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Come off it. Apple will use the best display they can get 35 million of per quarter that matches what the processor and battery can handle, and what doesn't drive the developers crazy. Balance, compromises, different "packages of emphasis" (Steve Jobs) for each device.Other companies have other choices. Samsung owns the most advanced OLED display fabs in the world, unless LG has caught up, and no way is Apple buying into that technology for phones, even if Samsung or LG...
What is the source of this stupidity, which seems to be compulsory whenever Istanbul is mentioned?
Before taxes. Don't seem right.
I think we've been punked by Rogifan. I didn't get to see the video, by the way. It's gone, and MacRumors didn't fall for this ruse.
Nope, stereovideo glasses, like I said three or so months ago.
Now just a minute here. What are we supposed to do for entertainment for a month if one of you disappears?
Speaking of apps, the good side of the app business, I hope everybody checks out Gruber today so they can get in on a very worthy documentary about the "new art form of our generation." Only about 2/12 days to make the goal. http://daringfireball.net
O-kay, noted. A couple of points. That was Samsung, this is Apple. For example, more of a Samsung plastic device is a bad thing; more of an Apple aluminum or Liquid Metal device will be a good thing. A larger Samsung home screen is worse, not so Apple. And so on.Second, there may be a use case for an attractive, iOS-powered 5.5" device that no one is thinking about right now, such as a split-screen side-by-side stereoscopic video player used for educational purposes, just...
As usual, there will be the "it's just a big iPod touch" serial deniers, who always overlook Apple's mastery of the total package, and how size makes a difference when the customer holds it in her hands, and never when the geek contemplates the screen dimensions in the abstract, in the dim light of his feeble imagination.A better example might be all the comments before we had the iPad mini: "I just don't see the use for a smaller iPad." Then the mini goes on to outsell...
Back on the hardware topic, it's nice to see the screw holes match up between the PC board and the metal case back that is so mysteriously not machined, not stamped, seemingly, but maybe cast by a previously unknown process than leaves no rough edges. Story here: http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/181468/rumor-rear-shell-for-4-7-iphone-6-shown-with-inlaid-apple-logo-in-new-photos
New Posts  All Forums: