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Not to pick on you, but your post will do as an example of how . . . differently you're seeing this from people who are responsible for millions of customers, shareholders or citizens of states.The kid killed nine people under the banner of that battle flag, which has now instantly culminated its sorry history into the fascist-like symbol of a call for real race war. Responsible, mature heads of corporations decided overnight that the symbol had to go under these new...
The point is that it has recently become triple-tainted by white supremacists. No research necessary beyond looking at those pictures Dylann Roof got of himself with his flag and his .45.
mstone's point is that the flag isn't used in a historical context in the games in question. True or not true?
Any person who has evolved sufficiently beyond his origins will seem insane to those he leaves behind.In other words, there are probably more than a few people in Alabama who would agree with you.At least there are a lot of people in California who would agree with Tim Cook, leaving aside Orange County, Simi Valley, and places like that.
Which illustrates the problem of censorship in general, correctly, same with eliminating games with guns and violence.But I think the reason for the flag ban should be kept front and center. The kid who convinced himself or was convinced to kill nine black people wrapped himself mentally in that flag, and that flag was on license plates and at state houses throughout the south. It became a symbol like the lynching noose.Apple's business has become more and more clearly...
A lot of posters are also misunderstanding where this recent ban or deprecation of the flag comes from. It's got nothing to do with political correctness, just as Germany's ban on the swastika in published form has nothing to do with PC. Germany's case is more extreme, but it illustrates the point.What the removal of the symbol is meant to achieve is to marginalize a dangerous, deviant group's Pavlovian talisman. If the symbol were a flaming cross or a pointy white hood or...
With LCD, battery life is the same whether it displays white, black, or something in between. Even Jony Ive can't demand that it be otherwise. How 'bout you just leave him out of your trolling "narrative"?
". . . demanding design aesthetic." Yeah sure, what a prima donna, right?Did you miss the references to the "inevitability" of good design? Or, if that's too subtle for you, there's also the minor advantages of increased battery life when displaying black with OLED, and the saving of space where there's no room for an LCD backlight in the Watch.These inevitabilities don't have to stop Ive from expanding on the collateral advantage of losing the image frame in blackness....
Correct, pick away. I just meant to point out that Chan begat Zen, and that the art of both is beautifully and simply unlike what people are thinking of when they generalize about Chinese "taste." Most are familiar with Zen art, but not the Chinese parent.Thanks for pointing out to us that the root word is "dhyana," which I imagine begins with a "j" sound. Thus Chan, then Zen.
I thought so too once, but later saw it as "color."
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