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Doing great work here as usual, thanks. Seriously.
You're balloon is still ok. Benny Frost is English, not British. The distinction is that he is descended from the later, barbarian Anglo-Saxon stratum, which, unreformed, lacks the imagination for playful humor.The "British," on the other hand, generally connotes the earlier, much more sophisticated and amusing/amusable Celtic stratum, the Irish, Welsh, Scottish and Cornish, (not to mention the megalith builders who preceded the Celts) who have taught the now-generally...
Ha, so to rewrite the hysterical hand-wringer's whine: "Soon, though, a 7 cents per gallon surtax will be slapped on to California gas sales. It's just unending here."God help us, Apple and California are doomed. Sell your black Yukon now. Or move to Texas.
Journalism has become one of the world's lowest and vilest professions, despite the fact there are many good reporters and editors out there. But the business has become a ghoulish, reptilian thing, driven by whoring for ad dollars and page views. Bloomberg, the AP, and CNN, we don't want your sleaze. You have no right to video of witness testimony.
Shrinking the computer to pocket size and adding radios, sensors, auxiliary processors, displays and other outputs of several kinds means that Apple and any other company has to expand research just to keep things integrated and increasingly smaller and more functional. Your component suppliers won't do this for you. Your battery tech depends on your processor and your display tech and your software, etc.The old Apple won't work in this new environment. As to your...
From Tech Crunch:As Rogifan says, display and camera technology are possible likely subjects of R&D. Sony seems to be pushing ahead with sensors just fine. Apple's approach may be helping to bring some discipline to megapixel insanity.On the display side, pixel-density insanity is more welcome, IMO. Even though IGZO was developed in Japan, it's strange to see that LG seems to be the production beneficiary, after all the early investment in Sharp (in Yokohama?) from Apple,...
True, it should be cropped, or a second shot might have grabbed both flags, but you can still see that it's a hand-held attempt at framing first, visual interest second. It's really a snapshot, not a successful composition. An impossible shot, with that lighting and the tree being eight feet or so behind the door frame, no depth whatever. But I suppose the tree is supposed to be the money shot. Oh well.I would still maintain your framing mandate is clearer the larger the...
The picture of the tree is mostly a framing exercise, what with all the geometry involved. The big viewfinder helps enormously in these situations. Not much color or other visual interest in that subject though. Fir trees look better in the woods, especially when there are red mushrooms under them, which is what all this Yule stuff is originally about.
A suggestion for your next vacation. Dress up like a man and go hang out in some coffee shops in Alabama. You need to get out more, see the world through different eyes.Edit: removed provocation.
And the Jeep but not the Model T or the Volkswagen?
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