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It also has sticky black plastic all over, very reminiscent of Finnish licorice!
You might have look at that processor and its architecture. Some say it's a year ahead of anything else out there. Software too.
Tim Cook's statement on "trade-offs" is in the last minute or so of this clip from All Things D.http://allthingsd.com/20130528/why-apple-makes-only-one-iphone-and-doesnt-want-to-make-a-phablet-video/He took a lot of crap here from certain posters about that trade-off "excuse" for not doing larger hand-held retina screens. "If Google could do it with the Nexus . . . " etc., etc.I thought they were maybe committed to an energy-saving screen technology like IGZO to do a...
And last year's iPad mini. If we believe the reports, both problems were caused by building out capacity on new screen lamination or film bonding technologies. Pushing the envelope can come back to bite you when you try to roll it out in the millions. The best supply experts in the world can't foresee all the glitches that crop up. That would be my interpretation. Others would like to question Apple's or Tim Cook's competence. Where do you come down on this? Serious question.
You fit the definition perfectly. Don't tell me or TS not to respond to somebody. That's arrogance on your part. Smug, supercilious arrogance.I'm familiar with the arguments. He's not going to go away if he's ignored, If enough outrage is detected by the moderators, there's a chance he may be made to go away sooner. If you don't want to read the response to his trash, then skip over it.
Things are not so simple as that, methinks. What Apple requires for iPad displays in the tens of millions, GF/2 and maybe IGZO ready, are completely unknown to us. We can assume that they're different from what Asus, Amazon or Samsung require. We know that Apple has been doing something mysterious in display development with Sharp, LG, AUO, etc. etc.Why would you assume that Tim Cook is dithering, or that Apple hasn't been spending heavily in this area for years?
How do I get you to stop being so supercilious?
How do we get rid of this . . . person?
Another one ignorant of what Apple is doing with screen technology. You are setting yourself up to be shamed into silence.You're also ignorant of 5c sales, so calling Apple out of touch is hilarious.Folks, remember this is the guy who back in September compared the 5c's "palate" of colors to the hideous hues of bodily functions. Maybe he was thinking of the insect bodies in his dreams.
You are right about WSJ, of course, and everyone should read that story by Farhad Manjoo that you link to.If he's right, Google's "sly motive" is really a completely evil campaign to subvert an industry by infecting it like a parasite and suck the lifeblood out of it. "Sly" isn't exactly the right word.I'm hoping there's something about the iPad display besides GF/2 that Apple can really talk about to separate the iPads from other tablets. And for the iPad mini, some...
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