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If you're referring to me, you're making an unwarranted assumption. I was asking the original poster and anyone else who wanted to speculate why or how in particular Apple's cash reserve would be helpful in e-commerce.I've never used a phrase like "Apple's sitting on their cash hoard" because I know very well that it represents an enormous head of actual and intellectual capital that is going to allow them to think big, very big, now and in the future.For comparison, I...
Aha, headquartered in Ireland.
I agree that making the world's commerce easier and more secure could be a very big market for Apple (or anyone else), but where's the need for the big cash pile? Serious question.I can see that Apple is going to need data centers around the world for this and other services like FaceTime, iMessage, iCloud, Siri, but e-commerce? Where's the need for large capital?
He's basically a very simplistic thinker, not bothered by things like how technology works, which is why he could crank out a readable biography in so short a time, and why so many insiders hated it.He thinks Steve Jobs intended to be a "disrupter."No he didn't.He intended to be a maker of great new products, just like he said. "Disrupter' is a cliché that tech writers have cooked up to describe what happens when someone like Steve Jobs pushes out a great new product. It's...
I was hoping no one would quote him. Not funny.
You have two ears. Stereo sound is not a fad and will not go away.You have two eyes. Stereo picture is not a fad and will not go away.You have two cerebral hemispheres and the wiring to fuse bilateral sensory inputs for spatial location. Stereo sound and picture use that fusion and are not a fad because they let you use both sides of your brain.Your two-dimensional, left-hemisphere thinking is an aberration and it will go away.He should have said consumer or prosumer level...
Thank you, Chris, and for following up with Robin as well.It's strange how we can form attachments through this forum. I was glad rhat Robin could provide a name and place for Relic. It made such a difference somehow.
Here it is, actually a page of Relic, including me giving her a hard time. Anyway, post #71.http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/158377/new-samsung-ad-knocks-iphone-language-limitations-features-goats/40
I'll look through her posts starting about six months ago. Not all at once, but a little at a time. Maybe some search terms will come back to me. I think you will enjoy the story too.
I made it too small and too underneath, to coin a phrase.
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