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SirLance99 an idiot? You don't say. Thanks for the advisory, duly noted. : )
You seem overjoyed. Understandable, since I'm sure you were beginning to question your prowess as a keen observer, being almost alone here in your bent fetish. What happened to your only pal pazuzu, by the way?
Strong Apple bias at the Verge? You're funny.Can you explain how he bent the phone? You seem to have inside knowledge.
You haven't even left your doghouse so it can be cleaned out. Must be uncomfortable for you what with the smell and the fleas and all.I see you're still yapping about bending today over in the 6 Plus thread.
They're no longer just phones, like SHSF and others are trying to tell you. Times and the technology have changed.
Do you have a reference for that?
What a subject for a book, which would make use of your decades living there. With the North looming in the background . . . the war with Communism that created this situation . . . the amazing accomplishment of LG and Samsung in conquering display manufacturing . . . Hyundai's side of the epic . . . etc.This stuff is at the level of Greek drama.
"Marketplace," one of the shallowest franchises on public radio, has this as their lead story this morning. "Finding a bug on your iPhone" the piece begins. Nary a mention that this affects only Chinese risk-takers in their short version, more disgraceful that in their longer version they go into detail about the jailbreak factor. Shameless. Now NPR has a two or three sentence version that makes no mention that the exploit is limited to jailbroken Chinese phones....
Interesting. Like for Hamlet, something is rotten in the state, but here the father is the villain, not the uncle.I don't know if you'll get anywhere with DED by using that confrontational tone, though.
DED, he's referring to your second paragraph, where you got your Lees mixed up.
New Posts  All Forums: