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Aha. Good find.
Brilliant retail logic. You could have a great career with CVS, Senior Vice-President, Seasonal Sales.My post 157 above was directed at you as much as at macexpress.
I get it, jungmark gets it, solipsism x gets it.What you and other impatient, technically ignorant schedule fetishists like Rogifan don't get is that we have been in a long period of display drought, during which Apple has not been able to source the next quantum leap in resolution. We have no retina MacBook Air, for example, because when that arrives Apple is going to need X millions of IGZO or LTPS backplanes which could not be manufactured by any facility in the world...
He's not calling just anyone with your behavior pattern a concern troll, he's calling YOU that.Your last big gassy concern issue was about Apple's lateness to the big screen phone game. Both concern issues are based on the same thing: your IGNORANCE of the technical issues that govern Apple's release "schedules."Hint: there is no schedule anymore, because complexity now rules. We will see with the next wave of displays, for example, how Apple has to shuffle suppliers to...
Ha! Thanks. Wouldn't you know, I'm still using iOS 6 on my 4Ses.
It does, when you forget to switch on airplane mode. I have lost a few good shots that way. There oughtta be an option you can get to within the video app.
You are to be commended for coming up with this.
Touché.And hoist one for R.D. Laing, another for Wilhelm Reich, and for Herbert, Norman, Malcolm, Tim . . .
I thought this too. I wonder how the MiPad will handle its heat dissipation. I also look forward to knowing the battery life, color gamut, screen technology, that sort of thing.
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