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Also thinness, I would imagine, not that I know. But no backlight needed, correct?
Oh, if you're talking about people, hell yes, get out the frying pan, and i assume you mean enameled cast iron.
Where does Tim Cook say they're killing off all the iPods? I only heard him say sales were declining, but was there any breakdown on which models? Don't think so.
These are reasonable arguments, though I might add that the screen-focused iPod touch never really belonged with the audio-focused iPod line. But they had to put it somewhere, and not just call it a phoneless iPhone.But now we have seen the next level of LCD display evolution, and it's not the compromised iPad mini retina, which was crippled by not having an IGZO or LTPS backplane, like the IGZO-enabled iPad Air did. Presumably the production of IGZO tech was still a...
So, now that the iPhone 6 Plus has edged into iPad size territory, and had been called an iPad Nano— I'm hoping, even expecting, that an iPod touch-like device will be based on the same display, and maybe even called the new, smallest iPad. The usefulness and attractiveness of such a device is self-evident, like any other iPod touch or iPad, but the price might be a bit much at this point. And those displays are still probably in short supply.
Apologies, especially for linking you with Bent-jamin Frost. I assumed you couldn't get out to see the new phones, and nothing you said indicated you'd seen them. The art part is arguable, always useless to go into that one.I always marveled at your gadget appetite, and called you "eclectic Relic" a while ago. I say have at it, and I don't care if you never buy, or if you hate, iPhones forever.But the frying pan comment set me off. I don't understand how or why people get...
And you need more experience, or a better brain, or something. You don't think Ive has the best structural engineers he can get working with him?Hints for you: the milled aluminum chassis on the MacBooks and the Airs, the friction-stir welded cases of the iMacs, the milled iP 5 and iPad cases, the deep-drawn Mac Pro cases, and so on.Get it straight. The iP 6+ isn't bendy. Lewis Hilsenteger is bent.
What is this Tick-with-a-capital-T business? Serious question, new to me.
Did anyone bring up his proverbial "if you've got something to hide, maybe you shouldn't be doing it" of a few years ago, in answer to the privacy question?
My guess is that you haven't seen the 6 or the 6 plus "in the flesh" either. By "either" I mean you and Benjamin Frost and a couple of other random bender-heads here.And then even holding it in your hands might not be enough for any of you. Some people refuse to "get" artful things, especially if the art is subtle and not a matter of bling.Those phones have crossed a line into something like moulded and polished jewelry. It's in the way the glass contour blends into the...
New Posts  All Forums: