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Just because you would think of petty nickel and diming of your customers doesn't mean Apple would.Also, you forget how short the time between Apple's acquiring the technology and their rolling it out. And you forget that the 5s was said to be constrained because of the Touch ID, by Kuo. You want to argue with a supply reporter based in Taiwan, go ahead.
Kuo was saying at the time that the 5s was going to be in short supply because of the sensor, the sapphire, or both. What feeble memories people have.
What do you mean re-establish? Seriously asking.Another point of view, although I agree with your basic point: The R&D in basic physics, say like optics, nanomaterials or quantum phenomena might always have to pass a "product-use" test, as far as Apple is concerned. Open-ended research like Bell Labs or IBM used to do, might be seen as de-focusing for Apple.Bell Labs, captive as they were to a monopoly that famously were not so focused on the end user, but more on...
Shift it over to "Illium," the Roman name, maybe the Hittite and Homeric name, for Troy.But I tend to agree, how are we supposed to pronounce "Illum"?
When you consider the source, and his background of beFUDdlement when it comes to anything progressive from Apple. And that includes new products as well.I should say "their" background, because I believe he/she is more than one person.
I didn't think of it till your twisted mind came up with it. Like BobSchlob says, you're even trolling earth day. Nice.
Good idea. I also like the statement in the video: "Better is a force of Nature." That has genuine philosophical value, and I think it's at the heart of Jobs's Discovery, which now drives the corporation.Strict Darwinists wouldn't agree—evolution is supposed to be blind—but the Discovery says otherwise.
In any case, good work, and a good response to a cheap shot.
Hey, that's "progress" —in trash culture.
And it shows, you can be sure of that.
New Posts  All Forums: