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Your problem is that you have classed this under "PC bandwagon." It is not an issue of political correctness, it is a matter of practcal business concern for Apple.They're investing half a billion in new manufacturing there, they will have people working there, they want a welcoming living "climate" there like they have in California. The law would make any business wishing to locate in Arizona at that scale complicit. They may also have ongoing larger plans for Arizona.
I hadn't thought of it till you mentioned it.Different department in my brain as well.
Yep, you missed the point, I think. "Packed to the gills" makes little sense idiomatically when referring to your apartment and its Apple gear. I believe snova is implying that we're dealing with a Korean (paid) shill. That's the way I'd read the awkward usage, anyway.
We've covered this before, I think. There's no hint in your comment that you are aware of Jony Ive's primary asset. That is, he designs for touch, the tactile sense, as much or more than he does for the eye.I have come to agree with you about iOS 7, by the way, which is entirely visual and stripped of tactility, and I think it's why it doesn't work as well as iOS 6 did for you or for me. I can't believe Ive had anything to do with the design of that software, but who's to...
I'll just say it was winter of '99 and a cold wind was blowing from Texas, and someone decided to let the curtain down.
I'm guessing that Steve didn't think through how long it was going to take to build out a data network capable of handling the traffic of millions of Apple-only FaceTime calls, let alone the traffic of more 100s of millions of Android rabble.Already, you still can't get Siri to make a call for you on a Friday or Saturday evening. They got a lot of data centers to build and who knows what else before they open up FaceTime.
". . . it's no secret that the iPhone maker is looking to expand use of the hardened material in its products. . . ." AI Staff: Sapphire comes into the world already hardened because it's an aluminum oxide crystal. You can't make it harder. We don't say diamond is hardened, do we?
I seem to remember that the talk of a bubble and the pop were only several months apart last time. But then I also remember that it was the "election" of the "president" was what ended the party. So you may not want to quote me on this.
Kai Ryssdal just went ahead on his national radio show "Marketplace" and said we're in a tech bubble. Edit: corrected typo on old Kai's stellar name.
Interesting, depending on the details you are referring to. Original creators? Are they not who they seem to be?Spying? Ordinary Big Data spying, or something extraordinary and hidden? Please divulge.
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