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"Release the iPad Retina mini before the large iPad just to prove the media wrong. Please Apple, do one thing Apple-like. Give us a sign . . . "Has it not occurred to you that they are still developing the technology that must be in place before they can produce—not "release"—the iPad mini? That it's not a matter of them needing an internal shakeup, but a matter of Sharp or AU Optronics or whoever getting their production of the necessary screens ramped up in the millions...
In other words, you still "honestly" think Samsung is "pounding Apple to death"?
The Department of Justice needs a new name.
Do you not remember that the iPad mini HAD to come in at a low price? If you think Apple could have done that little package with a retina screen, even with a little larger package, at anywhere near a competetive price, then nothing you ever say again here should be taken seriously. Ever. Your first paragraph is scurrilous, libelous BS. I'll say it to you too: you'd better wait to see what they doing with IGZO, or you're going to look like the world's biggest fool.
My condescension I will gladly shift over to you. Samsung is using AMLOED displays, something which Apple would never use at this stage of half-assed development. Even if they would, Samsung would throttle the supply the way they have done with HTC.HTC does have a brilliant display, but an example of Cook's trade-off realism would be illustrated by a question like, can whoever supplies it also supply 30 million or so to Apple, like right now, at the right price, at the...
Ok, I'll bite, because I will enjoy using you as an example of those who can't see how Apple works, even when Tim Cook spells it out for you.He says, Apple won't release a larger-screened phone because it would mean too many trade-offs, and thus it could not be up to Apple's standards. In other words, the technology isn't there yet. Batteries are not up to it, GF2 film is in short supply, IGZO screens aren't available yet . . . do you need more?You should realize these...
It could be that people in business have better insurance plans and can get better vision care and so don't need larger screens on their phones like the rest of the world clearly prefers. Apple really needs to make a larger screen phone in case Obamacare leads to tightening of insurance plans for vision care. /s
Apple is innately averse to the kind of paternalistic coddling of a home community that Google is exhibiting. It's not in their DNA, to use the cliché. It has the appearance of trying to curry favor from the community. Apple pays their taxes, they employ people who pay taxes, and they clean up after themselves. That should be enough.
The torus, the most energetic of all shapes. Central to Arthur Young's Process Theory of the universe (he was the inventor of the Bell helicopter):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYEG60e7S54&feature=youtube_gdata_player
Right, trash up the home screen, only trash it up better than Android.
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