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New word, for me, regarding diamond vapor films in Wikipedia: lipophilia. Normally, touchscreens want to be lipophobic, of course.Very interesting field. I wasn't aware of it. Carbon rocks! My favorite element.
That's right. I seem to remember a "U" shape with that bendable Gorilla Glass.
You can always tell when you're going off the rails when you start commenting BEFORE the quote that you're responding to. The reader has to stop reading what you're saying, then skip down to what you're going on about, then go back to what you're saying, over and over when you multiquote.What you say may not be worth that much bother.Then you throw in a stupid Fox News stinker like the "Whitehouse dictator" remark. You are not a reliable opinion if you haven't noticed that...
Sorry, but what does the Saudi Royal family have to do with a deal between Apple and a bookstore chain?
Once again, we get a string of embarrassing xenophobic comments and jokes. It would be really great if you guys approached these kinds of stories as something to welcome, sort of the way Apple approaches things. A Saudi friend of ours just got his degree in international relations at a local Lutheran university, under a full scholarship from the Saudi government, and he's on his way back for a job with said government. At the age of 22, his knowledge of the cultural...
Very interesting post and links, thanks much. The idea of molding metallic glass around sapphire sounds so Ive-ish. Not to mention the team of far out materials science types something like this would attract. Boundary layers, that's where it's at. Apple is an innovation machine based on the way things fit together, including how their things fit into their users' lives,
Two things: the plastic "gasket" between glass and metal should also be seen as a shock absorber, seems to me.Second, I can see them burying the rounded edge of the glass under the edge of the metal case. In other words, no glass would protrude above the metal; it would be flush, as with the iPad.
I suppose it will also sense your biometrics to know what it's strapped around. If it's anchored to you, then a lot of other things you carry could be anchored to it—keys, wallet, reading or sunglasses, etc. This alone would make a wrist device worth wearing for someone as absent-minded as me..
How did I manage to forget about dr blank already?
Interesting post. Thanks.
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