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Seems like a new era in interfaces is on its way. Fingers will interact with light in 3D instead of capacitance in 2D. Precision in pointing and manipulating screen objects should increase considerably.
The knee-jerk mean-spiritedness that opened this thread is really shameful. These people should be exiled to MacRumors for a week to learn about the barrenness of such cynicism.
They're building cameras as much as they are phones. The squared-off 90-degree edges give your cameraphone many useful standing and mounting possibilities that would be impossible or awkward with the slippery shapes of the 3G type.You can hold it steadier in hand as well. The feel is all about precision.
No bumps. Samsung has bumps. Bumps are for chumps.
Good story, thanks for passing it on, AI. I find it believable as written here, and I don't think he's claiming undue credit. The takeaway is that Apple made his business a success.
The fifth generation iPod nano camera DID NOT protrude from the case surface. I hope Apple would never go with such a miserable design compromise, which the likes of Samsung and HTC seem so willing to accept. Always execrable excrescences, those camera blebs. Edit: Macotakara says it was the iPod touch 5th generation that had a lens that "shoots out a little" from the case. Izzat true? Anyway, AI got this part of the original story wrong.
So, testing this out, I have quoted you, messed with your post a bit, made a few backspace corrections to my post, waited a few seconds . . .. . . and it should be crashing on me right about now . . .and it didn't!!!!
And how would Apple get itself paid for taking on the monstrous data mining job that search is? By selling ads?No thanks. Advertising has become a form of pollution at the levels we experience it today.
Whatever you have lying around the house, take two of them and see how you feel in the morning. Better, I hope.
Testing iOS's autocorrect I get sapphire ok here on this forum.
New Posts  All Forums: