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I seem to remember that the talk of a bubble and the pop were only several months apart last time. But then I also remember that it was the "election" of the "president" was what ended the party. So you may not want to quote me on this.
Kai Ryssdal just went ahead on his national radio show "Marketplace" and said we're in a tech bubble. Edit: corrected typo on old Kai's stellar name.
Interesting, depending on the details you are referring to. Original creators? Are they not who they seem to be?Spying? Ordinary Big Data spying, or something extraordinary and hidden? Please divulge.
They know their market is sociopathic, in varying degrees. And juvenile.It's the same trick used in early ads for the Chevy Avalanche where the yuppy owner with the 3-day beard stubble steals a dollar from the homeless guy wanting change.Make your prospective buyer think he'll be less inadequate if he buys your product.
Wait about a year before you Ballmerize like this. The 5c has just started with China Mobile, and its LTE capabilities are a key factor.
And the mini retina, mostly when trying to post on AI.
Et tu, Kruppe?Edit: i thought of "Et tu . . ." first, but TS uses a real keyboard.
They really don't understand what it's like out here, with the constant nervous gibbering, do they?
Interesting, but are there any cities under 60,000 population, not suburbs, that have a store? And aren't college towns sometimes covered by Apple sections in the bookstore?
While waiting for an answer, i'd offer that he was autocorrected from subcuticle.Anyway, an interesting line of thought. The commoditization of biosensing will be a very big deal.I'd hate to see Apple go into the car business, unless it involved some radical rethink of personal transportation. The Tesla is laudable in its power system, but still imperious and unsustainable, like all cars have become. Not human or nature scaled, in other words. Too complex and heavy.It's...
New Posts  All Forums: