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I don't think you enjoy the Credibility Reserve to make this charge convincingly.
Brilliant. This explains why they are not embarrassed by the obvious non-English idiom in the language. If they showed it to their Anglo PR or advertising agency, they would have to cover their ears and duck for cover over the howlers that are in there.This means that they did not mean this for public consumption, but rather for legal cover, as you say.The perfidy of this company knows no bounds, which is why we have to thank DED and AI for keeping us informed of these...
The damn chin is structural, and it also carries heat up into the aluminum back, which is one giant heat sink and exchanger with the outside air.Get real.
I'd say some of this may have to do with evolutionary constraints with their products. They were building out four new platforms during the Steve years: Pods, Phones, Pads and AIO Macs.Now all those platforms have matured and complexified, and the changes are now to be found only near the very bleeding edges of each platform's technologies. The result is no more rapid fireworks for a while, only painful refinements. When there's a new form factor, things will change.
Two of the worst and stupidest clichés used in this forum are "stale" and "long in the tooth." I can't imagine anyone using these stalest of terms without realizing how it reflects on their own toothless mental habits.Anyway, the next iMac and Apple Display breakthroughs are OBVIOUSLY waiting for new technology like that being used in Sharp's 4K display.But the ADD element here thinks the design is "stale." Maybe little fins or some chrome around the screen . . .
Wearable displays, emphasis on the plural. Google committed an anti-biological, anti-stereo atrocity with their monocular display. As for the list of acquisitions, what about the fingerprint technology from AuthenTech? Could turn out to be the most important of all. July, 2012.
Deleted, forget it. Let him ^ wallow in his porcine ignorance.
You seem to have a specific story in mind about a display supplier. Link or search terms? Thanks.
Thanks for the intro to 3D topological insulators. I had no idea. Electron motility is the new frontier.I feel free to generalize thusly because I know almost nothin' about the subject¡
You're going to have to actually think and connect dots, so start with the old LTPS supply problem and see how far you can go:http://appleinsider.com/articles/12/05/29/apples_next_iphone_expected_to_consume_70_of_high_res_ltps_screen_supplyYes, the GS5 is said to have a good display, but if you think Apple is going to beg Samsung for 50 million AMOLED screens then you have no business commenting here at all. Ever.
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