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There's a little more to it than spell checking. Editing, copy editing, typesetting, proofreading, design, layout, page proofs, indexing, cover art, and more. Months of staff work for a relatively simple book. Publishers perform a huge service in production, never mind acquisition, author and project development, publicity, distribution, all the bookkeeping, etc.
If you compare DED to Bill O'Reilly, I don't think you're getting any benefit from what the word "hack" is supposed to convey.There are real hacks like Blodgett, Lyons, even Daisey, you could better spend your outrage on. They're on the wrong side. DED is on the right side, and he turns his readers on to some, many, good views from that perspective. He doesn't have to get everything right, just keep the Irish fighting spirit going. Why? Because Apple is still the underdog...
He didn't this time either. It's no surprise that he and Thomas would be on the wrong side. I vote with mstone on this one. Aereo was profiting from someone else's IP.It's a simple but broad ethical question that is alien to the Scalia/Thomas style of mind. They frequently rule with the picayune legalistic side on such questions.
Could the premature whiners about gimping one model please note the first four words of the story?: "Due to supply constraints . . . "
Yeah, I thought that after I posted, and your point might be widely shared. In which case, they should continue developing the 4-inch platform with new processors, cameras, cases, etc. I hope so anyway.. I was thinking the 5c would get the 5s internals, including Touch ID.Edit: I see that Gruber thinks this way too today.
They always sell the last year's model alongside at a lower price. I think they'll keep the 5s or the 5c with 5s internals, or some version of both.
Right, right and right.
As I've said here about five times in the past, the problem with Glass is that it's monocular. It breaks the symmetry of the face, and the deepest wiring we have as humans is set to expect a face that has two eyes in side-by-side balance, from earliest infancy. This is why Glass repels and provokes anger, even if you know it's not recording.If Apple comes out with a wearable display, expect it to be binocular, in stereo, in other words. Why bother if it's not 3D? Also, we...
Thanks. The announcers are ridiculously entertaining. Also they play good defensive saves as part of the highlights.
The story is about the uncertain availability of Intel's new processors. Then you say, "Good grief, Apple," because you don't know how much longer you can wait.When you're called out for missing the point, you change your demand to across the board price reductions, never mind you needed the latest upgrade in the previous post. What's a person to think about your intentions?
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