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And his parking spot . . . shirts by the lot . . . New Balances or not? . . . etc.
Somehow I think he has a better handle on it than rob53.
Threatened by any form of social progress.
First line of second paragraph: "private donation." Then maybe you can take it from there,
Very interesting read, thanks!
Thanks, I see that now. I'm a little out of practice with watching TV.
Fantastic. Somehow I missed this machine in the 40s and 50s. Must not have made it to middle Ohio and southern Indiana. Looks like a gorgeous piece of work. Does this one live in New York? Got to be one in LA somewhere . . . Update: maybe it lives in Nashville.
Expecting the average Englishman to know anything about the English language is like expecting a fish to know about water.The operative word here is "average."
This insight is exactly correct, and even though it's plain and simple, it's far too panoramic for the nit-focused brain that sees "no market" for the watch. The computer has a built-in imperative to shrink and get closer to hand. There will always be a market for a more personal computer.
I think he was holding back a bit out of a sense of civil discourse. Benj Frost is clearly out to subvert objective discussion of the watch. He deserves worse than Slurpy gives him.Slurpy is always positive. Frost is often negative and depressing. I look forward to his being proved a fool.
New Posts  All Forums: