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First time I've ever agreed with you that I can remember.With the increasing scale, complexity, "journalistic" scrutiny, and whiney entitlement, it might be wise for Apple to test in the wild in stages, if that were even possible.
If you haven't figured out that English is not ninuola's first language, then I think you lack mirror neurons.I should add that he's doing very well, better than some native speakers here.
But you are not Chinese, female, an artist, a photographer, a 3D/virtual-reality experimenter, and so on . . .
The area of weakness is in the head of the owner. Sitting with it in your pocket is not normal use. The owner has to change his or her behavior to fit the new form factor, just like with the double glass surfaces of the 4/4S, which were more likely to break when dropped or sat on. It's no different with this expanse of flat aluminum.You seem to think that they could easily merge a fix for this bogus "issue" in the middle of production. I don't think you have the slightest...
I was wondering why you would accept face value his claim that the phone was bent already unintentionally. Now I see how your mind works: "You could even slip the [random sales goofball] guy a benjamin . . . "
I think it would be more accurate to say, "This is totally a problem with owners of the iPhone Plus."In other words, the phone/minitablet is fine, it's how it's treated that is not fine.
Read the fine print in your user agreement. Apple says use gloves and safety glasses when performing this maneuver. Otherwise you're on your own.
Is that so? You were right there with him, I suppose. Give us the details. Which pocket? How tight? How hot, Marvin wants to know. That sort of thing.
You leave him be. That was a perfectly measured response to this mudslide of a thread.
You're showing remarkable strength of character here, just remarkable. If you take the phone back, I will not be able to say that. This is the stupidest nonissue they've come up with yet. Do not overlook the possibility that the whole thing is bankrolled by you-know-who.And by the way, you'd be doing us a favor by not quoting this pazuzu. You'll notice that he's being generally ignored, for good reason.
New Posts  All Forums: