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Very odd, that polished stainless steel. So soft. Their only alternative would be to do a matte finish on it, but then you get into cookware aesthetics. Since there's no effect on function, we just had to live with scratches that appeared no matter how careful you were.
Actually it all started at Bell Labs with the invention of the transistor.But why would anyone be so graceless as to bring this up at the Mac's birthday party? This goes for dacloo more than you.
This is an interesting perspective, distilled from your somewhat vaporous brew of lore above.
I'm keeping iOS 6 on my two 4Ses forever, if I can get away with it. They are museum pieces. I find the aesthetics of the older textured icons much preferable to the flat washed-out look of iOS 7.No system crashes on my iPad mini retina, but constant Safari crashes when posting to AI.
I hope someone will try posting on AI with an iPad mini retina and see if Safari really is fixed. Or is it [crash] a Huddler-Safari issue?
I don't think he's being self-righteous, just outraged—justifiably.However, Odo is no Tekstud, at least as I remember the latter. Odo's just our resident nattering nabob of negativity.
Hey thanks. The basic idea is that Cortana doesn't sound like a name for a female person in any language that might be familiar to us. A product of some kind maybe, but not a person.I think Microsoft people are just too embedded in geek culture. Astounding tone deafness. I still can't get over "Zune."
Someone put this up the other day. It bears repeating:
"Cortana" sounds like a synthetic shoe material, or maybe a new model of car, not a lovable female voice assistant. But then she's just conceived of as a "service-enabled shell." Are these guys maybe tone deaf or what? Maybe I should "Bing" that: "Microsoft tone deaf" . . . They're Zuned, unless they get someone with taste working there. Or Longhorned.
If this was an invitation-only event, it is beyond incompetent that the NY Times left that fact out of their story.Edit: and the WSJ is more misleading reporting of misinterpreted figures from Lorraine Luk.So the two former "papers of record" are now both a disgrace to journalism."Invitation-only" should mabe be "reservation-only," according to PED at Apple 2.0, whic has a running discussion about the perfidy of the NYT and the WSJ.
New Posts  All Forums: