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There have been several reviews, yes, but you have to pay attention to the details, which we spent a lot of time going over when the mini retina came out. I thought maybe you had some new information, but I see you don't.The problem with the mini retina displays was that they were NOT IGZO, like the iPad Air. DisplayMate's conclusion was that the backlighting on the mini's display had to be adjusted in color to save battery life, thus reducing color gamut. It would have...
It will probably get cheaper. This is just the first change in the innards to take advantage of the platform. Other price reductions will probably follow on economies of scale and production cost paydowns.The other thing that's always missing in the 5c forecast is the China Mobile 4G effect, which won't be showing up until the end of this year. How come you don't take that into account?Not to pick on you, nobody else makes this simple observation either.
I'm surprised no one ever busted Coke on that New Coke ruse. It was clear to me at the time that they:1. Made a New Coke that was said to taste more like Pepsi.2. Waited for people to get all worked up about how they hated the change, and thus hated Pepsi by implication.3. Changed back to Classic, thus proving that Pepsi was not worth copying.You had to be there. It all went like sinister clockwork. If you fell for it then, you don't have to keep falling for it now.The...
"Other sources" won't do here, and what does "relatively poor display performance" mean? Please clarify, seriously.
And I love to be the one to state that the one who sees no difference misses the point.
Here's one rumination: We're talking about fingers over a sensor here, not arm waving. Buttons have the same disadvantage as they did for phones—hard to learn, locked-in, fiddle-y, non-reprogrammable. Also, they're two-dimensional, a minefield of error opportunities because they're spread out in a field.This gesture-based sensor technology promises a programmable language based on multidimensional imaginary tools, instead of hardware buttons.
Seems like a new era in interfaces is on its way. Fingers will interact with light in 3D instead of capacitance in 2D. Precision in pointing and manipulating screen objects should increase considerably.
The knee-jerk mean-spiritedness that opened this thread is really shameful. These people should be exiled to MacRumors for a week to learn about the barrenness of such cynicism.
They're building cameras as much as they are phones. The squared-off 90-degree edges give your cameraphone many useful standing and mounting possibilities that would be impossible or awkward with the slippery shapes of the 3G type.You can hold it steadier in hand as well. The feel is all about precision.
No bumps. Samsung has bumps. Bumps are for chumps.
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