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You might better say "ovine"—sheeplike. Come to think of it, he does resemble a wolf. I'm having trouble with border collie.
Although thanks are due to jameskatt2 for drawing the distinctions vs. Google Wallet anyway. If that's really the way it works, what a difference between the two approaches.I keep thinking of Eric Schmidt saying that Google is more secure with your data. And that Samsung did the iPhone 6es a years ago.
I think this one wins the prize, especially considering the hints given by Tim Cook.I'd add one compatible and obvious guess suggested by the rumor of a 5K iMac. If they've got the resolution and pixel density to be at that threshold, they can also take over from Sharp and start selling their own UHD monitor, which from Sharp was an IGZO monitor, the technology that Apple started way too long ago investing in with Sharp, now finally coming into mature production. It may...
Brilliant. Did you think of that by yourself?
Very good post. It's interesting to think of more structure as more heat inertia to overcome, just as more weight in a sports car is more mass to have to accelerate and decelerate.From this point of view, the MBA is engineered under road racing constraints—lots of turns mixed with straightaways—engineering that has still yet to make its way into American culture, as inkling tells us above.
You're not the target market. You aren't disposed to see, or better, feel the pleasurable aspects of having so much power in your fingertips, rather than in your hands. The Air is about fingertips, something your good ol' boys in engineering will never get. It's tactile, sensual and . . . well, the rest would be better left unsaid.So it's useless to rail against artfulness that's out of your bailiwick. The part about showing off in public out of vanity, I agree with you....
Indeed. Thank you.
I know exactly what you mean. There's also one underneath each of your finger joints.Like the man said, there's one born every minute. I am referring to anyone who would say something like your last sentence with a straight face.
Also thinness, I would imagine, not that I know. But no backlight needed, correct?
Oh, if you're talking about people, hell yes, get out the frying pan, and i assume you mean enameled cast iron.
New Posts  All Forums: