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^ Sounds good, hope it's true. It would save a lot of hot air around here.
Says the guy who never goes out in the bright sun. How do you feel about wearing gloves? Shoes? Your Wellies when you're out fox hunting in the rain?
Because few people do anything with their hands, or work with anything that's mechanical anymore. A chamfered edge is used anywhere you don't want a fatigue crack to form, or anywhere you want to guide an o-ring seal into place without snagging. On a spacer around a shaft, a negative chamfer will be used to hold an o-ring as a seal. The top edge of a cylinder will be chamfered to allow piston rings to slide in without breaking. And so on. It's as basic a shape feature as...
I agree about the glasses, but I would say the tinting for sun would be only a minor option. The main reason will be for what might be called virtual travel, or some dopey term like 3D telepresence.
Wearing glasses—whether you gladly put up with it depends on the payoff, naturally. Blinding sun or snow, focus correction, protection from grit or metal chips, screening yourself from groupies or paparazzi, many reasons. If there's something really great to watch in stereo, people will wear glasses, and Oakley and Armani will jump in quick. You won't have to wear them all the time, and they'll probably switch clear by default.In fact, I continue to suspect that Apple's...
This is so not funny. Any chance you could come to your senses?
I was basing that on the idea that the LiquidMetal pieces were themselves conducting antennas, not just transparent to antennas underneath in other words. And since there must be discrete antennas for different radios, so would there have to be a mosaic of LM elements. But this is all imagined. I know nothing but the fact that Apple doesn't do sloppy, lazy, ugly or useless design.
"Lazy design." I look forward to you eating those words, and since you lead such a busy life, in the Jacuzzi would be about right.Seriously though, you can't judge this kind of thing from a lousy picture. You have to hold it in your hands, and thereby engage your right brain.
I like the idea that the bands might be Liquid Metal. Most are taking these for "plastic" separators. We should consider that they are thick (or wide) because they need to be. With Ive and Apple, this stuff is all technical first, not aesthetic. But when it's explained that they're necessary, that should go a long way to make them acceptable, or even appreciated. To all but the most nit-brained, that is. But the way they are executed and finished is what elevates these...
No it isn't. HTC is about ridiculous bowed backs and brushed textures.
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