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Have to agree with your first sentence there, and the rest of it too.Civil discourse is impossible when they are doing this relay gangbanging like this. I stay away from other sites because of posters who are less obnoxious than these two. If they aren't banned I'm outta here. It's not worth getting depressed over.
Another voice of reason.
Beiieve it or not, no one has focused on the initial supply chain fallacy quite that way. We've been doing shovel work in the barnyard all day. The usual suspects: igriv, jdnc123, Red Oak, island hermit, a mountain of stink.Basic idea is that Tim Cook isn't doing his job. These guys, if they're for real, never heard of ideas like "wait and see" or "time will tell." They can't even wait till next week to paint themselves as fools or correct handwringers. There's no real...
True, but I also like Slurpy's stronger characterization above.
Here's another gem. Does anyone believe this guy that he has his fortune tied to Apple's stock value? That he just loves his Apple products?He is drooling over his vision of Apple's destruction. Fake fake fake.
And if anyone thinks that Jobs, Cook and Ive don't have a long range plan for the world, then they are stupid, naive or both.The market IS stupid and naive in this sense. To the extent it wants Apple to behave like Samsung, it shows its ignorance of the way Apple works.Tim Cook has been relentless in sticking to the mantra, Apple's determination to focus on its simple goal of "making great products for people" that they didn't know they wanted or needed, and are in fact...
As Cook said, "a pair of tens"—billions—over the past two years.People act like there's an obvious opportunity to spend in multiples of tens of billions. You can only build so many billion-dollar data centers at a time, open so many stores around the world, prop up so many Sharps, back so many Foxconns or TMSCs in their U.S. screen and chip plants, etc.When Apple comes up with a new technology to spend on, of course they're going to. They already are. They don't even have...
Another playground taunt.
I invite everyone to look ar this shrieking, hysterical infantilism.Amazon is investing every penny for future growth . . . at least they are trying . . .vs.Apple sits on their cash and has no idea where to put it . . .This person should be fired as a troll for losing his grasp of mature discourse.By the way, he's back from lunch. I said I would ignore him when he trashed the other thread, but this specimen is too easy a target.
Hey, someone else making some sense!
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