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That's right, ya gotta use both hyphens for it to work: "off-balance-sheet commitments." Not that unusual.
Along with answering Londor's question, you ought to get to know some gay and trans people before you comment any more on their biological destiny. It's clear you're speaking from ignorance and dogmatic belief. Also, the genetics behind gender are way more complex thn xx and xy. Know before you speak.
Good thing California's a big state.But make it a point to see Tangerine. It was shot entirely on iPhonr 5S around Santa Monica and Highland in LA. i'm sure you know the area.
But opposing support for the granting of civil rights to a previously marginalized group is so perverse and unenlightened that you could indeed call it trivial.To see how history makes "conservatism" look absurd, here's George Wallace in his 1963 inaugeral speech as governor of Tim Cook's home state of Alabama:https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hLLDn7MjbF0Corporations in the age of television and electronic media have often shown themselves to be ahead of large numbers of the...
Hah, I might be a little slow today.
Lol. That would ruin my trip, if it was a bigger ripoff culture than here.
I've been waiting for more than a decade for NASA to discover a planet like Earth somewhere, anywhere, near enough to detect by Hubble or some other super telescope. Ridiculous.Finally, FINALLY, they bagged one today, only 1400 light years away. I was ready to go to China or Russia to talk them into giving it a real shot. Thank God, NASA almost lost me as a customer.
Gotcha. See my edit above. I stand corrected. I'd be very surprised if anyone connected with the Market would factor in something as human as Tim Cook's orientation. They may consider health, life and death issues, but little beyond that.
The truth is that you oppose what Apple stands for on gay and gender rights, and you want to INSINUATE that it's a possible cause of this round of stock devaluation/manipulation. Correct?Edit: I just saw your answer above. I will change my tone toward your suggestion henceforth. Apologies.
". . . Tim Cook's lifestyle." Time for you to take a look at your assumptions here. Do you still think your preference for one sex over another is a matter of "lifestyle"? Do you follow a heterosexual "lifestyle"?The absurd Wall Street angle you try to raise stems from your fearful misunderstanding of gayness as a style of life. You are born to be the way you are. Enjoy it, and let others do so as well.
New Posts  All Forums: