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The new one will grind too if you don't have a clean, smooth surface. I agree that the battery cover required some finesse to get latched, but within normal human range.
Very hard, or maybe just stupid, or they would have done it.Or do you imagine that only you could think of it?Edit: Just unnecessary, as GQB points out below.
Obsession with details for the sake of user experience still lives on, four years after the departure of the Chief Product Officer. DNA transmission sucessful.
It's a piece of drama, alright, a piece of dipshit propaganda written by a guy with an infantile "understanding" of his subject, who was many times a broader and deeper character than the screenwriter.First rule of doing something biographical of a man of great accomplishment: approch your subject with all your intellect engaged, and leave your TV-derived emotional chops in your basement-level reptile brain where they belong. If you can't do that, if you can't do the man...
Good one. Mine was that they were working on the first ever manufactured personal computer and here's Sorkin tripping over his shoelaces to get in a piece of ideology (for the haters) that would apply only years later. Shameless pandering.
If you are interested in the history of the last wave of people escaping fascism, you might check out Douglas Reed, who was a European correspondent for The Times of London during the thirties. (Insanity Fair and Disgrace Abounding are the two main titles.) He said in general that he wasn't fooled by the exaggereated reports of a "holocaust," and the Jewish "refugees" he was seeing were wearing a lot of jewelry and fur coats, and seemed to have a lot of money.His work is...
Taking you seriously, no, not in 1977. Anyway, the issue is Sorkin's tin ear when it comes to the way people speak in their own context. "Closed system" and "end-to-end control" did not apply to personal computers at the time. Can you say why not?
Hey, a reviewer who wasn't sucked in. He quotes a major anachronism/stupidity that reveals Sorkin's agenda against Jobs, where he has Jobs saying to Woz as they're working on the Apple II, "What I want Is a closed system, with end-to-end control." (I guess Woz was arguing for expansion slots so the hobbyists could tinker.)If you can stomach that kind of sloppiness and heavy-handedness with the story, you can join all the smart critics who gave this movie a good review.
Nah, with all due respect, he's not the body type. Runners tend to be more ectomorph. Jony's meso- to endomorph. It's why he's so brilliantly tactile in his designs.You can tell by the way he uses his hands when speaking. This kind of physicality should be celebrated. (There's too much fitness pressure out there.) Jony's one in a million, and he's found his niche, to the benefit of us all.
Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself.I'll skip the next lines.To quote Tallest Skil:"To say that I’m at the end of my rope would imply that I remembered where I even left it."
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