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True, it should be cropped, or a second shot might have grabbed both flags, but you can still see that it's a hand-held attempt at framing first, visual interest second. It's really a snapshot, not a successful composition. An impossible shot, with that lighting and the tree being eight feet or so behind the door frame, no depth whatever. But I suppose the tree is supposed to be the money shot. Oh well.I would still maintain your framing mandate is clearer the larger the...
The picture of the tree is mostly a framing exercise, what with all the geometry involved. The big viewfinder helps enormously in these situations. Not much color or other visual interest in that subject though. Fir trees look better in the woods, especially when there are red mushrooms under them, which is what all this Yule stuff is originally about.
A suggestion for your next vacation. Dress up like a man and go hang out in some coffee shops in Alabama. You need to get out more, see the world through different eyes.Edit: removed provocation.
And the Jeep but not the Model T or the Volkswagen?
Big news for you too. Your bible is part of the patriarchal propaganda package, written in the second millennium, long after the Bronze Age warrior ascendency made it to northern Syria. Abe's god was an Indo-European import from beyond the Caucasus. See Merlin Stone's brilliant work on the subject and you'll be way ahead of the pack of bible nerds.
"If, however, a chinese man . . . " —you lost me there. A bit too "me-vs.-them," don't you think? Maybe you've been living in a war zone, or watching too much TV news, or just too much TV?Anyway, here's the big news, for all you fear-addled me-vs.them people. This is not the normal human condition, as you like to tell yourselves, and as you've been told by generations of white male Darwinian anthropologists, who are really writing as apologists for European colonialism of...
Better check the context—I know it's hard for you knee-jerk "conservatives"—of Crowley's post.Now to your standard wail about tolerance. Yes, tolerant people do speak out when they see others speaking and acting intolerantly. What is the origin of the problem? Who started it? Not the tolerant one. Clear?
Yep, because Apple is in a new business in human history, amplified consciousness. Other computer companies are in the same business, but they don't really know that, or don't appreciate it.Apple does know it, always has, and they show it by caring about user experience. Something to do with the mental equipment and experiences of the founder and the crews he assembled around him . . .Anyway, the company is alone at the vanguard of this revolution in business, and it shows...
Man, you have a tough job. My sincere sympathies. I hope you have a corner office, anyway.
Y'know, it's strange, but I don't remember seeing any overview articles on the subject, like you might expect when a shift in technology like this comes along. I've just pieced a view together by poking around with search terms that include Apple, IGZO, Sharp, LTPS and others you'll likely come across. It's a story that needs to be written, and it's something the old Scientific American of 20 years ago would have done by now, but that kind of thinking journalism has gone...
New Posts  All Forums: