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So you're going on record that any or all of these guys are paid by Apple? Your reputation is at stake.
Sorry you get beat up. Did I ever do that?Anyway, the new iMacs show that they are really serious about that part of the Mac lineup. They risked a lot to do those screens and aluminum frames, and a lot of people don't get it, a sure sign that they're ahead of the game. And then there's the retina Macbooks.The Pro I don't know about, but Tim said . . . etc. And he isn't the sort of guy who would mislead his customers.
This is correct, and they seem to be coming this year, as Apple's investments in screen technology start to pay off.But meantime, there has never been in my memory such hostility to a successful American company, and that's going back some. In the 1960s, when Volkswagen and then Toyota et al. started making huge inroads into Detroit's hegemony, there were rather many "Buy American" campaigns in defense. Compare that with what you read on Cnet comments.To repeat, as Gruber...
The WSJ misses the point, of couse. The increased PR is to counter the perverse press, WSJ included. It's not about increased competition, but the perception of increased competition. The WSJ's "story" about the drop in screen orders—from 65 million!—will live in infamy as targeted market manipulation. Obscenities to this rag.
It's too simplistic to base your kvetching on the price of parts alone. Those who buy this are paying for the production lines for the new logic boards, the separate lines for the radio options, and for all we know, the color options, and all the associated inventory costs. Do us a favor and factor those costs in.
Good point. They are going to drag everbody's video equipment forward also. High pixel density shows the flaws in the image, as well as the good when you get it.The other big deal, if it happens, is that the iPad mini will have the first DITO IGZO HPD (High Pixel Density) screen. The DITO will bring the pixels closer to the glass, the IGZO will (maybe) make the moving images more responsive and vibrant, and the HPD will be made more obvious by the first two. We're going to...
I know what you mean. Give these guys the business, same inteview:http://www.telekom-presse.at/detail.asp?newsID=24230&boardSessionID=241000001F5316007110914927201302059999999999991731
Gruber links to Blogett, who has the interview that has spooked cameronj on Tim Cook. http://www.businessinsider.com/paul-kedrosky-on-what-has-gone-wrong-at-apple-2013-2 These guys who come up with simple-minded theories about "what's wrong at Apple," and present them as if they're giving you the deepest intelligence imaginable, are part of the media pathology. They start with the wrong assumption. The problem is with the Market, not with Apple. And the problem with the...
Have you compared the mini to the bigger iPad side-by-side? The LCD panel is closer to the glass, and in fact there is one layer of glass missing on the mini. I'd be somewhat interested to hear from a reflection phobic person if they think the mini's DITO screen is better. Myself I'm not bothered by the reflections, because it's easy to tilt away from them.
I believe they lose 2mm when they get rid of the glass-to-glass touchscreen and go to glass-to-film, which is G/F2 when the Indium Tin Oxide film is two-sided, which is Dual ITO, or DITO.Apparently that part of the screen production has been ironed out on the present mini, so cameronj's warnings may be obviated on that score. But there's still the IGZO side of the story, which has yet to be tested in high volume as far as I know.
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