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But don't forget to insert genocide, as when they invaded "the promised land" and did in the Canaanites, and again did in the worshippers of the Golden Calf, every man, woman and child.
Pretty funny.
sog35, Agreed. The air is clearer already. Back on topic, the publicity for the Watch from the fashion press. Does it originate from Apple's efforts, or is it just good fashion journalism, self directed by the magazines? I frame the question neutrally, and to some, it will seem naively.
Radical! Who knows?There are times when you need to find the home button by feel, though.
I think I have to agree with you here. Too tight a lid, too loose a phone. No vacuum relief, no warning, no fail-safe. I bet drops happen all the time.
And:Good work keeping up with the victims of greater tolerance and civil rights. Well done.
We need a comparison of IQs between people who are gender-variation tolerant and those who are straight-centric and variation-intolerant. That would be a lot of fun. /sOf course, IQ's primary hidden bias is that it tests for left-brain visual performance, so such comparisons are bogus anyway. Including race comparisons.
Why aren't they all over it? Maybe because gaming can be an addictive waste of time and doesn't make our lives better.The Watch is about communication and connection. See how people use it, then make your predictions.
Thanks for the explanation for that hilarious quote. And now the final irony is that you've been quoted by the one most deserving of never being quoted: BF. Maybe he'll have some sort of semiotic seizure during the night and awake lacking the ability to troll another word.
You're having enough trouble defending yourself on the bigotry front. I wouldn't open up another front on this Apple vs. China issue if I were you.
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