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Such a drama queen, you are.
"I thought we all agreed that DigiTimes wasn't worth the attention." To the collective of naysayers in this thread: DigiTimes is useful for understanding general trends. In this case, we're probably seeing the effects of an ongoing shortage of IGZO screens. We know from DigiTimes that LG and Samsung's expansion of IGZO capacity won't go online until end of 2015 and 2016. Supplies will be constrained because only Sharp and LG's last-generation fabs will be sourced, again...
Correct. And 99 out of 100 videos stay on the phone. (Just kidding.) But there is a mindless hostility to using the phone's camera in portrait. Never a thought that the photographer might know what they're doing.
Exactly. This is also showing Samsung's creepy-sleazy ad agency, 72andSunny, how to stay classy while you distinguish your stuff from the competition.Just in case you forgot how creepy-sleazy, here's the link to the anti-Apple ads and how proud the agency is of them:https://www.72andsunny.com/work/samsung/fan-boys
This is such a bogus, rectilinear attitude. Just because your goddamn TV, which weighs 80 pounds and is stuck on a stand or on the wall, just because it has a landscape aspect ratio, you anti-portrait left-brained people gotta stick your nose in everybody's portrait business. The phone fits in your hand, you can turn it any way you like. People have a vertical aspect ratio. You can frame someone from three feet closer with portrait over landscape.Get over it.Edit: hey,...
Aha, bien sûr, thanks.
Touché. Something Rogifan especially can't buy, like good, old inclusive fun.
What's a MTV?Seriously, though, I think the ad should go down nicely with pot heads. It bears repeated watching 'cause there's so much going on. I want to know how they did that shot with 99 moving videos. All composited? I guess so.
Anyway, it's interesting that they've divided the torus into the harmonious and mystical number of nine, the same as the number of microtubule bundles in cilia and the sperm tail, and the universal micromotor of the biological world.
I never trust anybody who starts with "Trust me." Just like 25 years ago, I stopped listening when someone said,"Let me be honest with you." Glad that one died out. Wish "trust me" would.
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