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Should be one of your favorite movies, since it's main moral theme is the secrecy, duplicity and soullessness of American technical bureaucracy.Don't worry, the New York critics also missed that whole angle at the time it came out, and just complained that it was so soulless and boring. It was fascinating how Stanley and maybe Arthur slipped it in under everybody's noses, like when Dr. Floyd talks up the "ham" sandwiches on the way to see the Monolith.Yep, slow and subtle,...
Suddenly? That has been said from day one, when the plastic boxes showed up weeks ago.
You NEED your phone to do this when it REALIZES it's YOU?Folks, I think we have here a new form of selfhood, putting it as kindly as I can. The connected device in your hand now defines who you are and knows what you want.To be expected, I suppose. If the portable printed book created the private individual, the portable electronic world communicator would create the connected narcissist. Thus all the "they need" and "I need for you" phrases that one hears tossed around in...
That metal reinforcement may just be EMF shielding and/or heat sink, for all we know, right?Where's the aluminum in the iPhone 4? All I see is glass and stainless steel. The glass is pretty thick on both front and back, by the way. On the 5, aluminum allowed for strength and thinness, though, that's for sure.
Calling the Post a New York paper is like calling Meyer Lansky a New York businessman.The problem with the paper is not where it's published, but who's doing the publishing. I won't mention his name. Bad luck.Interesting about Icahn's son, though.
Unless there's something really big in the works that you have heard nothing about. If that's the case, you'll be the first to take back this 'bit of a joke' business when you finally get wind of it, won't you?
Epic post by Nagromme, followed hilariously by a spectacular example of anti-Apple pathology from NelsonX.
"for the good of mankind" would be the English phrase you're looking for.I'll use you as an example of how not to think of this so narrowly that you miss the point, like others here.Apple is setting up, for the first time in retail and consumer tech history, a coherent group of services that are designed to get new customers up and running, and old customers repaired and running again.They want to call this multifaceted group of services by a single name, reflecting a...
Nice first post, worth the wait.I think also it's obvious that we're going to get a display breakthrough that will redefine what our eyes are really for, thanks to the Mac Pro, 4K, and other pixel hijinks that shall remain unnamed.So a new round of switching and upgrading is just around the corner, and Wolf will make claim chowder history.
You mean 'edge use cases.' The whole world is threatened by Google Glass, as long as a single person takes it seriously and will say so in public, like you just did.Think of it like angel dust, PCP, for geeks. You're probably too young to remember. A friend of mine drove through a wall of a 7-11 on that poison.Like Siri says, the worst thing about Glass is that it's half-empty: it only addresses one eye, and the wrong eye at that. So Google. So...
New Posts  All Forums: