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So unnecessary. This kind of snotty, cheap insult is maybe why we don't have any more weekend think pieces from DED. Also I find it quite ironic that YOU made this comment on Apple Insider, since you are a sycophant of your own persona here. You basically just exemplify a fan of oneself, a narcissist, a Rogifan.
Bad girl! You've backslid again.
If I remember right, it used to be said that Flemish was closest to English. How do you class Flemish?
Actually a debate about unconscious yahoo-ism. You get honorable mention for starting it this time.All I did was ask what was the source of the stupidity. Since I mostly read instead of watch junk on TV, yeah, I'm the life of the party for sure¡ So maybe I get the grand prize, king of the yahoos.
In and of itself, it's brilliant silliness, like you say. My point was that it's stupidity when it's used here as a piece of conversation about Apple's growing presence in Turkey.There's a good quote in the comments for the YouTube video. Napoleon said that if the world were one, Istanbul would be its capital—words to that effect.
Nice. I have the feeling that this could be a gateway lesson to learning Dutch. It seems so close to Middle English, i.e. Chaucer.
That ain't where it comes from, Homes, that's what Hollywood does with a bad idea—makes it worse. Wikipedia says the Four Lads got the idea from Paul Whiteman (ha-ha). I wonder if I remember that one from my dad's record collection. The Lads version does have some serious orchestration going for it.But I did like the train passenger rescue, thanks.
He's making up shit so he can troll against it later after the phone comes out with the second or third best screen on the market, and he knows it. Either that, or he's terminally fact-challenged. Nobody said anything about a "revolutionary new [display] technology." He's talking about good old LTPS or IGZO, both of which were unavailable in 2012 in Apple quantities. Only one, IGZO, will be revolutionary for larger-screened portables, AFAIK, not in phones. In any case,...
Display is only one leg of the stool. You will see that the A8 is required to run a big phone Apple-style, and iOS8. Years of development are behind each iteration. All LTPS is going to current projected models, at that time the 5 and 5s. It's a technological ecosystem all its own, the way Apple does it.The sniggerers are being way too simplistic, and DigiTimes knows more than they do.
Here's a little more ridiculousness for you to refuse to understand. The song, which having listened to it I now remember very well from the 50s, is equivalent to minstrel music done in blackface, not quite as bad as Amos & Andy done by white voices like it was on radio, but close. It was part of the bankrupt Tin Pan Alley-Hit Parade white music business that Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis (white crossover) and Little Richard liberated us from with such relief later in...
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