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We've had seven years to get the point of the multitouch interface. Four years to get the point of making it larger than the iPhone or iPod touch. Three years to figure out that even a mini form factor can be a more popular piece of responsive glass in your hands. An even larger piece of interactive glass than the iPad in your hands or in your lap will also be screamingly popular, making a fool of those who said "it's just a big" this or that.That there is no keyboard in...
"autocorrupt"—I like that. First time I've seen it. Warning: may steal.The disappearance of hope and cash in 2003 i'm not going to touch.Oh, and a bigger phone might just need a louder speaker, for design balance.
Interesting. So TSMC is something of an exception? How is it viewed locally? Serious questions. It's fascinating to me that Taiwan has chip fabrication that is competitive with Samsung.
Me too. Seven devices, Pads, Pods, Phones, not a single one has failed since 2008. Good thing I have other stuff to do while i'm waiting.
AI just can't win. Several people complained about their standard naming of "sources in the Far East," so they recently switched to "Republic of China" for Taiwan. Of course they were assuming a knowledge of history and political geography among the readership, or maybe it was a matter of "ok, we'll show you, you nitpickers . . . "Does anyone in the West still use "ROC" instead of "Taiwan"?
Are you going to argue* with the official self-proclaimed name of the country now?*Very hard to reason with Honarable Westerner when he only use left side of brain.
So that means by your logic, out of about 40 posters here, 2 should be reporting having a much greater than 5 percent spam problem. We don't see that, so it seems more likely to be FUD at this point. I've had two of these since May, by the way.
It's like they can't help themselves, which indicates a certain amount of pathology. We got as far as beheading and sex slavery associated with the good news of a new Apple store. Like sex slavery never occurs in the US, or murders of turbaned individuals or mass shootings at temples that have nothing to do with Jihadists, such is the ignorance of our home-grown terrorists.The moderators should clean this up, I agree with you. It cheapens the whole site. Do the mods not care?
I can read pages and pages of skinhead ravings from England, and I won't make a single generalization about the sanity or humanity of the English people based on those ravings.It's a fallacy to extrapolate from the lunatic fringe. Especially when the most extreme ravings can be from agents provocateurs who are serving hidden agendas. We saw a lot of that in the 60s in the US. Black Power and New Left agitators turned out to be government agents and so on.
Another brilliant, well-sourced report from the front lines. You and Apple ][ should hook up and go out together.
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