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Once again, what it's showing is how sapphire does NOT bend when compared to Gorilla Glass 2, or is it 3. That may not be his intention, but what the video shows is how stiff, or strong, the stuff is. Someone will supply the proper term for this characteristic, I hope.That it bends some means it is not totally brittle.
So you can watch a live view from space of an evening thunderstorm in progress over Indiana while it's also happening outside your house? Why not?In any case, Al Gore should stay to see if his observatories will work out.
Wheel: Indo-Europeans, Central Asian steppe, c. 5000 BC. They were also first to tame and ride horses, giving the wheel something to do.Tablet: Sumer, Mesopotamia, c. 4000 BC, about 2500 years before Moses.Ok, you were making a bad joke, but you started out wrong by trying to take away credit from where it was due. When your government does something right, it should be acknowledged.
I doubt whether Al Gore has given up on what I think is his best idea: A set of orbiting real-time observatories aimed at Earth, designed solely to give is live picture of the planet at all times, no strings, open to anyone with a screen. At least that's how I remember it. Since things like Oculus are on their way, there are obvious enhancements to be made to his original idea.This is one reason why I think Apple has a space program in its future.Oh yeah, and I agree with...
If true, I take back what I said about him. Wish there was a link.
Your first point, what looks real to me is the material's stiffness, its resistance to bending. I would expect GG to bend more at that thinness.Your second point is true and worth pointing out. Also, they don't get credit in the stupid tech meme sphere for pushing the boundaries on materials over and over again.
I think he is way too good for those gearheads at the Verge. He should have his own site, which maybe he does.
It's starting to look real and pretty damn fantastic. Ain't no way that's glass.
Thanks for digging that up.
Looks to be the real thing. Also, it seems that the material is rather stiff, more that what I would think Corning glass would be at that thinness.If it's sapphire, this would be a big deal if they plan to make millions of them.
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