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Well done. See my edit above, also.
That's the thing, we don't hear about OLED color loss over time in real-world use because that would require honest observations from Samsung owners who are still using two-year-old phones.Will Raymond "Sammy" Soneira of DisplayMate, the one who rates the Galaxies as having the best screens ever, address this long-term issue? I'm not holding my breath.Edit: thinking about it, maybe he already has, but I haven't waded through his messed-up website enough to have seen it. It...
Not in LCD display technology, anyway.
Where was that thread you started about whether a certain gadfly should be swatted? The mods removed the link and all comments from the earlier recycled water topic.
As far as I've read, part one and some of two, Ahmed's point is not that Google is "controlled" by intelligence entities, only that they partially funded Google's early existence and also promoted the mass surveillance/data-relational architecture that would be useful for global info warfare.This is clear if you read the article. If you don't want to, that's understandable. I'm reluctant to click on Spam's links above.In any case, control is not the issue, encouraging the...
Then you should be able to put together an argument other than "you're paranoid."
No, Snowden wouldn't necessarily know the details, because it's based on a complicated interlocked history, not on day-to-day operations. Ahmed has done his homework putting together a picture of the interlocking, which is all unclassified. It's the kind of chessboard thinking that only a few "investigative journalists" have the mind and patience for.The article has the ring of truth, since all the figures are in the public record. Ahmed's career would be totally on the...
Second that.
I've been seeing this error a lot lately. The compound noun "breakout," as in "breakout box," should be separated when it's used as a verb compound."Break out the atropine, the guy OD'd"—much better.Same with adjectives and nouns though, sometimes. He's a backdoor man; the NSA installed a back door. But I think the latter is a losing battle.
So far I've read the first paragraph, and I'm looking forward to the rest. I have always had my suspicions from the very beginning.
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