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So your story is bizarrely forced to carry even more weight. You are saying nobody is not on a Fitbit craze at your company. ("Nobody" is the corollary of "everybody.") Nobody has a Watch or even talks about them. Everyone you know at this company has a Fitbit, while almost all of them have an iPhone. Everyone is excited today about notifications on their Fitbits and the fitness challenge.I think even you might understand why someone would gag on your story.
In order for you to be at all believable, given your posting history on the Watch, you should tell us what sort of company you work for, and something about the demographics.Otherwise, I have to toss your post in the Benjamin Frost file. Empty FUD.
Lol. They should give him a new one just so they can put this one in the Ive museum.
I guess this guy didn't get the message that the 5C was a ripoff and a failure. In my opinion, he would have been in worse shape with that thin aluminum shell on the 5/5S.
Of course they thought it through. Four stories is the maximum height this building could be and still be in human and natural scale. Aside from obvious proportion considerations, there would be a height relationship to the trees to consider.One whole mandate of the building is to avoid the box and to avoid the high-rise.
Kuo's Apple-supply pals in Taiwan vs. Gruber's "little birdies."Which are closer to the cold, hard facts?
Does Katy Huberty live in Taipei, Taiwan? Does she have a Chinese name? Does she speak Mandarin with Taiwan dialect? Is she a hardware oriented person? Has she got contacts in the Taiwan/Mainland/rest-of-Asia supply chain? Etc.
Yep, and compatibility with the Watch too.Edit: I forgot that the 5C can already pair with the Watch for Apple Pay. I wonder therefore if Touch ID adds anything to the Watch pairing. More security?
This may be a good idea, but wouldn't they want to see how the low-rise torus works in practice first? For a year or so anyway? Also, it may need the orchard and savannah space surrounding to make sense as a glass house. So big sites would be required, if true.Otherwise, I think the possibility that the building is another iconic product of theirs is very real, as you say.
You have to imagine Tim Cook in the scene instead:
New Posts  All Forums: