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Until Sorkin corrects his 17-cents-an-hour, child labor slander with real information about wages and worker policies at Foxconn, he hasn't apologized. He has to undo the damage.
Get real. Would the movie be made if Steve Jobs were alive?No, you have to wait for him to die to have the opportunity to make a "drama" like this out of pieces of his life, mixed up and jammed together for effect.To hell with his wfe, kids, and his good friends. They're the last people who are going to be able to sit through your wretched take on the man.The man is gone. A whole four years ago. Now's your chance to make another Citizen Kane. Or something in the vein of...
Rose means pink, so rose gold means pink gold. Who's pushing anything here?
I have read (Taiwan source, I think) that there wouldn't be enough capacity to supply Apple with OLED displays before 2018, assuming they want to go that direction.
It'll be obvious when you compare the 3 and the 4 side by side in the store. So obvious they may not put them at the same table.
In LA you can be forced to drive everywhere, and you can still hate NASCAR, American football, guns, lite beer and television. And hamburgers.
" . . . YouTube reviews say . . . the display is much better . . ." which means, considering the smaller battery and the thinner profile, that it is an IGZO display, finally, which they have been wanting to do since the first "washed-out" Mini retina two years ago. Meaning more evidence that IGZO production problems have been further resolved.This also solves some heat management issues, I imagine. This is the first real Mini retina.
Not to mention the oxygen. Think of all the oxygen! What's that going to do to the precious machines in there?Sometimes I think Jony Ive is going all human on us./s
You should know by now that the guy who invents the human-scale, humane, attractive package is the one who invents the future medium or platform.It wasn't Gutenberg that invented the printed book that we know, it was Aldus Manutius, the guy who invented the portable printed book. (Aldus Pagemaker was named after him.)Do you remember the Sony transistor radio? That was an American invention repackaged by brilliant Japanese designers and packagers. The Walkman?Expand your...
I think the main PR point he needed to get across is that Apple is not the Haunted Empire that Alex Gibney tried to slip under the door in his "documentary" about Steve Jobs.Tim got to call Gibney an "opportunist," a great kindness, given the level of Gibney's betrayal of the truth about Steve Jobs. Harsher words for Gibney come to mind, but Tim is a gentleman.Tim also got to slip in that Apple has a program to develop the Chinese workforce with college courses, and I'm...
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