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In this case, you would insert rather than append an apostrophe—people'sBecause "people" is already plural, you wouldn't write peoples'.But there's a reason apostrophes can drive people crazy. If you consider the backgrounds of the many and varied peoples who now speak and write in English, it's no suprise that you will find wide disparity in these different peoples' use of details like the apostrophe.
Yes, a threat from Rogifan has much veiled gravitas. His comment must be taken seriously, no matter how childish it may seem on the surface.As we know, he is on the right side of history. Apple, with its concern for environmental responsibility, its concern for its users' privacy, all these are trivial liberal distractions that a mature American corporation will grow out of eventually, thus proving him right in the end./s
This really stirred up the Delta males, eh? Get out the sticks and the garbage can lids . . .
It is in terrible taste, because of that song. Where did it come from?They also should realize that fitness in general is a whole universe of bad taste, and doesn't bear repetitive, high-definition depiction. Right under the surface of this narcissism is a whole bunch of dirty, smelly laundry. It ain't at all sexy, unless you've got some fetish or other. I could go on, but I won't. Sufficient to note that it won't sell in France.
@joseph_went_south, interesting. So I see Carplay is a very big deal, thinking about it from this point of view. (I'm not a candidate since I stubbornly keep a small stable of ancient VWs for transport. It's a California thing.) But the idea is that the car is going to get grafted to the Apple ecosystem, along with the home and the personal walkaround space. Now we're talking here about Apple extending into the object-manufacturing space. Actually the acquisition of 3D...
Fear and hostility to novelty is much in evidence in this thread. A little reflection will reward the imaginative person with the certainty that the digital capture, storage and reproduction of 3D objects is as important an advance as photography.. Naturally the visionaries at Apple would be expected to be leading an integrated, end-to-end approach to working out the details of making the technology practical.
Funny. Hadn't seen that one.
Shame Christina Farr just set her career back to the cub reporter/copy girl level. Worst thing is, it was probably the Reuters editors that put her up to this or butchered her story, or both. If you look at her profile on About.Me, she doesn't seem like such a lowlife. Edit: Took out the Valleywag reference. Venture Beat and Business Insider have had her bylines. Since Jim Dalrymple didn't even mention her name, instead only blaming Reuters, I'm inclined to guess that...
Correct, easier to edit, and if it's the one you have in your hand at a good moment, well then . . . who cares what you look like? You got the shot.
The "some intellect" is the key. He actually handles ideas very well. This invites hatred from the ignorant and the insecure. People who think cavemen played with dinosaur babies in wheelbarrows because they saw it on TV.
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