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Very good post, with a new term, for me at least: "the modern fiction sphere."
Disgusting. Sorry I watched it. Why give these miserable barbarians any attention whatsoever? Americans can be so unappreciative of artful technology sometimes.Edit: one disgusting is enough.
Yes, I finally caught up with the derailment. What a train wreck it could have been, but instead much railment over weak and strong, Middle and Olde was put to bear, and the line was toed.Now could we talk about the British "woken up" vs. my American-preferred "awakened"?
Don't know if others answered, but "had run" is not only standard American, but correct English as well.
I nominate this as Drama Queen Post of the Year.
Says the number one blathering amok-runner in recent AI history.
Hey, I would watch that video. No way am I going to watch Mr. Backward Baseball Cap though. By the way, did anyone ever identify him?
Your amusement is itself a good defense for you. I don't think anyone is being defensive about what you're saying. Rather, they may just be objecting to your twisted thinking.A Porsche 911 has a design flaw. If you run it into a brick wall at sufficient speed, it will surprise you by jamming you into the dashboard as the heavy engine and transaxle comes up from behind you and collapses the passenger compartment. Best not to deliberately crash it that way.
Right, agreed.
New Posts  All Forums: