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Could be. I forgot about him.
I don't think any of us have enough info to be sure who is written all over this. Logic says it's not her, because she is VP of retail stores. At Burberry she was CEO, and thus able to do any stunt needed for the company.This event may have Schiller with input from Newson, Ive and maybe Ahrendts written all over it in my opinion. People seem too quick to blame Ahrendts for Apple's Watch/fashion strategy. There's more evidence to suppose that Ive is the ultimate driving...
Except the larger-screened phones had to wait for the production capacity of Apple's suppliers of LTPS displays to expand to the level of 25 million per month.I'm getting tired of reminding people that these things don't grow on trees. It's got nothing to do with Apple learning snything.
Hey, you forgot the simplest one of all, and the one most cited: Tim hates inventory! He's the Atilla the Hun of inventory!.Never mind that there are reports that production of the watch was supposed to start in September 2014, then in November, then in January, so Quanta workers would be working through Chinese New Year, and then yesterday, we hear from Kuo (who's a lot closer to Taiwan manufacturing than other analysts, including keyboard observers here) that mass...
Yo chasm, notice how the "selection on merit" criterion suddenly applies to those newly invited to the party, the same party that was always about membership in the ruling ethnic class. Rude, and so self-deluded.
Guilt schmilt. Let me revise a bit. You white guys need to take some time off to meditate on world history since 4000 BC. If you're serious/honest intellectually, that's how far back you have to go to see where the doors opened for white MEN, since that's also who we're talking about here. The origin of patriarchy starts in central Asia, the steppe, with the invention of weapons of horde warfareā€”the horse-mounted warrior, the mace for cracking heads from horseback, the...
Exhibit A from usual suspect # 1.Mr. Usual Suspect, may I remind you that you are the product of the longest and most vicious quota system ever instituted in the history of human exploitation?White guys just have to shut up for a couple of generations, if only not to look like cultural imbeciles. I say this as a white guy myself.
Nice. And you're a nice guy to give that idea away.Meanwhile, like Siprescott says, watching the apps begin to bloom is a thing of beauty.
Nope. News, discussion and rumor.
It may take some of us three years. Others will be certain in three months. There may be a correlation with time spent in the gym.For example, I will know in three months, and I never go to a gym.Victory laps are unseemly, asking for trouble. It isn't a conquest, but haters seem to feel they are losing something when Apple succeeds.What you are calling a pathetic rollout is a reflection of the difficult task they set for themselves with this Watch. It's the most novel,...
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