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Not to pick on you two, because no one else realized it either, but if you glance at the original All Things D story, it is clear Apple was asked to comment on the ruling!!!115 posts and nobody observes that? What is wrong with you people?
Finally, the point of the ad. As you say, it's a response to Samsung's promiscuous screen-size churn. Koreans don't care if you can actually use their junk. Only designers in California care about life enhancement, because they live in a place devoted to life enhancement for generations. Sort of like the south of France, only with more narcissism and less history.There's some truth to this, but how obnoxious it must seem to anyone not in California. I think they should...
I have to agree with everything but your last two sentences. There are big, hard-to-miss historical reasons why Silicon Valley happens to be in California, specifically near Palo Alto.You can see this easily if you read the biography, or for a cultural history, What the Dormouse Said by John Markoff. (Right, I never pass up a chance to mention that book.)But your point about "designed in California" being a negative to much of the rest of the country is probably true,...
This sort of knee-jerk xenophobia, even in jest, is usually a sign of hemisphere imbalance, i.e., left bias, right suppressed.Knowing the two posters here, I'd say there's a good possibility. See The Master and His Emissary, p. 85, for starters.
He doesn't seem to be able to convince critics like yourself, because you want a lie: "Sure we could do a larger screen, but we decided to settle on what we got," or somesuch. Instead he says the tradeoffs would result in a phone that would not be to Apple's standards. The standards Apple follows, by the way, are those of the old Nikon and Leica crowd when it comes to color accuracy and white balance, not the standards of the average phone buyer.He was telling the absolute...
Since Siri is STILL too jammed to respond on weekend evenings, and that's almost every weekend, I have to conclude that Apple is restricting access to Siri until they get new data centers into operation.
@ElFig2012, unfortunately, you are not alone . The problem is that Apple can't talk about its future, other than to say, "we have great things coming later this year and in 2014." You don't believe Tim Cook? That could be a mistake. Worrying about Apple's future leads to premature dementia, as many posters here demonstrate. For example, Apple is probably in the process of developing the production of a revolutionary display technology that will change everything once...
Yeah, but a python swallowing a pig is a terrible thing to watch, and it goes on for a long time. : )
I haven't read them all but this is the best post ever. Then again I'm pretty stoned. It made sense and zipped right along.DED's piece looks promising too. Maybe later. Who says iOS 7 is meant to be hard to copy?
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