The axe you're grinding is getting so thin it's transparent. Has been for awhile.Neither a Rolex nor a Porsche come with a massive ecosystem of services and a repository of your mental and social and general life activities of your every waking moment, with maybe some sleeping thrown in.You are not trolling intelligently enough. It's painful to see what you do to snare honest posters into your web.
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