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Exactly. Even for FaceTime, we can get used to it. It's good discipline, and would select out narcissist motormouths like the one you just responded to.If Benjamin Frost agrees with you, that's when you know you're not thinking deeply enough.
Nice analogy. The black hole at the center is the human gravitational thirst for connected knowledge, i. e., Meaning.
I have to marvel at how you were able to come up with such a sophisticated point of view at such a young age.
He's on my shitlist for real this time, after the following post in another thread:http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/183399/apple-watch-chip-suppliers-rumored-to-start-production-soon-orders-at-30m-to-40m-units/80#post_2639076Sorry you have to care about defending this worthless babble. Almost 5000 posts in a single year, nearly all of them a waste of our time, or worse.
@Benjamin Frost: What a worthless, waffling worm-like comment. So you want to agree with both points of view, which contradict each other? With nothing more than a "you may be right" and an "I think though"? Keep your vacuous logorrhea to yourself. Better yet, go away.
Like that which occurs daily inside your own head?Can you not stand to read what you wrote? " . . .exasperated . . ."?Please don't exacerbate us here any more and just go away.
Several stores are closer than Manhattan Beach. Now I think about it, though, the Pasadena store is maybe a bit closer than Glendale, plus there's an actual way to get there easily without a car (in LA!!). Some of those downtown types are probably going carless these days.Anyway, you got The Grove at Fairfax and Third, the Beverly Center just a mile further at La Cienega, the Sherman Oaks store off the 101 in the Valley, and, like aaarrrggghh said, Santa Monica, but you...
Great idea, hopefully someone will look into it. This topic already woke me up too early, so i'm bailing.
T'would bring much cred to the long-developing arts community downtown. The nearest Apple stores I can think of are about eight miles in Glendale, which is like traveling to the last century. That would be to either the co-original Apple retail location in the Galleria, now orphaned by a larger store nearby in the themed "Americana" Caruso development that risks sending one into existential despair. Apple's mindshare value would go up tremendously with a store in downtown...
Correct, and it took three years for processors, displays and innards-cramming to come together.Oh, and Woz never got the good taste thing, except for circuit design.
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