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True, my sympathies, one tries not to quote him, but the outrage gets the better of many, me included sometimes.Really, some people just ought to be banned when it's clear that their intentions are not to benefit the discussion. I mean this is a community, not a pool of victims.
Were you around yesterday? Look as his post history. jdnc was on the job for FOURTEEN hours and dropped 45 of his bad-pitbull ravings on just two threads. That's trolling. He destroyed hours and hours of people's time yesterday. Seven thousand views or so. The guy is a pro troll. And he's a fake, That much is clear to me and a few others around here.He's also destroying the discourse around here with his "take Tim Cook to the woodshed" rhetoric.What else do you need to know?
I caught your post in the Microsoft glasses thread just now, and then this. Very interesting. I had to skim through it this time around, much to ponder later. You are right about the total hemispheric insult that the monocular Google approach will result in. Apple's patents so far show they are interested in stereo, thankfully. I'm looking forward to them solving this problem. The Sony HMD is worse than a solution, the design being a futuristic parody of...
Now that's what I'd call unforgiveable.
Yeah, me too.But I'm seeing a lot more iPhones also.
Maybe ol' Ming-Chi left out the part about IGZO. I hope for that too.Come to think of it, I don't remember reading anything that says GF2 saves on power.
Do you happen to remember that the iPad mini was in short supply because GF2 displays were hard to make in the numbers needed? You don't? I thought not.Now they're going to make a second, larger GF2 device in large numbers. Do you think the equipment for making these displays grows on trees in Taiwan?They'll release when their manufacturing capacity allows. Bugger all indeed.
Back at work, é ése?Could be a sign that their production has improved and costs have come down.
Trite? He has to read every one of jdnc123's slobbering posts, and he can see through a phoney like this maybe a little bit better than you can. Here's an example of jndc's "cogent" prose for you to chew on, a reply to me just above on page 8 of this thread:.The guy is raving, manic. If you can't see that, you're not reading his English closely enough to see through the fakery. The jargon seems like it's being fed to him by someone who speaks finance natively, and he's...
Ha! But I have been permanently scarred by Errol Morris's movie:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vernon,_Florida_(film)
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