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Ugly? Stupid? Think you could design better?I think that funtional elements done carefully can have their own beauty. You start by accepting that they may be necessary or they wouldn't be there. They are expensive to produce that way, after all.But maybe you don't know anything about function, and engineering for it.
I always IGZO the thread, unless you do first.
I believe all the screens are coming from Sharp, and this might be their first big trial for high production of IGZO displays at this resolution. DigiTimes in Taiwan might have no insight into this situation in Japan. (I know, "insight" is a bit ironic here.) So it might not be Apple's choice to restrict supply so close to the holidays. Display shortage makes more sense. So do stories about supply problems right before earnings reports . . .
Let the record show that Sorkin had the chance to write a drama about the greatest story in American business history since Ford, the greatest media transformation since Gutenberg, maybe the greatest personal transformation ever for an "industrialist"— and he blew it, and turned it into a People Magazine three-part psychological mini series, compressed for binge viewing. A sign of the mental weakness of our age, and its overwrought emotionality. Sorry, Danny Boyle and the...
Okay, let's back up a step here. This is Lake Bell. Look her up. She ain't no slouch, nor is she what you say she is.The odd thing is that Bell was on a campaign against "sexy-baby" accents prevalent among mostly American young women in recent years. And now here she is doing a voiceover in a verbal affectation that is just as bad as sexy-baby—vocal fry.This is why you and others (several on MacRumors,, no surprise) hate the narration on this ad. Me too. The creaky,...
If that narrator is Lake Bell, she's got some 'splainin to do. The vocal fry is godawful. I'm surprised Apple approved that voice. Edit: it is Lake Bell, see her tweets. She's all proud of it. Can vocal fryers be so unaware that they don't hear themselves?
That explains why this never ever happens to me. I buy only .2mm undersize batteries.
That seems to be the common reaction. Spec horror! Like when Apple drops a port or some kind of disc drive.Could be the slower drive is more than adequate for the majority of office uses, and way more reliable. Or it could be another upsell strategy.Facts about performance would matter here. But it's not an argument against Apple's attention to detail.
Good answer.
The new one will grind too if you don't have a clean, smooth surface. I agree that the battery cover required some finesse to get latched, but within normal human range.
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