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So what? If iOS users want to go summing for lowbrow adolescent assassination comedy with bad geopolitical juju, they should have to go to Google or YouTube. I'm not suggesting anything about Apple's motives, just pointing out the poetic justice that results.Gruber, by the way, seems to have lost his edge, and he has a position similar to your comment. Too much alcohol? He's also back into his James Bond thing.
Right on Rogifan!
I would argue that it's not satire we're seeing here, but ignorant incendiary blowhard speech. The stampede you refer to may take months or years to unfold, or nothing at all may happen. Doesn't matter when thousands or millions of lives and an already shaky world are at risk. I wouldn't defend their right to show this movie, and would rather say it serves them right if it's suppressed.Something handled intelligently like Chaplin's The Great Dictator is another story. It...
Yes, and I would be interested to know how some intelligent South Koreans are viewing this fiasco.
Well said, and a better subject of satire. Two loser screenwriters at a Starbucks in Studio City finally get over their poseur envy and start swapping ideas . . . .
The bandwidth argument is also persuasive, as ECats says in post 4.But you're right, the movie doesn't deserve "free speech" protection, in the same way that yelling "fire!" In the proverbial movie theater doesn't deserve protection.North Korea is a classically fascist society, built on fear and inferiority. You don't tame such a creature by poking sticks through the bars of its cage and laughing at its frenzy. This creature has nuclear weapons and an itchy trigger...
Nice movie, nice report. Flying remote cameras are a very big deal.
Your second point is correct. I absent-mindedly slid from your "his positions are" stupid to my loose association of his remarks with his intelligence. Guilty as charged.
If I thought he were only "morally wrong or just plain stupid," I would ignore him, like I try to do with others I disagree with here.But I see a pattern of deliberate provocation behind his apparent immoral and plainly stupid posts. Frost's response to Rogifan is the worst post i've seen in four years of hanging out here, from...
Ha. A conservative CEO for Apple? Maybe when the Pope is Jewish, or when you find a bear using your toilet.
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