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Aha, that explains the memory I have of that little car snafu. So that event was streamed live. I just read about the editing the other day. Memory serves after all, however pale and wan.So are these events always live streamed?
Courageous, too. I've thought in the past they wanted to be able to edit out glitches, but they must be more confident now. Something big is in the works.
You forgot about them being neutrality cowards. See post #4. Oh, and blonde chocolate makers.
I winced at that too, of course, being the fascist liberal that I am, but I had my hands full with Apple ][ and his Aussie bootlicker buddies. Thanks for pointing it out, agree completely.
He wasn't talking about a girl, he was talking about women. You just illustrated that you're squarely immersed in a male supremacist culture. You can't switch the comment around as if you're dealing with equal players, when one is "a girl" and the other is "a man."God, have we ever gone backward since the 1970s. Read your Germaine Greer, it's very entertaining. She's Australian, by the way, so she knows what she's talking about when she talks about immature jerk-off men....
To send an email to Brian X Chen, Google him for his email address at the Times.
. . . bombardment and implantation? Ions of what? Did they say?It's analogous to doping, which is not considered chemistry, is it? Seems we're in the realm of solid state physics, not chemistry. Fascinating stuff.
Or, the ions fill in openings in the top lattice layers, in effect making a glass-crystal hybrid near the surface? Maybe there's language in the patent filing.By the way, is this still an application, or was there a patent granted?
Gorillas aren't transparent, sorry. I've been meaning to write Corning about that.
I've been seeing people say "sapphire glass" without engaging with the terminology. I guess now it's time. (Not directed at you, obviously.)Attention!: Sapphire is a crystalline substance, meaning its atoms are ordered in a regular lattice. Many crystalline substances are transparent, such as quartz, diamond and sapphire.Glass can also be transparent, but the atoms are in no particular order. Glass is considered a liquid that is too cool to flow.Therefore "sapphire glass"...
New Posts  All Forums: