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And especially when the demand from China kicks in. And the Chinese aren't so stupid that they're going to be bending theirs.
Get out, they assume people are somewhat rational. Sunglasses will bend if you sit down with them in pants pockets. Is that hubris or stupidity on the part of the designers?The detachment from material reality in this thread is unbelievable.If you're not mature enough to handle an instrument like a modern iPhone, don't blame Apple.
Wedding reception. He was probably drunk and unaware that his pants were binding over the phone. You'd have to know the whole story. How tight are his pants, etcEdit: Assuming the story is even real, that is. It may very well be made up entirely.
He was joking, or you could say he was being ironic. Funny Americans. And Australians, they do this too.
^ Good post from the eclectic Ms. Relic. I did not know these things were coming.
Really? Has the cap been calculated?
Gruber has an epic phrase for the "don't buy the new iPhone" story.He called it "profoundly shallow." Can't tell if he was being deliberately oxymoronic. I'm going to steal it. Come to think of it, maybe he did too.
Now just a minute there. I got two iPhone 4Ses that are still on IOS 6 (one just used as a camera) because I dislike the denatured, anemic flatness of IOS 7, and its stupid Sharpie highlighter kindergarten colors.I get angry when I look at the icons in 7. They're like a Puritanical purge of the photoreal images in IOS 6. It's like they want to rinse out the glass with bleach before they fill it again. For nothing but left-brained dictates of "modernism," or what the hell,...
So the video doesn't work with the iPad from the Charlie Rose website? Anybody get it to play? No, I do not wish to jump through Hulu's hoops. Edit: Seems Charlie Rose's website is being run by 13-year-olds. IPads not supported. Can anyone provide a direct link to the Hulu video? Thanks.
No, it's ok, I'm over it. But I worry about those still trapped. At least you guys can get to Glastonbury once in a while to take the cure.
New Posts  All Forums: