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If true, I take back what I said about him. Wish there was a link.
Your first point, what looks real to me is the material's stiffness, its resistance to bending. I would expect GG to bend more at that thinness.Your second point is true and worth pointing out. Also, they don't get credit in the stupid tech meme sphere for pushing the boundaries on materials over and over again.
I think he is way too good for those gearheads at the Verge. He should have his own site, which maybe he does.
It's starting to look real and pretty damn fantastic. Ain't no way that's glass.
Thanks for digging that up.
Looks to be the real thing. Also, it seems that the material is rather stiff, more that what I would think Corning glass would be at that thinness.If it's sapphire, this would be a big deal if they plan to make millions of them.
New word, for me, regarding diamond vapor films in Wikipedia: lipophilia. Normally, touchscreens want to be lipophobic, of course.Very interesting field. I wasn't aware of it. Carbon rocks! My favorite element.
That's right. I seem to remember a "U" shape with that bendable Gorilla Glass.
You can always tell when you're going off the rails when you start commenting BEFORE the quote that you're responding to. The reader has to stop reading what you're saying, then skip down to what you're going on about, then go back to what you're saying, over and over when you multiquote.What you say may not be worth that much bother.Then you throw in a stupid Fox News stinker like the "Whitehouse dictator" remark. You are not a reliable opinion if you haven't noticed that...
Sorry, but what does the Saudi Royal family have to do with a deal between Apple and a bookstore chain?
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