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What is this Tick-with-a-capital-T business? Serious question, new to me.
Did anyone bring up his proverbial "if you've got something to hide, maybe you shouldn't be doing it" of a few years ago, in answer to the privacy question?
My guess is that you haven't seen the 6 or the 6 plus "in the flesh" either. By "either" I mean you and Benjamin Frost and a couple of other random bender-heads here.And then even holding it in your hands might not be enough for any of you. Some people refuse to "get" artful things, especially if the art is subtle and not a matter of bling.Those phones have crossed a line into something like moulded and polished jewelry. It's in the way the glass contour blends into the...
You said earlier that you hadn't seen the 6 and 6 plus "in the flesh."Yet you are still commenting on their design.Please show at least a little bit of integrity.Go to the store and put them in your hand before you say another word.
Best wishes, speedy recovery. I'm thinking it'll go fine. Apologies for giving you a hard time. Now I'll really be sending you and the doctors good thougts!
Oh-oh. You didn't read the Vogue article? He and Newson just busted your SUV as being overweight. People who drive 5000-pound cars shouldn't rag on others' inelegance.Actually, Jony's tactile designs are largely a product of his mesomorphic physicality. Such people express themselves from their innards, and they're not afraid to show their love of matter, the material itself, in their work. By contrast, an ectomorph, a beanpole sort of person, may not be able to feel his...
That's serious coming from you, an expert in losing it.
". . . the house of Braun and Leica"? I didn't know they were living together.Anyway there's this little inconvenient thing you are ignoring about styles or movements in design, like Bauhaus, for example. Ive's designs belong to a tradition of those who shape things simply and functionally like Dieter Rams and Leica's designers did, both of whom he's acknowledged and thanked as influences.Only a cad would say he's "stolen" from his predecessors. Or a simpleton who's never...
"I've also heard the same . . . "For shame. Haven't you a shred of self-awareness? Go to the damn store and play some video on the 6 Plus and see if it burns your tender pink fingers. Or use the video camera for a while.I played the whole 6 Plus photo and video roll at the store and I did not notice any excessive heat.So now you've heard something different. Let's see a correction from you.
Chances are, Tallest Skil was joking too. But I can think of a way to make Disney greatly responsible for the overreaction to Apple's every little misstep.Want to know how? Hint: "infantile" is part of the explanation. That might also be what's behind TS's joke.
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