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This is not news to me, child. It has not been tried on the hand-held level, and it has not been tried by humane photographers, as opposed to hollywood trashmakers and violent game makers. The medium may be the message, but content can poison the medium.
Haven't tried it yet, but the ColorCross viewer seems to have everything going for it, on paper, at least. Can't give you a link just now. Keep searching till you find a price near $30, I think. Yahoo group Photo 3-D is where this sort of thing is discussed.
Just keep repeating that to yourself. See you next revolution.There were those who thought (hoped) stereo sound was dead, dead, dead. Fewer, though, because vision is higher density information-wise, and has been artificially abused by 2-D media for much longer, like 4000 years or so. 2-D people are unconsciously panicked by 3-D.
Your eyes cross when you focus on anything up close. The background goes out of focus. This is normal, and the way vision works. Do some experiments with a pencil held vertically about six inches from your eyes. If you have issues with this, get your binocular vision checked.
I'm more interested in preserving older forms that are worth preserving. "Lept" is a good one. "Led" is another, now endangered. "Lose" might be losing ground. "Too" is off to the dustbin too, unless a preservationist effort kicks in. Anybody can join in such a project by speaking out like you just did. Apologies for the Libertarian distraction.Now what was the topic? Oh yeah, Australia's retail took a leap. Lemme think of something to say. Sorry, "Let me . . ."
Wasn't saying anything was wrong about Libertarians, just that authoritarian language positions are a contradiction worth pointing out, if they're held by one.
Here's my favorite comment in the discussion on the page I will send in a minute:'But I digress. Leaped, leapt and lept all have their valid place in our language. I focus on leapt and lept because leaped and leapt both conjure up images of athleticism or spryness. Both make one think of coordinated movement. Lept, I think, conveys desperate survival as the motive."The boulder crashed through the wall as he leaped to safety" just doesn't carry the same feel as "He lept to...
Mr. Libertarian wants to outlaw the earlier, clearer spelling, the one that parallels other past-tense formations like "slept"? Ok, fine, continue the confusion that's led to people misspelling the past tense of "lead," as in -a horse to water, as lead, pronounced like the metal.That's an authoritarian, narrowly focused site you linked to. Look up "lept" in the Merriam-Webster Second International. Surely you have one handy.
All three of your entities there are dying, or endangered by a new medium: the communicator in your pocket. Canned entertainment is going the way of the Victorian novel.Meanwhile, Apple will continue building its dedicated worldwide instantaneous video communication network. It's going to take some big barrels of that dry powder they've been storing.
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