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T'would bring much cred to the long-developing arts community downtown. The nearest Apple stores I can think of are about eight miles in Glendale, which is like traveling to the last century. That would be to either the co-original Apple retail location in the Galleria, now orphaned by a larger store nearby in the themed "Americana" Caruso development that risks sending one into existential despair. Apple's mindshare value would go up tremendously with a store in downtown...
Correct, and it took three years for processors, displays and innards-cramming to come together.Oh, and Woz never got the good taste thing, except for circuit design.
Well done.
Well, thank you for addressing the distinction I would draw. I've seen in my lifetime government do some great things. Civil rights (1964), the space program, the protected monopoly granted the world's best telephone network at the time, leading to the Internet, which started an unprecedented world revolution in knowledge, a 500-year cultural shift—these kinds of things are never, ever going to be done by your vaunted individuals working in their own self-interest. Your...
This is an accurate summary, except to note that the American right is actually, viscerally afraid of reason and progress. They cling to authoritarian figures and forms because they fear the inner liberation they see happening around them, for which Barack Obama is a symbol.Used to be you could look to Herbert Marcuse, Norman O. Brown or Hannah Arendt to start an analysis of what went wrong with this group of reactionaries, but the right has truly devolved beyond their...
The "intelligence" was deliberately faked. Read what David Rose had to say about it a few years after he was duped by MI whatever.The director was part of the operation to make you, as an American citizen, complicit in one of modern history's greatest crimes, an invasion and occupation and war that is still going on. But "let's not rehash it." Moral and intellectual cowardice, the hallmark of American neocon policy which still guides Republican "thinking."Unless you and...
I'm offended by your joke. Ten thousand Americans dead, over a million Iraqis, Because of US "intelligence failure," otherwise known as lies.You still haven't answered my question. What "intelligence" from Europe were you referring to?
And I agree with it. In fact, I'm ashamed of a number of my white brothers and sisters right now.. Boehner telling the President not to play with matches, what's his name shouting out "Liar!" In the middle of his first speech to Congress—these are things they will never do to a white president. I'd love to be wrong. Ok, I'm done with this now, unless jungmark gets back with an answer.
Who is, BTW? Probably the Chinese, I'm guessing.Will Apple ever get into infrastructure?
Google? Samsung?
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