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Meanwhile, WBUR and NPR's "On Point" has an hour devoted today on how Indiana is now in a rush "clarifying" its new legislation. I think Tim Cook's editorial helped force the re-examination.
And you would be correct again. If he replies to you, it will be, as you say, him trolling you. He, "not paying attention"? I am sure he works very hard at finding the break in the skin of your argument where he can inject his virulent spores. Many of us are hoping to ignore him into oblivion.
This is the correct approach to the data, of course. IQ tests are designed by literate, print-habituated people with strong left-hemisphere bias. This is not even hinted at being recognized as an impossible bias against people with other cultural histories. It is obvious to anyone even lightly schooled in media-ecology studies. And it's common sense.
Nah, I don't think the hippies switched sides, but they're beginning to die off. The country did shift to the right. Nancy Reagan, ("just say no"), the DEA and D.A.R.E did their dirty work, the CIA stopped supplying acid, while there came a strange, huge supply of cocaine and then crack, meth and now opiates . . . everything became so hard-edged and self-absorbed. And much stupider and less tolerant. Apple is a remaining force of peace, love, and consciousness-raising, but...
Intolerance due to religion is right up there with imperialism as contributary causes of the world war that is developing before your eyes right now.We have very little time to open people's minds to wider acceptance of others' differences.
Hey, at least you got this right. Now it's time to figure out why the best leader in American business, who leads the best company in American business, would take a stand on this issue on behalf of the company, the board, and the employees.If you can't resolve the struggle in your mind, guess who we're going to have to side with? Do you want to be wasting your thin resources on fighting Apple's stand on cultural progress?
It's probably going to add to "Apple's bottom line," in your utilitarian words. No one reasonable expects Apple to poke its nose so far into other countries' affairs.Why not? Can you guess? Answer: Apple is an American company! Was that so hard?
Puritans, fundamentalists, patriarchists are juvenile. It's a persistent American problem because of our history as religious fugitives, native ethnic cleansers and slave owners. A deadly collection of skeletons in our cultural closet. Failure to acknowledge leads to failure to mature philosophically.
Apple is not in the "consumer electronics business," any more than the Gutenberg Press was in the paper goods business.Apple is in the consciousness business, or, if you like, the enlightenment business. They make the tools for that, and uniquely recognize it, following Steve Jobs,The printing press created the Enlightenment in the 16th-17th centuries. The personal computer is doing the same in our time and our near future.The culturally backward reaction of the religious...
So one of the narrowest minds among us suggests a link for us to read without describing what it contains or who hosts it, except for some dubious inflammatory wordsNo thanks, until you describe it.
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