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Well, I didn't think of that. Still, he just seemed cranky, not Frost-y.
Well, not quite analogous. But wait a second.Why is NoSpamMan banned? For arguing like he has been in this thread? That would be ridiculous, because he clearly is not trolling, but raising questions and accusations that are a very natural outgrowth of this unusual product launch. He has not been screamingly unreasonable or sinister like many trollish posters we've had who go on for months or are still actively subverting the thread.Back to your analogy, because that is the...
Just speaking as a gearhead here, without any Rolex cred in particular, i would think that you'd want to get that fine machine cleaned and lubricated, lest you permanently damage the bearings and other wear points. Sorry for the free advice. I hate getting it myself.
We have no evidence that they had so few available, are working under a policy of building to order, or even assembling finished elements to order. We have only some speculation (to be kind about it) here from certain posters that Apple is being so cynical as to run a game on their customers like they and you suggest.Add: I see in your next post that you have an idea how they might done it better. That's always a possibility, I suppose, but I'd like to know the numbers...
"Jony gets . . . " etc. Your agenda is really showing today and yesterday. Too bad you have to work so hard, and on the weekend, too.Lots of verbiage in the other thread too. Quite comical, your round-face arguments.
Not to single you out so much, but to all the inventory-control proponents here, who want to apply a strategy suitable to ongoing production of an established device, here is Steve Jobs' answer to an email accusing Apple of inventory tinkering with the iPad:launch:"Are you nuts? We are doing the best we can. We need enough units to have a responsible and great launch."This was cited by poster 8CoreWhore at MacRumors yesterday.
I understand that inventory has a cost, but it's nothing compared to the cost of pissing off and disappointing a couple of million customers, plus having them question your competence and your sense of values, both of which are implicit as hell in you guys' Attila the Hun inventory model.How much does it cost in goodwill or PR to save having to add one or two buildings to do some rational storage and sorting? That's the question. You all are calling Cook and Williams...
His explanation is psychological, devious at that. Mine is material, tied to hard production possibilities, even probabilities. I'll go with mine.
I agree with this. Apple could afford to overstock if they had the production, knowing they're going to sell whatever model eventually. Too much is being made of this inventory control hypo-issue.I also like the part about fertilizing the chicken, but maybe you should have said "egg," to avoid controversy here. : )
And I would add that the Watch is exponentially more novel and complicated than any product they've ever launched.
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