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I'd go so far as to add re #6 that Steve's vision was so clear that it keeps getting sharper, wider and deeper. It's a little-known fact about flashbacks that they don't die with you but are transmitted forward into the world at large, where they really start to create beneficial effects.
If true, another example of how "the marketing company that never invents anything" ends up advancing the stste of the art for the rest of the industry. Previous examples include in-cell touch technology, patented and developed by Apple, and the dual indium-tin oxide film (DITO) that caused such delays with the iPad mini, kept its price higher, and reduced margins in initial rollout months. Needless to say, this level of sweating the details goes generally unappreciated...
More sinister BS. Apple makes a decent but not excessive margin, ~ 38 %, but it sells a lot of phones and other computers. It does not need to dominate in its markets in order to accumulate some strategic cash reserves. And the reserves are not a "hoard." And many would not agree that its stock price is high.
I like this line of thinking.An in-car wireless internet of things could save a lot of copper and a mare's nest of complexity.
I know you're joking, but:Mother-in-law's Toyota, now my wife's car, came with well-known brand of American tires that were worn out at 25,000 miles, harsh-riding, noisy and squirrely throughout their lifetime.Replaced with Michelins, quiet, smooth-riding, straight-rolling, guaranteed for 80,000 miles.The company is forever researching compounds for ride vs. wear characteristics. If fluoroelastomers are in the future, they maybe won't come out of an Apple lab.
Dumbest comment in recent memory, even as a joke.Do you think maybe Michelin has learned some interesting things about making tires in the last hundred years?
" . . . lower quality parts . . ." — more cynical twisting for the purpose of FUD-mongering. The Sport has a less shatter-prone composite back (instead of Zirconium) and crystal because it's designed for rough service.You've replaced Benjamin Frost as the main anti-Apple shill here
Interesting. A picture would have been helpful. Where was this? Or rather, which store in London? (Just kidding.)
She shrieked.
Ha. Good one.
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