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I can't judge what you're saying about Yosemite, because I won't risk updating my ancient 2009 iMac with Final Cut 7.IOS, i tend to agree that it's been too flattened, denatured and dispirited, but do we really know that that is Jony Ive's fault, and not some puritanism that is going around in software design at Apple that he couldn't possibly have the background to contest? Some over-reaction to Forstall's regime of 'morphism?I think you're way out of line talking about...
I would only add that "feel" is as important as looks in aesthetics. The word aesthetics itself is based on "sense perception," meaning all the senses, and it carries a strong bias toward feeling, so we end up with "anaesthesia," lack of feeling.If you watch Jony Ive speaking, his hand gestures give him away. He interacts with the world with his relatively massive hands, and he often favors the left, meaning his right brain, where whole things are integrated, is...
Looks like everybody missed the point of the hardware being the same as last year, most spectacularly you.Apple was able to increase the resolution to 5K, to drive that many more pixels, without having to change any of the hardware elements inside, meaning the power supply, the backlighting, the heat management , etc., because of the efficiency of the oxide backplane for the LCD display. It uses 30% less power, Phil said, but whether that means "less than the previous...
Pink unicorns? Is there anything else on your mind?
Two guesses: a more capable processor, and adequate LTPS display supply in larger sizes and densities. Neither was possible before 2014.
Stupid narcissist comment. No wonder you don't get it. Does the buzzword "silicon" mean anything to you? "Transistor"?If you don't understand something, I would think the last thing you'd want to do is mock the subject of your ignorance.
This too.
Waiting for IGZO-backed display production to ramp up to the level needed?
God I hate infantile fixations. Is your imagination really that trashed? You just had to bring it up again, didn't you.For everyone else who still has their reason intact, we can realize that the ONLY way that this display could be made is by using an "oxide" backplane. No other way. We'd still be waiting. And we'll still be waiting for monitors till they can properly produce screens at this size and pixel density in the millions they're going to need.
Everybody wondering the same thing, consider the fact that this display is likely to be in short supply for some time to come. It's taken three years of work on IGZO production processes, obviously, or they would have brought one out with the Mac Pro instead of resorting to selling Sharp monitors in the Apple stores. That must have been a painful decision.
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