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I guess one dumb comment deserves another. At least it provokes another.
Agreed, but tougher than from Texas. Alabama.
Hey, you're right, I should have just said "What arrogant amateur punditry" and been done with it.
You are absolutely right about this. Anantksundaram and others such as the illustrious Constable Odo would have Apple "managing" those who have shown themselves incapable of understanding what the company is about. This would be a violation of Apple's covenant with its users: we focus on your products, not on lobbying and hustling.
Maybe you should apply for the job, since you have so much insight into Apple's complexities and his inadequacies. Seriously, give it a thought.If you do apply, let us know, so we can take your critiques of management seriously.
Your use of Google for comparison gives you away. You have forgotten Apple doesn't do Beta hardware, ever.Focus, thousands of noes, product and user-oriented technology, many ways to look at what Apple is doing rather than the impatient and market-focused way you are looking at them.I'm surprised at you too.
You keep saying this about releases on schedules. Realities about developing technologies, including production technologies, is never acknowledged by you.It may be that it takes a year to get a product evolution underway. Remember there are frequently shortages when something like a new screen lamination or a new case material has to be integrated. They are always on the cutting edge.In other words, get real.
Note to usher in the gallery: Give this kid an extra bag of peanuts.
Your problem is that you have classed this under "PC bandwagon." It is not an issue of political correctness, it is a matter of practcal business concern for Apple.They're investing half a billion in new manufacturing there, they will have people working there, they want a welcoming living "climate" there like they have in California. The law would make any business wishing to locate in Arizona at that scale complicit. They may also have ongoing larger plans for Arizona.
I hadn't thought of it till you mentioned it.Different department in my brain as well.
New Posts  All Forums: