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Hey, watch your language. "Apple can start pumping out . . ." / "Look at friken windowsOS . . ."And worst of all, including all-time worst cliché: "Bottom line is hardware earnings growth is over . . ."You want Apple to become a sleaze parasite and milk their customers like some other companies we could name here.Making the greatest hardware keeps you honest. Technology doesn't lie. Microsoft's and Google's problem is that they never made serious hardware, and still don't....
Have you not read anything about China Mobile's slow buildout of their LTE network?
Jobs "even compared the invention of the Mac to the invention to the telephone" —of course he did, and he was right. Whaddya mean, "even"?? He would have been more right to say that it was as important as the telephone and Gutenberg's printing with moveable type combined, seeing as how the thinking behind the Mac led straight to desktop publishing and to the iPhone, with the equivalent of a library in your pocket, and a telephone you could bury your head into for hours...
". . . he's one pathetic, clueless bureaucrat."I'm sure Holder knows very well what's going on with Apple, and the control is out of his hands. This is about an unseen larger issue. Or the probability of that is so high that, once again, your harsh judgment of an individual is misplaced, and ultimately, naive.
If you think any of the visible officials are in control, you are one pathetic, clueless citizen.
First, a little nuance, please. My experience with the iPod touch "classic" is what i'm talking about. At the time it came out, they hadn't worked out their aluminium processes, nor would they just for the touch. It would take a strategic investment across the iPhone and iPad lines to justify the kind of effort they put into it.But once they had the processes down for the earlier touch, with its smaller screen, they still aren't going to retool for it, now are they. No,...
Very odd, that polished stainless steel. So soft. Their only alternative would be to do a matte finish on it, but then you get into cookware aesthetics. Since there's no effect on function, we just had to live with scratches that appeared no matter how careful you were.
Actually it all started at Bell Labs with the invention of the transistor.But why would anyone be so graceless as to bring this up at the Mac's birthday party? This goes for dacloo more than you.
This is an interesting perspective, distilled from your somewhat vaporous brew of lore above.
I'm keeping iOS 6 on my two 4Ses forever, if I can get away with it. They are museum pieces. I find the aesthetics of the older textured icons much preferable to the flat washed-out look of iOS 7.No system crashes on my iPad mini retina, but constant Safari crashes when posting to AI.
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