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Good find. Thanks, Aldous.
Troll whining. Typical, but still disgraceful.
Interesting story I just skimmed through about that era, thanks.So now we have the Duranty Prize for Mendacity in reporting. No use nominating Chen and Richtel just for the shaming value, because it's supposed to be about foreign affairs.Maybe we could nominate them for a Pullet Surprise. Winners receive a rubber chicken, mounted on a simulated mahogany plaque.
I'm assuming you'll soon be wearing left and right 80" (virtual) screens on your face. Then all bets about content are off.
Assuming the Times itself still has an interest in ethics. This pair of "reporters" really crossed a line in credibility, as if they didn't care to cover their tracks. Here's what commenter pontavignon said on Philip Elmer-DeWitt's blog:That stuck out in the Times story for me as well. It's as if the reporters are preying on the ignorance of their average readers about the WWDC. Shameless. So much so that one suspects that the Times is trying to pressure Apple over some...
Having read the piece now, I can say that it definitely is not worth the time spent reading, including the strikingly dumb comments. It takes a certain amount of intelligence to write about Apple, for example to understand that the Developers Conference is about software, not hardware. These two reporters don't rise to the level required. You wouldn't even want to hoist a beer with them. Can you believe how they seized on the Ringo Starr analogy , like as if it were a...
Good one. The Grey Lady shows herself to be clueless, and a tawdry gossip besides.Not a good beginning for the new executive editor at all. I'd hoped that he might bring more relevance to the computer tech reporting. I wonder if this is why Pogue left.And to think I used to look to the Times with respect.Oh, and thanks to DED for a good Sunday read.
Hah! Check out the third video on Philip Elmer-DeWitt's blog: "walking the line from the front." Taken by a fan as if getting in line:http://fortune.com/2014/06/13/apples-3rd-tokyo-store-angela-ahrendts-first/Lots of people there, to say the least.
Try rhyming it with "parents." Close enough, brain unstuck.
You just told him to quit the political nonsense. That's enough. No need to add some of your own.
New Posts  All Forums: