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Not really. The patents go back several years, an old idea for Apple. Sapphire is just a better way of doing an old thing.**Ok, I confess I didn't get the joke.
Lenses for Apple's wearable video screens, stereo of course, called iWatch.
Not to pick on you, but why do you guys keep ignoring the 5c's China-Mobile-ready 4G radios, which have hardly been factored in for more than a month, and whose effects won't really be apparent until the end of the year?Can you not hold more than one idea in your head at a time? It's insane to pronounce the 5c a success or failure until China figures are known.
Particularly anything positive about the 5c. The 5c is for the colorful.
Correct, not to be overlooked. Thanks.
Very interesting angles, on both points.
No, again no "moral equivalence," just like with Apple's sales and marketing vs. that of run-of-the-mill lifestyle advertising.DED's us-against-them theme in many of his strategy pieces like this one comes from the fact that a big chunk of the tech and financial press is aligned against and attacking Apple.They started it and are the aggressors and so sites like this and DED's general approach are defensively biased. I wouldn't confuse that with the lying campaigns put on...
Nope, he said that the 5s sold better than they expected. I see the affinity for lies is still strong.Edit: Forgot to check who I was responding to. Textbook new-poster troll, this time in genuine boldface. Interesting that he knows DED is Corrections. Probably a recycled identity, using boldface as a differentiator
Agree that it makes no sense to say you do or don't see them without saying exactly where you are. We might as well do a culture study, however informal, while we're at it.Not good enough to say you see them in the US or Oz. Where in the US or Oz, and among whom?Of course not in Ireland, England (except for certain districts of London or new age areas like Glastonbury), of course not in Germany . . . —that sort of thing.
New Posts  All Forums: