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Maybe the size and knurling of the knob are reduced because there is no mechanical work being done.
Come to think of it, how hard would it be to get the numbers and hands to run counterclockwise?
You have a good idea there, in spite of yourself. Or you had a good idea.
Apple's arrogance in thumbing its nose at FCP users and their legacy of hard-won work still rancors this many years later.. I don't think it's out of line to say that Tim Cook would never have allowed this to happen. /s, sort of.
I just heard on The World from PRI that Toronto is the raccoon capital of the world. This guy lives in Toronto. I think we have our explanation for Lewis's "look" and attitude. Raccoons can unbox anything.
Or their suppliers have solved some of their yield problems.http://www.phonearena.com/news/Apple-Watch-production-hampered-by-shortages-related-to-the-Taptic-Engine-and-the-OLED-screen_id68308
Started watching the video, quit, can't stand this guy. I gotta watch my blood pressure. So "the legendary Sonny Dickson" sent him the parts. Guess he's on the list now too. That's a tasty little warm-up outfit he s wearing. Bright blue, nice new white cords with no kechup stains yet. Barbarian.
This isn't "a video posted to YouTube," it's a Lewis Hilsenteger video posted to YouTube. That should have been in your lede, AI Staff. A little news judgment, please. You should be taking this guy apart publicly here. I am outraged that you're not even identifying him.
Perhaps in the Orwellian sense, when truth becomes lies. Anyway, I hope you ere kidding. Nerves are frayed out here on the front lines.
Hey, another positive post, with a real-world imagined scenario as a bonus."I had a lovely experience" has Angela Ahrendt's fingerprints all over it. Esprit de corps, and all that.
New Posts  All Forums: