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Let me remind you of your most obnoxious post ever regarding Tim Cook, which is saying something:http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/183399/apple-watch-chip-suppliers-rumored-to-start-production-soon-orders-at-30m-to-40m-units/80#post_2639076
No, the point is that Dick and George's War on Terror is what created the opportunity and motivation for the rise of the extremists of whom you speak. If you deny that, you will be staying in character as a deluded, naive ideologue.
You have it slightly askew, as do most others. The US was not embracing the people of Iraq as equals when the "new conservatives" around the vice-president and the president conspired to invade and behead the state and plunge it into chaos. This is the direct origin of the present caliphate-wannabes, as any honest fool can tell.
I also wish he'd gone this one step further toward the root of the problem. I'm surprised, actually, to see that he said what is reported here, as I would have expected him to take a more developmental, historical view, rather than advocating outright extermination. We aren't going to get anywhere with the Benjamin Frost-cartoon view of history. (Sorry, I know how you feel about cartoons, but there are simplistic cartoons and then there are complex, illuminating ones.)
" . . . forbids the killing of our fellow men." Tell us, was that before or after they were told by Moses and Aaron to exterminate the worshippers of the golden calf, every man, woman and child? And the ethnic cleansing of Canaan?I take it that your popes used these sort of rogue instructions from your prophets and their god to justify the slaughter of the Albigensians, the Moslem resisters of the Crusades, the heretics and witches of the Inquisition of Europe and the...
The guy in Norway who shot xx number of kids was no Muslim, nor was the Oklahoma City federal building bomber. They were basically white males from Christian backgrounds just like you.
Maybe "descended" is more like it.
Best t-shirts anywhere, with a pocket, like the Goddess of Vestments intended.
Ok, let me try: "Freight On Board"
What motivates someone to spread toxic negativity like this about something you have no real knowledge about? Maybe if you lived in Paducah, yes, but you live in the most self-absorbed hive on Earth. So better not to talk loose about the prospects of this American institution, lest you contribute to its demise.Edit: amended for tone.
New Posts  All Forums: