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Horse feathers.
So Ireland, nevermind these distractions, can you tell us how Rónán's names are pronounced? Serious question. A simple respelling into English would do, thanks in advance.
Second that. Meaningless, futile and immoral. Worse, the lesson wasn't learned.Amazing that the Vietnamese are open to anything at all from the US.
This deserves some sort of payoff.
You are absolutely right. If use of organic foods spreads to the rich, ignorant, atavistic class, those who are now eating poison feedlot beef in the country clubs and the political fundraising dinners in flyover country, they may start living longer.Our future depends on their dying off as soon as possible.
Much as I hate to diagree with Your Saneness, this will be the very first time that Control in the Face of Chaos (TM) would be technologically abstracted and externalized into machinery, in fact, into machine intelligence. With living humans at risk.Railroads had rails, airplane autopilot deals with relative simplicity, so human surrender of control was easy. This level of surrender may be very hard.
Perhaps you are thinking only of the more genteel use cases for phones. Mechanics, for example, or other people who work on their feet, use their hands, bend over, wear coveralls, etc., end up using their shirt pockets for the phone out of necessity or convenience. The 4" form is already at the limit for most shirt pockets. Any taller and it will fall out too easily.
The newsroom I worked in was cubicle-free, all the desks jammed together so editors could harass the reporters instantly and directly, all the manual Underwoods and Remingtons clattering away randomly, but underneath it all was the soothing, steady and muffled tapping of the AP Teletype wire machines.It was oddly bracing to go into that room every day, like visiting an ocean beach in winter. I don't even remember if it was a relief to leave at the end of the day.
Anyway, here's the point: "Shame on The Guardian"—Gruber. You would think the new editor, Katharine Viner, would know better than to poke a stick at the most aware segment of her on-line readership, seeing as how she comes out of the Internet side of The Guardian's business, not the print side. I'd consider it a major blunder to buy a piece from Daisey, looking at it from the publisher's point of view.
Did not know the story of this practice, thanks. I am a fan of Indo-European roots history, though, so I'd run across the more primitive Scythian exposure of the dead on simple platforms on the steppe.Too bad about the vulture crisis. Maybe they'll bounce back.
New Posts  All Forums: