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Thanks for the details on "nerf." My point was that deriving a common-usage word from plastic kids' toys (that much I knew because I looked it up) does violence TO the language by deriving vocabulary from the junk merchants like Hasbro, Mattel and ToysRUs. The poor kids who had to grow up with that primary-colored crap are now coining words out of their infantile experience. Result: You get Google and Chrome logos made with the same infantile primary colors, operating...
Or the feedlot "beef."
"Kneecaps"? "Nerfed"? Any chance of cutting back on the violence to the language?
So AI isn't going to mention that reader and commenter dekkard noted this in the earlier thread? Or was he not the first?
Nice catch, if true.
Add Southeast Asia as well. We shall see. Somehow I think Wood1208 has an inside view worth considering.
Wood1208's point is not relevant to your usage pattern, but to areas of the world where phone calls are still important to people. Why is everyone having such trouble grasping this?And no, they maybe don't want to stick themselves on a flip phone when they can manage something more aspirational, like a touchscreen communicator.
Your punishment for saying this is to read:https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiat_600Go all the way to the end of the article to the section on the "Jolly." This is one of the most desirable specialty/fun cars of the past. It was meant to be carried on your yacht for on-shore shopping and nightlife jaunts while in port. You can imagine this car winding up into the hills above Positano sometime in the early 60s looking for that Libyan guy who sells the best hash.Ive and...
I know what you're thinking, but it looks like the die was cast well before the current administration, and the balance of the Supreme Court is irrelevant. It's just common sense that Amazon's personal data is more interesting than . . . well, you can finish the thought. Lesser speculation is a waste of good paranoia.
I think it might take more than cash. Something to do with back doors appears in my crystal ball. And I can just make out a bald-headed man laughing strangely, like a horse whinnying.
New Posts  All Forums: