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Very interesting post and links, thanks much. The idea of molding metallic glass around sapphire sounds so Ive-ish. Not to mention the team of far out materials science types something like this would attract. Boundary layers, that's where it's at. Apple is an innovation machine based on the way things fit together, including how their things fit into their users' lives,
Two things: the plastic "gasket" between glass and metal should also be seen as a shock absorber, seems to me.Second, I can see them burying the rounded edge of the glass under the edge of the metal case. In other words, no glass would protrude above the metal; it would be flush, as with the iPad.
I suppose it will also sense your biometrics to know what it's strapped around. If it's anchored to you, then a lot of other things you carry could be anchored to it—keys, wallet, reading or sunglasses, etc. This alone would make a wrist device worth wearing for someone as absent-minded as me..
How did I manage to forget about dr blank already?
Interesting post. Thanks.
Cheapest of miserable cheap shots.Not for your edification, which would be probably be wasted, but here's an interesting Beats headphone sighting, on none other than Manuel Galbán, the great Cuban all-round musician, in a magnificent video made before his death in 2011. I think the DVD/CD package was just released recently. One of the best music videos ever. Some classy Cubans here.http://playingforchange.com/episodes/guantanamera/
I pay attention to the extent that you pollute and pervert so many threads with your racism, classism, enthno- and cultural centrism, depressing those better than you, sowing despair and discord, shaming humanity and common empathy. If I met you I would roll you into the gutter where you belong, by sheer force of elementary decency. You are a coward hiding behind your keyboard and your perverted employers. No one can be as stupid as you pretend to be, and still write in...
I tend to agree about him, and I sometimes think he's in Samsung's pocket.But do we know from some other more trustworthy source what technology is being used in the mini retina? Seems I remember he determined the Air was IGZO by current draw measurement alone. How else would one tell?
Yes, it's depressing to see how backward some still are, but no, you can't leave us here to deal with this alone. You know how we still remember T.H. Huxley as Darwin's Bulldog? That's how you'll be remembered here if you stick around.As for Apple ][, he's here to make Apple fans look bad so that it can't be said that we're progressive people. Just look at him—he "proves" that Apple people can be as stupid and barbaric as any other redneck cracker peckerwood group, even...
Nature has more imagination than you do. There's lots of sexual play among males in several species, probably among females as well. I'm not an expert.What's near universal among all higher species is what we would call affection or love. Get over it. You are making yourself obsolete.
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