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I maybe have better things to do with my time, thanks anyway.
The more interesting the building, the more interesting the construction details. Shouldn't have to be said.
Come off it. Apple will use the best display they can get 35 million of per quarter that matches what the processor and battery can handle, and what doesn't drive the developers crazy. Balance, compromises, different "packages of emphasis" (Steve Jobs) for each device.Other companies have other choices. Samsung owns the most advanced OLED display fabs in the world, unless LG has caught up, and no way is Apple buying into that technology for phones, even if Samsung or LG...
What is the source of this stupidity, which seems to be compulsory whenever Istanbul is mentioned?
Before taxes. Don't seem right.
I think we've been punked by Rogifan. I didn't get to see the video, by the way. It's gone, and MacRumors didn't fall for this ruse.
Nope, stereovideo glasses, like I said three or so months ago.
Now just a minute here. What are we supposed to do for entertainment for a month if one of you disappears?
New Posts  All Forums: