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And another way to look at it: "complicate" is usually pejorative. "Complexify" is neutral, or it can be positive. When McKenna used it, he was referring to the tendency of evolution to elaborate new species, new adaptations, just more novelty, both biological and cultural. There's also a nice rhetorical parallel in the original post: simplify vs. complexify, but that's an aesthetic issue.
Ha, funny you should pick up on that. I used that word a couple of weeks ago in a rewrite I was doing for a neurologist and was called on it. Then coincidentally I was watching some old Terence McKenna talks from the 1990s and he used it a few times, when he was talking about his singularity theory. I think you'll find it in the YouTube interview of him in his botanical garden in Hawaii
You are right if you view it as a watch. But it's not a watch. It's at minimum an Apple Pay terminal, which leads directly to your bank or credit card.When you see people paying for things with their wrist you will see the point.
It's very well disguised as a watch. It's actually an input/output device for your identity, assisted by the computer in your pocket.Since you wear it on your wrist, might as well tell the time too.
This would be a risky post from a pro con man.
Yep, and to you as well, and Crowley, Ireland, Wizard69, Dick Applebaum, Gatorguy, etc., etc., all the other curmudgeons who didn't make the cut. There are more I'll think of later . . .Oh, and mstone, I hope he's just taking it easy by not getting involved in the scraps here.
Good answer, this anti-monument idea.
I guess you missed the point.
There is some poetic license exercised in that headline. However, there is a wider historical view that is available to you.Example: in 1503, Spain was winning its battles against France and Italy, 3—0 and 2—0, respectively. The first battle was fought and won using gunpowder for small arms. Gold and silver began arriving at Seville from the Americas. Scotland was "pacified" through a marriage. And so on, in your vein.Meanwhile, Aldus Manutius of Venice published his...
Imagine that, at least one-tenth the age of the Earth. What a guy.¡
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