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Having read the piece now, I can say that it definitely is not worth the time spent reading, including the strikingly dumb comments. It takes a certain amount of intelligence to write about Apple, for example to understand that the Developers Conference is about software, not hardware. These two reporters don't rise to the level required. You wouldn't even want to hoist a beer with them. Can you believe how they seized on the Ringo Starr analogy , like as if it were a...
Good one. The Grey Lady shows herself to be clueless, and a tawdry gossip besides.Not a good beginning for the new executive editor at all. I'd hoped that he might bring more relevance to the computer tech reporting. I wonder if this is why Pogue left.And to think I used to look to the Times with respect.Oh, and thanks to DED for a good Sunday read.
Hah! Check out the third video on Philip Elmer-DeWitt's blog: "walking the line from the front." Taken by a fan as if getting in line:http://fortune.com/2014/06/13/apples-3rd-tokyo-store-angela-ahrendts-first/Lots of people there, to say the least.
Try rhyming it with "parents." Close enough, brain unstuck.
You just told him to quit the political nonsense. That's enough. No need to add some of your own.
This is more like it, seems to me. Keep focus, move like a start-up, stay nimble. Eddy Cue and Jimmy Iovine were recently backing up this ideaPlus, good engineers don't grow on trees, and money can't buy everything.
Good to know, thanks.
I was basing what I said on his report on the iPad mini retina, in which he pronounced the use of displays with that color gamut "inexcusable," if I remember correctly. There are reasons for that compromise that he was in a position to know about, such as the unavailability of IGZO or LTPS in quantities that Apple would require, yet he chose to rag on Apple about it, giving rise to a widespread impression that Apple cheaped out on the mini retina display.I haven't seen the...
Raymond Soneira's feverish mind at work, plus his obvious recent pro-Samsung, anti-Apple blather.This doesn't change the point you have in mind for quoting him: OLED has come a long way.One thing he never mentions is the expected lifetime of the OLED display, compared to LCD. Stability, in other words. I'm curious about that.I once emailed Dr. Soneira and offered to edit his reports, to take out his rogue capitalizations and de-nerd his prose. I didn't put it quite that...
I love the way Rogifan in post number 4 questions the journalism of the WSJ over this piece, calling it click bait, when just a day ago he was linking with a perfectly straight face to the the Buzzfeed fantasy based on unnamed sources, a complete piece of clownage. Can s/he be any more transparent?
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