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Good news. Trader Joe's was such a holdout on barcode readers, I was wondering how soon they would move into "airpay" POS systems of any kind. Not wondering actually, but worried is more like it. If they dodged Apple Pay it would be a huge PR issue in California. Can't wait to see how people react to the Watch. The checkout counter at TJ's is always a social scene already, in complete contrast to other chain groceries that I know of.
Different in the US as well. Japan took out the US, Korea took out Japan, and now China will take out Korea.Meanwhile Apple and Silicon Valley is starting a new post-industrial revolution that doesn't have a name yet, but it has something to do with thinking liberated by experience in UK and America in the 1960s.Follow the media, Marshall McLuhan would say.
I seem to remember that the Japan Display investment was for LTPS production. They bet only the farmhouse on LTPS, since that was a well-proven technology, in use since the iPhone 4, just massively production constrained, as iPhone sales grew and bigger screens were needed.For the even larger screens, I know of no alternatives to their uncertain IGZO strategy. I say uncertain because I believe several products are on hold waiting for production problems to be solved. I...
O-kay, we shall see.It's true they have also invested heavily in LTPS production, which I take to be their small-screen strategy. Finally it came to fruition in the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. But logic tells me that the lack of retina screens in their MacBook Air line-up and in their standalone monitors can be traced to the lack of oxide backplane technology being ready.If you've got a coherent counter argument other than "many suppliers," I'd be interested.
Got a timeline on that?OLEDs may eventually replace LCDs for Apple, and when that happens, it may be LCD's last gasp. We'll see how it looks in a few years.The hologram fantasy—a favorite among us geek daydreamers—is years beyond OLED development, and may never rise above the level of ancillary technology, like virtual reality.
You're wrong because your job is to fabricate negatives about the Watch.Replacing the battery out of warranty will cost $79 plus $7 shipping:https://support.apple.com/kb/index?page=servicefaq&geo=United_States&product=watch&select=WARRANTY__PRICINGYou are also wrong about the Watch being obsolete by the time it needs a battery, but you'll be long gone from here by the time the proof is evident about that.
Surely you remember that Apple has invested hundreds of millions in getting Sharp's IGZO production rolling. And no, Sharp is not like GTAT.Apple has bet the farm on IGZO, as far as the survival of large LCD displays is concerned. The payoff has yet to come in.
IPads use IGZO, not LTPS, according to witty, ticcy Ray Soneira anyway.
Operating profit of .6 billion next year, net profit in 2017—sounds like maybe they have IGZO production problems behind them. We're still missing IGZO Cinema Displays and retina MacBook Airs, if they continue that line. And Apple TV panels, of course, to keep Gene Munster from losing it, though it may be Foxconn that comes up with some or all of that production. Just trying to look at the bright side here. Sharp has something valuable enough to attract this interim...
Yeah, I skipped through a lot after the origami lobster part because I thought it was a stupid analogy. I read the piece when it came out, and pretty much rejected the argument a priori because he was saying in a more elaborate way what everybody else was saying—that Apple was manipulating the Watch availability as inventory control or as a way to guage market preferences before committing to ramp up certain models or combinations.To me it was always obvious that they...
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