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In the case of aberrations, i can see your point. I guess i should restrict the question to light loss from the sapphire relative to plain strong glass. Thanks for taking the point seriously. Someone at MacRumors (naturally) was characterizing the use of glass as a "ripoff."
I wonder if the decision to go back to glass for the lens cover has more to do with the fact that the speed of the lens stack is 2.4 rather than 2.2, like on the 5S and the 6. Glass may transmit some critical wavelengths that sapphire would bounce back or absorb. Who knows. The slower lens in turn may be a requirement of the thinner device profile. After 4 years of using my 4S as a camera, 2 years as a phone, I see no scratches on the lens cover, and I think it's glass,...
The first one is gay and inter-ethnic too. Apple is not pulling any punches. Inclusivity inspires customers to buy. Maybe. Probably. Almost certainly?As a straight white guy, I find the ad charming. Okay, maybe a little too charming.
Correct. Also, the numbers for the 6 and 6 plus are skewed to higher options because of richer US, Chinese and other early adopters. But then we don't know how the accusers are deriving their "liar" judgment.
The entire profession is not based on lies, particularly when it's attached to ethical companies.
If the chart's inaccurate does that mean someone's lying? No, maybe just mistaken.Did Phil say 16 GB was the most popular? Was he lying or mistaken? Reference please.
It's blindingly obvious that Apple is aiming to change that. And it's obviously possible that this is the exact reason for releasing the new iPods now.Your attitude is getting in the way of the obvious.
Apple thinks it's that big. Take a look at their press release announcing the touch. Gruber has a link if you haven't seen it..Your corrosive anti-Apple tone gets more and more out of place here. You really belong at MacRumors.
Good point
This is another example of hysterical "thinking"—completely unhinged from history, oversimplified into a Glenn Beckian comic book of personalities doing evil deeds.
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