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Did Apple ever use a soundtrack that ugly and abrasive?Also, the little girl in the pink princess/ballerina costume is wretched. I fear for China's sanity as it "Westernizes."
Interesting. Thanks for the patient explanation. Didn't think of that little detail, obviously.
To the left-brained man, the whole-brained man seems mad. But in case you weren't kidding, a couple of mushroom trips for you, and pay attention this time. Try Aldous Huxley's Island, his last novel. The best mind Britain produced in the 20th century. Joyce was ok too, but he had to be decoded. Huxley just laid it out for you.Edit: I know, he was Irish, Joyce, not British. Anyway, it's a little late for a lobotomy, since I'm 72.
The boosted, mushy bass is the substance around which the headphones are designed. It isn't a style so much as the driving force behind the attitude that the music expresses. The bass propels the beats, and the beats inside the headphones are what gives "the new kid" (Iovine's term) the will to survive in the hostile urban rigged game that we call society.Unfortunately for us assimilated types who are still attached to a real, full and balanced spectrum, Beats is on to the...
But then everything seems to drive you nuts.
The later it is, the better it will work.Same with larger screens, cut and paste, etc.
A common misconception. Apple stuff is for everybody when can see with their eyes and feel with their hands what the best and sexiest hardware is. So in the neighborhoods I frequent in LA, I see many, many iPhones in the hands of Latinos and Asians, both men and women. I don't get into South Central or the other 'hoods much, so no personal data from there.Any white yuppy bias in the demographic is probably economic and historical rather than psychological. Apple-like...
Right, some realism, thank you.However, the thought that the headphones represent Apple's audio entry into wearables has occurred to many, including me, and then the first thing you need to add under that idea is that the quality of the headphones will be given the Apple treatment, so Beats' current quality is irrelevant. They have managed to make it acceptable, ok "cool," to wear headphones out in the world, next we're going to do that with the displays as well, etc.In...
Yours is the second post in this thread, and it says:"Dr Dre is going to be an Apple executive. Cook has lost his fucking mind."Yeah, you could stand some broadening.
Like I said elsewhere, Apple is buying into at least two cultures of the future with this purported acquisition, plus the decades of experience that the principles have proven in establishing the cultures.Headphones are the "devices" (your term) of the future as well, along with other wearables. Phones and Pods are going to be less important than wearables. (I'm including wearable screens in this formulation.)In short, Apple is buying a piece of the next generation, both...
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