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Well, I'd bend this excellent post a bit this way:Buddhism and the many older "religions" throughout the world that revered the creative processes inherent in nature and the cosmos are, were nonauthoritarian, non heirarchal, often polyamorous and female-centered.The patriarchal war god we know in our familiar Abrahamic religions is a creation of the Bronze Age. He first appeared in the authoritarian form we're still stuck with on the Central Asian steppe among...
This is the statement we've been waiting for. It's why Apple SHOULD be proactive socially, and why it's NOT political to do so. "Soap box" indeed. C'mon, you guys, catch up. It's a new world out there.
Here's a big idea for you. One day they will, and Apple's values will be one reason why.
The video is great. Nice message. Life = love, doesn't matter who. That's a good attitude for a business to have. Their slogan is "inclusion inspires innovation." Turn it around to understand. "Exclusion stifles creativity." Apple shouldn't get involved? Playing in a rigged game without protest, when you know you can make a difference for fairness, is complicity. If your protest will make things worse in the long game toward fairness, shut up in strategic areas and wait...
He doesn't seem to waste his time gossiping, speculating, handwringing and worrying, By the way, you're wasting our time as well. Where you really cross the line is projecting your values on Ive and predicting his retirement. You have no idea what drives a person like him, as you demonstrate here day after day.
Thanks for the details on "nerf." My point was that deriving a common-usage word from plastic kids' toys (that much I knew because I looked it up) does violence TO the language by deriving vocabulary from the junk merchants like Hasbro, Mattel and ToysRUs. The poor kids who had to grow up with that primary-colored crap are now coining words out of their infantile experience. Result: You get Google and Chrome logos made with the same infantile primary colors, operating...
Or the feedlot "beef."
"Kneecaps"? "Nerfed"? Any chance of cutting back on the violence to the language?
So AI isn't going to mention that reader and commenter dekkard noted this in the earlier thread? Or was he not the first?
Nice catch, if true.
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