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Thanks for posting this video. It shows how better design and engineering can get rid of dead weight, which is what the long front hood really represents. I don't believe Apple will accept the head-on collision cliché without a fight, like Smart has successfully carried out.My position is prejudiced by having driven rear-engine air-cooled cars since 1960. The best idea is to avoid the very rare head-on collision opportunity by quick maneuvering, which the short front...
And he knew this, of course, and he chose to ignore it to make his troll points for the day.I thought we were doing so well in this thread by ignoring him, until you and dugbug quoted him.Sorry to give you are hard time. I really thought you had the winning post on the importance of weight and thinness re the MacBook.
I hope you're right sbout this. 3D HD would be essential for posterity.
Penile profile. Hairdresser's car. Cast iron straight six tractor engine.Very durable, though, with added interest of Bosch fuel injection in 1970(?).
"these apple folks"—what are you doing here?
Those crowds are why nobody goes there anymore.Seriously, last time I was in New York, I was in and out of there in less than thirty minutes. Of course that was 10 years ago . . .
Anyway, the interview in FastCompany is great, with Cook going on at length about the culture that Steve Jobs instituted. It's clear that Cook gets it and can explain it in a patient way that Jobs himself may have been too sharply focused to translate to a wider audience. This would be a case where the good student can do a better job than the master at interpreting the new doctrine. (Doctrine, not dogma, notice). It's a very moving interview. Two things may be going on...
When your posts are consistently narrow-minded and negative, you get the bad juju, not your arguments. That's because it's clear you have an agenda, and you want to waste our time.There are three of you working this thread: BF, Mac_128, and you. Novice trolls always whine that their arguments aren't being taken seriously.
That was in the text of the story on 9to5. Gaby Darbyshire is former legal head for Gawker or Gizmodo, now he's a producer for this hit piece on Jobs.Was Alex Gibney a mouthpiece for Gawker? Given the one-dimensional POV of this movie—apparently, I haven't seen it—it's one explanation for the slant.The other possibility is that Alex Gibney is a one-dimensional "thinker." Based on his snarky Q & A at SXSW, I can well belive that too. Joking about Tim Cook's liver-tissue...
What? Don't your "charging blocks," as you call the wall transformers, have USB jacks, into which you can plug either a 30 pin or a Lightning cable? As usual, I call BS on your post. And I don't think you should be allowed to buy a Watch after what you've been saying about it.
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