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Mobsters? What are you? An innocent little . . . oh, never mind."Tacitly endorsing." What are they going to do? Throw you out? I know I would, but I also know that it would be bad PR.
Not only are you full of it, you are willing to parasitize and pervert Apple's (not only Angela Ahrendts') wise retail strategy.Why don't you do like the honest scalpers do and hire some homeless people to stand in line for you?Yes, I know what neighborhood Maxfield is in.Edit: took out personal pejorative. Note that this is the same person who stuffed the comment threads before the Watch was released, arguing and nitpicking every imagined flaw he could think of about the...
What's a layperson?
The ad agency 72andSunny on "Apple's inferior products"—the commercials that made fun of Apple fans. http://www.72andsunny.com/work/samsung/fan-boys
...which has hired an ad agency founded by a aging wannabe hipster from Amsterdam to make a movie about manufacturing by filmmakers who have never turned a screwdriver in their whole digital lives and who couldn't tell an British dialect from a South African poseur's.
So I was wrong about the wonky-tooling scene being shot at Uncle Ernie's garage in Queens. The ad agency is 72andSunny, the same LA ultracool hipster sell-outs who were responsible for the Samsung ads that mocked the Apple line-waiters for the iPhone 5 (?). So the offending "tooling" shot was probably snagged somewhere locally, near the wasteland of ex-aerospace job shops that surround their offices in Westchester and Inglewood. How would these clowns know what real...
^Evning, good work there, I had let that nono-puffery slide right by. Who wrote this trash, I wonder? Which is the ad agency we should congratulate for coming up with this? Where is real business journalism to be found now?
Off on a tangent again, are you? So that you miss the point, just like the "filmmakers" did?The problem is the amount of useless, snaggy thread hanging out on that screw, and the mishmash of jamb nuts being used to lock down the screw, nuts that look like they came from the 99 cents store.This was probably shot in Uncle Ernie's garage in Queens. A machinist who cared would use a shorter screw if he absolutely had to rig up some mess like this. No way would he want anyone...
This thinness "obsession" of Apple's is a cliché.Electronic technology has always had a built-in mandate to minimize space used, thus integrated circuits, Moore's Law, etc.Nature has the same mandate. You want to say that DNA is the result of an obsession, go ahead.
Amazing. The film crew is so dumb that they didn't even notice this cobbled-together shit. Truly laughable.Nice catch. You should send this still to Gruber. Please send this still to Gruber.
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