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You don't remember him from yesterday, the 'lines at Colette' thread?Edit: Sorry, I thought you were in that thread. I see you weren't. Check it out if you want to know why i'm surprised you're treating him like a good dog.
Why are you answering this . . . person as if he were a normal poster? And what is this "I think the demand is slowing down after the first hype" toss of a dog biscuit to him? And what does "this is only accessory" mean? C'mon, keep rank.
I like this perspective.
So now you're going to put the staff at Maxfield under suspicion for profitably collaborating with scalpers, including the really cynical parasites like you present yourself as being?Also:"Apple reps only yesterday finally . . ." — I wonder if your braggart advertising had anything to do with this repellent decision that the reps had to take? If so, why don't you go back and take credit for it among your scalper colleagues?Don't you dare try to take credit for it here.
There are people who post on this site whom I would be glad to see profit on buying and reselling Apple watches from Maxfield.But not you.Others didn't post twenty different made up problems with the Watch before it was even released. Others aren't saying that Apple "screwed the pooch" with this launch, and then turn around and parasitize it. Others don't act like an adolescent about Angela Ahrendts' role in the launch, thanking her for making them some money.Actually, I...
Are you going to tell your eBay sucker-customers about this "problem" before you sell to them? Are you?I didn't think so.
Circulating through this mealy-mouthed apologia is an unhinged soul looking for moorings, and not finding any.I asked you before, who do you think you are, if others doing the same thing as you are "mobsters"? Here you talk about the three-ring circus of customers, likely keeping their discreet clients away. So wouldn't that make you one of the clowns in the circus? How do you live with your smarmy self? I'm beginning to think you're getting paid to say these things,...
And in this case, the complainer was second only to Benjamin Frost in ragging on the Watch pre-launch.
Interesting theory you have there about a deal they made with these stores before they knew their taptic engine supplier was having problems. Even if it isn't so, it makes sense for them to seed some few thousands to high-end customers as a kind of advertising. And if they only can spare a few thousand, it would make no sense at all to move them through their own high-traffic store system.
Stop with this "Angela" crap. It just makes you look stupid and sexist. Do you think she came up with the Colette, etc., strategy without input from Cook, Ive, Newson, Schiller and who knows who else from among their recent fashion and watch industry hires? Most likely it was a group decision, and for all you know, as head of retail stores, she may have had reservations, though I doubt it. But we don't know.
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