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STEVE JOBS WAS RIGHT In the context of his statements, at the launch of both the iPhone and the iPad. Apple offering an optional stylus 8 and 5 years later respectively, on a huge glass canvas, has no bearing on what he said back then. The Macalope today is for those who would twistedly exploit his context-specific statements. http://www.macworld.com/article/2871919/never-say-never-again.html Via Gruber, who agrees. http://daringfireball.net
Very funny. Don't think either ethnic would mind.But you must have taken Glendale Blvd. past Aimee Semple Macpherson's Angeles Temple to get to Glendale, unless you took Alvarado, which joined Glendale at the Edendale post office, just before the Sennet studios. (I lived two blocks to the east of right there, in a damp little canyon with goats and chickens as neighbors.)Anyway, you had to go through Echo Park to get to Glendale. The Temple was on the north side of the...
Depends on the intent, not the quantity. You post a lot of great stuff. He posts a moderate amount of good stuff, enough to get him under the radar of some Panglossian types and other good-natured people such as yourself. My radar is tweaked for the layers under the skin of posters such as him. Maybe I've spent too much time around con men and other questionable characters. Twenty-five years in a place like the old pre-yuppie Echo Park will do that to you, if you keep your...
He not only gets a little joy, I think he gets paid, but that's just me. Anyway, he is responsible for no less than 10 per cent of the posts in this thread.
I don't think Apple ][ means what he says, nor does he think. He plays a role here similar to the villain in pro wrestling.
You pay attention to the petty hypocrisies of the loose talkers here who ragged on the Note's stylus. I don't remember them, and I pass over them and others like them as junk postings when they occur. They are litter in the thread.More intrusive to me is your role as policeman of hypocrisy here. You start or prolong arguments over these petty parsings of who meant what. What really motivates you to be the cop? Cops don't usually work for free. Who's the hypocrite?
Finally! Insight! Sanity!
Picking nits to the bitter end. You are very patient for a guy who works outside. Too bad we have to suffer for it.
I guess you're interested in this sort of thing because you've had to sublimate Ayn Rand's sordid affair with the married psychologist Nathaniel Branden while she herself was married.I say "sordid" only because of imagined details around having an affair with Ayn Rand. Otherwise, it's no business of anybody's, and I think it reflects badly on you to have brought up the subject in this context.
Jim Henson's Muppet studio is responsible. Clearly they need to change their psychotropics over there.
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