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Hold on, everybody! Stop the discussion! He might have a point!The Apple Watch owner is going to have to set down his beer to pay! This clearly outweighs the advantage of not having to pull his phone out of his pocket and get his finger in position! He can do that while holding his beer!The Apple Watch is doomed! Why didn't Tim or Jony or Eddy think this through! Don't tell me they never buy their own beer at games! WTF!/sAn afterthought: Maybe "Would you please push my...
MacRumors, on the other hand, is intolerable. About seven out of ten posters are Apple haters or at least hold the company in contempt.You said earlier that you don't get treated well here unless you "drink the Kool-Aid." That's missing the point. You don't get treated well if you seem to be grinding an axe against Apple. Reasonable criticism is acceptable and happens all the time.
Sorry to hear of the personal attack, and I just got a bit brusque with you above, apologies.
Funny. What are the chances?
Apologies to those who have the entuty B Frost on their ignore list, but this post shows cracks in his persona from stress.Desperation to find a negative: "the old, who tend to shake." Right, all us palsied iPhone users in our 70s. Maybe he means the huge market segment of those in their 80s.Breaking of character: "will reserve complete judgment." Note the American spelling of "judgment." British usage, which entity Frost is normally so careful to adopt, is "judgement." I...
The other big story about how the Watch is going to make things easier and quicker is in TechCrunch, linked to by Gruber: http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/06/the-apple-watch-is-time-saved/#tmhmdj:DqmR Gruber's take is here; http://daringfireball.net The Watch is going to change the world, one more time. Those who are predicting the Apple Watch will disappoint or worse are once again failing to imagine. There is not a sorrier failing in tech prognostication. It's why we...
Because of lower backplane efficiency, the mini retina had to use lower color temperature backlighting in order to preserve battery life, thus causing reduced color gamut. Look it up. I think it might have been explained at DisplayMate.
I know, and that seems to be because Raymond Soneira was so confusing in his first stupid "shoot-out" report. He seems to have an editor now, last time I saw the site anyway.If you read it carefully, and combine a couple of his other reports, it's a definite "no IGZO."Anyway, logic tells us that the color gamut would match the Air's if it were IGZO.
Mini 2 Retina was not IGZO, and that was why they had to modify the backlighting to use less power, and that is what gimped the color. This is what was reported by DisplayMate, but Raymond Soneira was unable to explain it clearly. Same with Mini 3. Soneira says Apple cheaped out or dropped the ball. I think he's full of it (and a Samsung OLED shill). The real story is likely that IGZO supply was still limited. They may now be just getting over the production humps.
Only if it gets a higher-efficiency display, I think, either LTPS, or more likely. IGZO.Doing so would also solve the gimped color gamut problem.
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