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It's true you're not going to get anywhere, at least with me, by calling Apple's global rollout schedules "unprofessional, greedy, irresponsible to the people with orders that have pending for weeks here."Where is "here" in these times? You are implying that the US and the other First World customers should have some priority. Apple implies with its rollout schedule that the whole world matters and that only logistics determine which get seeded with the first scarce...
Filed under Debbie Downer Claim Chowder..Can you find that recent story about IBM and Apple working together for the last eight months? And didn't what's-his-name used to woik at dat Big Blue joint? And didn't he himself recently say how great it is working with what's-her-name? And isn't this the new Apple 3.0?
@revenant, i'ts well worth the wait. Never saw or felt anything like the 6 Plus. It's interesting that your students are on to it. Cheers me up after all the manufactured "news" about bending. How anyone could mistreat an object this carefully designed and made escapes me.
More abject foolishness. Never has any handheld digital display made photographs look so good. Visual artists of all kinds are going to glom onto this jewel like they did Kodachrome.Either you haven't seen it or you have no eyes to see. (The collection of videos and stills they have loaded onto the displays at the Apple store are worth spending a good half hour over.) And the video camera is astounding, especially the quick autofocus.Wake up! Any further posts like this...
I wouldn't want to generalize from what happens in America. There are places in the world that take better care of their objects. Others are just as bad, of course.
This is absolutely correct, IMO. This has paid sliming written all over it. No honest barbarian could stoop that low.Does anyone know who this guy is and where he lives? He seriously needs to be debriefed.
Do you wear your baseball cap backwards? Wear geek glasses and a polyester fleece warmup pullover? If not, I don't believe you.
Better solution is that they should hire you. That would have added benefits for us here at AI.By the way, in the middle of a crisis is not the time to fire your experts.
First time I've ever agreed with you that I can remember.With the increasing scale, complexity, "journalistic" scrutiny, and whiney entitlement, it might be wise for Apple to test in the wild in stages, if that were even possible.
If you haven't figured out that English is not ninuola's first language, then I think you lack mirror neurons.I should add that he's doing very well, better than some native speakers here.
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