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Not to mention the fact that the Watch is the gateway to the most personal device previous, your iPhone, which is essentially a repository and mirror for your own life and mind. People will be tied to their Watches like they are to their phones, only moreso.It would take a weekend of ayahuasca to get Benji Frost to understand a point as simple and unsubtle as that. (If he's for real, which I doubt.)
Thanks. It's certainly possible we won't see 4k this time around, but I think it's inevitable.
IGZO is the enabling technology for the iPad Air and the 5K iMac.Lack of IGZO production yields appears to be the hold-up for the Macbook Air Retina, for a 4K Cinema Display from Apple, and possibly a Foxconn or Apple 4K TV. And possibly an earlier shipping window for this 12.9" iPad Pro.Apple has already invested hundreds of millions in this technology, mainly with Sharp, according to reports from Kuo and others over the last few years. As far as I know, there is no...
Yet oxide backplanes have made it into two impressive Apple products that we know of. The reason that iPad Air is so thin, and the reason that the 5K iMac has the same power and cooling layout as the previous iMac, and the reason that the 12.9" iPad will be so physically and visually impressive—Suddenly Newton's stupid pink unicorns.As far as I know, horse bacon is shunned by all civilized people.
^^^ And so is the 5K iMac. I figure that they're finally getting production up to speed. Cinema Displays should be next. But maybe, it just occurs to me, LG is the manufacturer.
^^^ Yes, but how retina? Like 4k retina? That's what I want to see. Can anyone work out the pixel density and a likely resolution?
Didn't you get the impression that this is the first of a three-part series on "Greater China"?
Interesting details, good idea for a story. I suppose that Apple's decision to develop retail in mainland China first is at least partly political. I had not thought of that before. I wonder if any stores are planned for Taiwan.
Possibly it will be 4K IGZO.
No, you do it on a night with a waning moon, and you run widdershins around a yew tree five times, with a broomstick between your naked legs. What you rub on the broomstick is not to be spoken of.
New Posts  All Forums: