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Once more, for the last time, it's not about the $100 or whatever. There's no way they're going to raise the size and weight to give us sRGB. Yes, they could do it if there was a supply of LTPS or if IGZO were ready. But there isn't and they're not.Are you people brain damaged that you are so incapable of thinking? I never saw such obtuseness in all my life.Oh, and you want them to point out to us that the screen falls short on color gamut? When, at the event? On their web...
Nope. Read Soneira's report. Those others are LTPS.It was reported last year on AI that Apple's demand for LTPS screens for their phones would use up 70% of the world capacity. There was no way they could cover the iPads with that tech. They left the crumbs for the low-volume players like Amazon and Google, and continued to bet on IGZO.http://appleinsider.com/articles/12/05/29/apples_next_iphone_expected_to_consume_70_of_high_res_ltps_screen_supplyAll this may be too much...
For the last goddamn time, it's not about the money, it's about the size and weight of the device. Now go back and read the thread, and try to understand.
@akqies Epic reply.
That was what caught my eye. Thanks for jogging my memory.But I'm surprised so little has been said about it, if it's true. I'm also surprised hardly anyone has looked into the IGZO question besides Soneira. I suspect that Apple was hoping IGZO would be more available, enough for the mini this year, but that didn't happen, so they had to compromise on backlighting. Anything but make the device thicker and heavier, of course, which is the main feature of the mini.
Raymond Soneira sticks his nose way out into Apple's decision-making process on backing IGZO.: http://www.displaymate.com/Tablet_ShootOut_4.htm He too is way out of line, calling incompetence without the slightest reference to production realities among LTPS, IGZO and Amazon's treacherous pricing on its quantum dot foray. He needs an editor in the worst way, as I've said before. Among other things, someone needs to tell him he sounds like he's in Amazon's pocket, which...
I think I read that in Anand's review.
The Air may be IGZO.
Apple is charging more for the new mini because of of the new higher density battery, the new processor, the tooling change for the case, the high density screen, and for who knows what else. You don't know if we overpaying, which is what you are suggesting. I and others have made the point that it is technologically impossible for them to have made a full-gamut screen without compromising the form factors, weight, size and battery life. Address those directly instead of...
See my posts above. Ready to be logical and not emotional?
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