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Correct. Also, the numbers for the 6 and 6 plus are skewed to higher options because of richer US, Chinese and other early adopters. But then we don't know how the accusers are deriving their "liar" judgment.
The entire profession is not based on lies, particularly when it's attached to ethical companies.
If the chart's inaccurate does that mean someone's lying? No, maybe just mistaken.Did Phil say 16 GB was the most popular? Was he lying or mistaken? Reference please.
It's blindingly obvious that Apple is aiming to change that. And it's obviously possible that this is the exact reason for releasing the new iPods now.Your attitude is getting in the way of the obvious.
Apple thinks it's that big. Take a look at their press release announcing the touch. Gruber has a link if you haven't seen it..Your corrosive anti-Apple tone gets more and more out of place here. You really belong at MacRumors.
Good point
This is another example of hysterical "thinking"—completely unhinged from history, oversimplified into a Glenn Beckian comic book of personalities doing evil deeds.
Didn't know about this book, thanks.The point is, America (and Britain) created this nexus of paranoia between East and West with the overthrow of Mossedegh in 1953.It's an old story. The governments collude with the military industry in Machiavellian schemes to undermine democracy.Ubiquitous communication among the people around the world is a new wild card in the deck. It may work.
I agree, but it's possoble that Iran will shift very quickly to a more secular nation, once the US buries the hatchet. Actually return to a secular society would be more like it.Reconnecting to the Iranian diaspora via Facetime and iMessage would help.
Such a drama queen, you are.
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