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I am that guy, but usually keep quiet. You're right, sapphire isn't glass, but it isn't capitalized either. Is it capitalized in German?
"OLED-info" blog had a story today from the Korea Herald about an LG OLED one-off done up for Apple, supposedly because once again their planned TV for 2013 is in trouble. I may send a link if I can find it.Here: http://www.oled-info.com/new-rumors-suggest-lgd-developing-65-oled-tv-panels-apple
So is the old Rogifan being treated well? Have you spoken with his family? Or did you just pay him off and he left for the Cayman Islands? You can tell us, really.
I seem to remember a guy in a baseball cap, but that doesn't mean much these days.
The old Rogifan knew the answer to your first question there. By the way, he also would know that Apple hasn't made a larger-screened phone yet. And he never used phrases like "I don't give a crap."So what happened to him?
So maybe Apple figures that it can change the whole Samsung culture of copying instead of inventing and designing. Good luck with getting that by lawsuit. The company seems to have scads of great engineers, but it has yet to see that design for users is the real art that should rule engineering.Maybe Apple is hammering on that with them in the background, but then why would they want to give away their secret? Am I starting to sound like Rogifan?
So you're suggesting that Apple had Mueller on its payroll secretly. Yeah, that fits with what we know of Apple's ethics, right?
Interesting. So the defense of the patents really requires that they pursue it to the end? Is that the principle here?
Ok, fine. Truth to tell, I had you filed under a different hormonal paradigm, i.e., left-brain male geek limited-picture lockdown. Now I see you're under corpus callosum wave-action thinking. Explains what is perceived as inconsistency, but then "consistency is the hob-goblin of . . . small minds?" I forget the rest, I think it was Emerson.Just to add, Emerson might be on your side. Me, not so much, because the PR problem you speak of is solvable, just as the thieving...
Shamed before the tech world, I should say, an engineering level of which I'm sure Samsung's engineers are interested in feeling on a par with.Apple wins by not being the victim of theft by this or any other company that cares for its professional reputation. Why they're going for a second round is an interesting question. I don't have a worthwhile opinion, but I'm sure they did a complete PR cost-benefit calculus.
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