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The Gibney hit-piece review fails to mention that the great documentary director doesn't interview friends and associates from later in his life, nor any Apple observers from the intelligent blogging sphere, nor any thinking persons who use the tools, out of the thousands of artists and professionals like publishers or website designers, etc., nary a one that I can remember. The movie was a set up for feeding Applephobia. Who does he interview? Joe Nocera! Haunted Empress...
New Intel processors and oxide TFT displays don't grow on trees.
Demonstrating that your view of Steve is frozen in the past. He could adapt, knew Apple had to adapt, to being the global technology system that it's become.He was already appearing on the Walt and Kara Show at All Things D. Do you remember him saying "it's surreal" about Apple's valuation back then? Imagine what he would have to come to grips with now.Steve and Apple's secretive style was appropriate for the issuing of the founding devices of the mobile computing age, but...
Thanks!And thanks again.
I figure Murdoch owes me about $5 million in damages for mental suffering.
The story is behind the WSJ paywall, but the main point is visible in the teaser paragraph: "We don't think in those terms," said Jony Ive. This corresponds to Tim Cook's "I don't see it that way," which he uses in interviews to slap someone down politely for trying the stupid view on him. The stupid view is why Apple is still the underdog—on Wall Street, in the "business insider" press (WSJ, NY Times, etc.), among the geek hater throngs of the computer world, and I...
Objection: for some, it's an iMac, Macbook or Macbook Air refresh. Or Thunderbolt monitor.Apple can no longer refresh these unless they can do a retina display. That means using a backplane technology that hardly anyone cares or knows about, oxide TFT, or IGZO. What prople want are the dense pixels, not the technology behind them.I care because of the explanatory power of the shrunken backplane. Why the refreshes are taking so long, why the devices that do make it into...
No, people are just using simple contextual logic.
^^^ All true. Good review. Gibney violates elementary principles of journalism. Worse, he doesn't have the breadth of intellect to understand his subject. He doesn't "get" Steve Jobs, the work he did, and what Apple is doing. This isn't the place, but he should get his wig straightened somehow or other.
The big unanswered questiom is, does it have an "oxide TFT" display? Or in common parlance, izzit IGZO? I suspect so, since it's thinner. That's big news.
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