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Probably because he'd been reading your posts, along with Rogifan's and pazuzu's, etc. And in case you think that's a stretch, you should recall how Steve got so depressed over the reception given the iPad in the press and the blogosphere.
Time lapse is a great boon to humankind.
I'd say mock serious at first, got with the joke at the end. Probably scripted of course, and maybe he was wary of the whole dicey stage business.
Not my jury. Waiting to hear from the Anunnaki, though.
Excuse me, but I thought all you Earthling humans started out black and then lost your protective pigmentation when you moved north. True?
I just spent a while saying it is not a decision, but a result of available technology. I take it you dismissed that argument?Anyway, the common, very common, view around here is that it's a marketing (or bean counter) decision. I say you don't know that.
I wonder if any of the Beats deal will affect WWDC. I am looking forward to finding out.So it's maybe off-topic, but I have to say that was the most entertaining interview I've seen in a long time, if ever. Iovine is a hoot to watch, and he's got a steel-trap mind with no detectable arrogance, except that which he mocks himself for having. I believe the term is self-deprecating.Anyway, it looks like what he wants to do is find and establish the new paradigm for the music...
@Jim Gramze, thanks for the tip. I didn't know the video was up. Interesting.
You aren't the only one saying this, and the last time it came up I tried to make the case that Apple has been caught in a transition period in display production, both in capacity and in new technology outlay. Some lack the ability to reason in simple cause and effect terms, to think it out for themselves, and they keep bringing this issue up, asking for published links, etc.. I don't imagine that's true of you, however, so I'll give it one more try.Two years ago, AI had...
I'm glad to see you labeling Rogifan a troll. I'm going to join your boycott but I don't use "ignore" because I like to track the pathology.One more thing, I hope you don't mind, before I shut up about his case: he's shown himself to be trolling by dredging up every possible negative aspect of Beats, the people involved, the hardware, etc., and yammering about it unceasingly. He wants this to be an Apple failure, which of course would be very rough for the Cook...
New Posts  All Forums: