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Well, then, stop agreeing with this dumb view and start arguing for the smart view, like RadartheKat does, or others who are saying the opposite of what you are saying.Against, I'm still reading through the thread, so I don't know if others are trying to change your mind.
I haven't read the whole thread, but I hope you get chewed out thoroughly for this shallow comment. As jungmark says, it's about a very practical principle: steal our hard work, get sued and shamed before the world. And yes, it does cause Apple to be more despised, and more misunderstood by those who like yourself should know better. Sometimes I wonder about your lack of consistency.
Lerxt, I'm pretty sure that we'll see why Apple took so long to manufacture larger-screened phones—if they do it that is, and many signs point that way now. We all know this story: Tim Cook said he wouldn't rule it out, but only if they could do it without tradeoffs. To me, that means no weight gain, no loss in battery life, and higher pixel density, all of which depend on new LCD fabs built around LTPS or IGZO. There is simply no other way they could do it. Oh, and they...
Hey, my favorite quote, p. 41 in the Isaacson hardcover.
Focus, I guess. Maybe after the new headquarters are up and running, and the Apple-esque data network is built out (as far as geosynchronous orbit, if necessary).They do need to find a way to make themselves better liked by the world at large, like Disney and Pixar. I have problems with both of those, however. So even better than them, I would say. They're going to have to hire a Shakespeare, a Tolstoy, maybe a Lao Tzu.
It also suggests an LCD matrix which becomes 3/4 empty space when it's driven by an IGZO backplane. Driving more pixels has to be the next big thing for developers. Or so we might expect for this year.
Well, so it goes. Karma is a stern mistress.As a resident of California, I would be glad that we would have more warning than was given to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.If what you report on here is for real, it should be a priority project for the whole world to do whatever it would take to lessen the danger. Maybe particularly the US.
Maybe just settle on bad manners, with aggravated circumstances caused by lack of visiting the civilization in question. Doing so would show how inappropriate the picture is.For the rest, check out this thread from last year, including a gratuitous insult about getting paid in advance, and even a post from jragosta, not insulting:http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/157607/prime-minister-visits-apple-hq-as-turkey-ponders-10-6m-tablet-buy-for-education
What's with the Constantinople remark?Mostly I was referring to the picture of the woman in the scarf, weighing the apples with an ancient oh-so-primitive scale. Har de har har.Maybe ethnocentric isn't' the right word. Jingoistic? Boorish? You choose one.
Every single time Turkey comes up you guys gotta show off your ethnocentrism. Even though Turkey has towns older than Jericho, a temple complex that is the oldest so far discovered (c.10,000BCE), the center of origin of agriculture, one of the world's greatest cuisines, and so on. Xenophobia is too restrictive. How about xenignosis to describe what you suffer from?
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