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"I've also heard the same . . . "For shame. Haven't you a shred of self-awareness? Go to the damn store and play some video on the 6 Plus and see if it burns your tender pink fingers. Or use the video camera for a while.I played the whole 6 Plus photo and video roll at the store and I did not notice any excessive heat.So now you've heard something different. Let's see a correction from you.
Chances are, Tallest Skil was joking too. But I can think of a way to make Disney greatly responsible for the overreaction to Apple's every little misstep.Want to know how? Hint: "infantile" is part of the explanation. That might also be what's behind TS's joke.
I agree with this more imaginative scenario. A pocketable HD video and photo display device, an acceptable occasional reader, a gaming device, a virtual reality and stereo video player, and various "wild card" uses that people will come up with over time, all will make present myopic predictions about the platform's popularity seem ridiculous in a year or so.The crowd that said "it's just a big Pod touch" should have learned their lesson by now. Every new screen size and...
All he has to do is suspend it over two uprights, like the lintels at Stonehenge, every night, so the phone will straighten back out over time. Naturally you would point the arched side up, toward the ceiling.This takes advantage of the phenomenon known as "cold melt," where you see a stone bench sag over the centuries in parks and cemeteries and so on.Either that or he could be careful not to wear tight pants, get too heavy, and sit down with the phone in his pocket.
The phone does not have a design flaw. The user who bends it, intentionally or otherwise, has a mental flaw, or a flaw in attentiveness, to be fair.Edit: muppetry closes the case much better above.
Didn't take much for this YouTube-phobic geezer (me) to find the answer. He's Lew Hilsenteger, runs the site Unbox Therapy, appears to live in Toronto, unfortunately. I say that because he's out of my reach to harass.Did he say who sponsored the bending videos? I'm not going to watch them, or contribute to his "success," and I always hated the idea of snuff videos, which these are one step away from. Those phones are works of art, and it makes no difference if they are...
Wise up.
I'm stuck on "ill-gotten gains." Any others? Speaking of which, herbapou's estimate of a $150,000 gain for that backward-baseball-cap barbarian would be the very definition of ill-gotten.Has he been identified, I ask for the third time? If he's in SoCal, i'd like to "debrief" him.
Very good post, with a new term, for me at least: "the modern fiction sphere."
Disgusting. Sorry I watched it. Why give these miserable barbarians any attention whatsoever? Americans can be so unappreciative of artful technology sometimes.Edit: one disgusting is enough.
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