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Correct answer to Red Oak, thank you.
Tim Cook is clear in his Washington Post editorial: discrimination is bad for business, and Apple is opposed to this kind of legislation because Apple stands for inclusivity, openness and acceptance of everyone, as fundamental to the way it does business. So this isn't a personal campaign of his, it is a statement of an official company position. You guys have to stop separating Tim from Apple on this. This is the company warning that the ~100 bills before various...
And here as well, no matter how good the argument, the entity B. Frost is only encouraged to prolong its existence here by any sort of attention. We've all tried to deal with it as if it were a reasonable human, with no success.
In case you haven't noticed, there is an effort underway not to quote or even acknowledge the spoor of this entity.
Nice try. Your lurid fantasy projected on Walt Kelly, one of the true heroes of the McCarthy witch hunts, is a disgrace to his memory. You have no idea of the depths of his contempt for the sort of moral gamesmanship that you are displaying here.An example of what happened in real life: after segregation and discrimination on the basis of race began to be ameliorated by legislation in the 1960s, there was never any effort to round up and blacklist the former perpetrators...
Some of us Americans have spent a lot of energy DEvolving greatly.Marshall McLuhan predicted the retreat into tribalism as a consequence of the world "imploding" into a Global Village. Part of the retreat is into fundamentalism and antisocial cocooning. That's what we see in this thread. Reactions against cultural evolution. Of course we'll see it happening first in states like Indiana and Arkansas. Mississippi and Alabama.
Sho' nuff, it is Gruber, with no eyepatch already. Apologies to Mr. Carthusia and anyone misled.
No, Gruber's in Philadelphia wearing an eyepatch.
You lost it right there. Maybe, and I think it's likely, he had an equal or greater "massive" humility, so much that it's arrogant of you to tar him with that simplistic brush without having known him.He was always focused on a role that was greater than himself. That's even in the Isaacson bio, where he talks about what he learned from his LSD experiences, for example.Edit: look who agrees with you above to see how wrong you were. (But I see that's about the theater....
Well done. See my edit above, also.
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