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True, I hadn't thought of that. I'd be saying the headphones are way off on the high end, because I'm way off. Maybe Apple could make them tunable. And tone down the plastic while they're at it.
Watch the interview again, 'cause you missed the main point about the headphones. Iovine is saying that the weakest, deadest link in the MP3 platform was the little white earbuds.For the kids we have now!You and all the audiophiles in the world can't change the nervous system requirements of the urbanized global young which needs the bass and the beat (get it?) in their soundtrack to be there in front, not buried somewhere deep in the back the way literate Europoids prefer...
Still struggling after three days and how many posts of mental/emotional handwringing?Watch the Jimmy Iovine interview with Walt Mossberg again and listen carefully. If you don't see the workings of a mind that understands media culture at the highest level—and one with 40 years experience at the front lines of generational change,—if you don't see that then you are showing yourself again to be incapable of rational thought. I say "again" because of your usual MO here:...
Agreed, I was being sarcastic about Hockney, since the topic was technology vs. "authentic" artistic struggle. He's done wonders for the iPad as a serious creation device.
I give up. I can't top that ^ . Was it an Ampex? But I do remember the commercial, the American version anyway. What was the commercial TV in the UK at the time?
Very interesting. I'm old enough to remember the first portable Betamax deck, by the way. Actually, the first transistor radio, the first SLR, well, you get the idea.
No, I didn't know about the film, only read reviews of the book, sorry to say. Enormously interesting, though. I'll be looking out for the film.
Ha! So says the dumbed down iPad painter David Hockney, if I'm not mistaken.
I take it you're still using a pinhole camera and wet plates? Those guys were real photographers, but they were accused of dumbing down painting.
But the precious ones have flaws—"stars"—and are blue. Maybe they could divert a furnace or two after hours.
New Posts  All Forums: