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Since Apple is said to be acquiring an almost completed project from a bankrupt company, maybe they're getting a deal which they couldn't refuse, even if there is this intermediary UIG. Distressed merchandise, in other words, and we all know how frugal Tim Cook is. Never known to spend more than 3 billion on a single thing.
At the age of 72, no business is going to hire me for anything¬°
Thanks. Anybody who's worked with or even just hung out with people of different cultures knows this is the truth, and worth going after for its own sake.Within reason, though. Diversity is still secondary to talent in Apple's hiring policy, I'm sure.
Unless it's from Taiwan. Then it's "out of the Far East." Maybe so they don't have to say "Digitimes."
I don't know about the Facebook curse you speak of, but I think your imagination is alive and well as to the future of VR. I think because it's going to be much more than VR, in fact, because it represents an entirely new form of photographic, cinematic display. In fact the whole world will have to be re-photographed or re-video'd.Zuckerberg seemed to say something that showed he got this aspect. We shall see.
Actually, this is the first correct perspective in the thread. Nice to be agreeing with Mr. Crowley lately.
This is the correct perspective, and I mean correct. Ok, a correct perspective, because there might be others. But it's the first one in the thread.
Oh shut up. Try to stay sane.
English is difficult, even if it's your first language. Curtis does well, considering it's his second language.
So unnecessary. This kind of snotty, cheap insult is maybe why we don't have any more weekend think pieces from DED. Also I find it quite ironic that YOU made this comment on Apple Insider, since you are a sycophant of your own persona here. You basically just exemplify a fan of oneself, a narcissist, a Rogifan.
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