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I understand that inventory has a cost, but it's nothing compared to the cost of pissing off and disappointing a couple of million customers, plus having them question your competence and your sense of values, both of which are implicit as hell in you guys' Attila the Hun inventory model.How much does it cost in goodwill or PR to save having to add one or two buildings to do some rational storage and sorting? That's the question. You all are calling Cook and Williams...
His explanation is psychological, devious at that. Mine is material, tied to hard production possibilities, even probabilities. I'll go with mine.
I agree with this. Apple could afford to overstock if they had the production, knowing they're going to sell whatever model eventually. Too much is being made of this inventory control hypo-issue.I also like the part about fertilizing the chicken, but maybe you should have said "egg," to avoid controversy here. : )
And I would add that the Watch is exponentially more novel and complicated than any product they've ever launched.
Doesn't make sense to me. Tim Cook HATES shortages, HATES missing sales, more than he hates inventory, as any sensible COO/CEO would, and he is a sensible man.
You are making shit up out of your addled imagination, asserting things without a shred of evidence, and using "logic" that ignores simpler possibilities.How about this? The Watch is a new threshold in miniaturization, complexity and design, using processes never brought to mass scale before, a supply-chain mare's nest like no other, assembled by a contract firm with no previous experience with such a device, and so on.In other words none of us have any idea why supplies...
You must be right, even though we share ~90% ape DNA. You can't get them to wear watches, much less work to buy them.
I do remember that you've contributed fine posts in the past, and I wouldn't confuse you with a troll. Apologies for the treatment I dealt you today, but here's the context. This came up yesterday, the artificial restraint for the sake of demand subject. I'm still pissed off that a regular poster here was tossing it out then.In my own case, I have less and less tolerance for these tired anti-Apple memes. This one ranks with "Apple is a cult," "they are only a marketing...
Now you're really asking for it. If good cop thompr doesn't break you, bad cop sog35 should have you asking for mercy.But no, you have to go before the Council of Apple ethicists. Principle number one is that Apple does not do what business schools say a company should do. They aren't doing things for the bloody return on investment. It is out of the question that they would tinker with their pioneering well-oiled global supply machine, the most intricate in world history,...
In addition to your points, the opening-day circus began to get very ugly in New York and other gateway cities for scalpers. This was for the recent iPhones, a far simpler in-store product to move predictably.The Watch selling process is full of unknowns and complications, and it's supposed to be a class product besides. No way will those lines be encouraged for this product.
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