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Next he'll be just another "rumor out of the Far East."
Very funny. Seriously, though, if Samsung is now producing larger IGZO-backed LCDs—competing with LG which makes the 5K iMac display—then maybe the long pink unicorn hunt is over, and the New Age for LCD big-screen Nirvana has arrived.Who knows, maybe these big IGZOs, including Apple/Foxconn home theater panels, are the reasons that Apple is spending 26 billion on manufacturing and parts orders this year.
I believe you/we are being baited a bit, for amusement.
I do not know what you mean by this at all. Explain?
And I think the hold-up has been the manufacturing capacity of the display makers. The transition to oxide backplane technology has not been easy.Or so I believe from my not-so-well-connected position, not in Taipei, but LA.
War is a cultural acquisition, an aberration, if you take the more recent, modern view. European and Mediterranean Neolithic civilizations went through 3-4 thousand years of development without warfare prior to the third millennium BCE.The Bronze Age was a disruption from the peaceful nature-oriented cultures of the Neolithic. Check out the preface to Marija Gimbutas's "Civilization of the Goddess," where she spells out the schism in our history when the Indo-Europeans...
Well, there's no accounting for bad taste. I guess the moderators didn't think it was funny either. It's gone.And don't be so literal. I wasn't talking about who Boltsfan likes to have sex with, just a part of his identity he might be afraid of that explains his obsession.I'm not going to "lighten up" on his kind of baiting.
All would be goofy, not good. That would give the back a face, instead of the deliberate asymmetry it's always had.Anyway, people are crazy to set their phone down flat on a hard surface on either side. Microscopic grit and dust can scratch. If they're going to be fussy about this, they should go all the way and always use some kind of pad. Problem solved.
I'm glad to see Nokia working on this, and I wish them great success. As long as I'm wishing, might as well add that we also need a pair of genlocked video cameras with adjustable, close lens spacing for macro 3D video shots. Make the cameras separable for midrange while you're at it. Nokia will be heroes in the 3D and VR/AR trades.
Thanks for the link.Snort. 3D is a gimmick./s
New Posts  All Forums: