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I'd have to argue that these aren't "ergonomic" shapes once they come out of your pocket. They're too slippery and they present you with no edges for control in handling.Once Apple realized that they were making cameras as much as anything else with their pocket computers, they squared off the sides and flattened the back for a more ergonomic approach to handling and setting up on a table or tripod.The plastic 5C continues with this precision in shape. Why can't anyone see...
Sorry to see you're getting tangled up with that word "premium." It's disgusting marketingspeak.Apple is a mass manufacturer of stuff that is supposed to make people's lives better, as well as possible according to the best technology they can pull together from everywhere, as well as develop themselves, e.g., their chip designs or software.They're not making jewelry or luxury items, which is where your marketing term "premium" belongs.What they're conveying with their new...
I see that Constabe Odo is still confusing Apple's architectural statement in plastic and metal with Samsung's lazy use of plastic that reaembles an insect's carapace. Couldn't be more different.
Here we go again.Aluminum is cold, hard, brittle and sharp. This has appeal when you want to convey or experience "precision."Plastic is warm, soft, resiliant and curvaceous. This has appeal when you want to go for fun and lovability.Maybe easier for you: plastic is sexier. If you're still having trouble, I can go into more detail.By the way, the plastic-plus-metal reinforcement/antenna architecture has a long and flexible future, and will get much less expensive once they...
This makes a lot of sense. They're thinking a year (or more) ahead.Also, it turns out that the plastic back is more expensive to make than I, for one, thought, with that inner steel reinforcement/antenna embedded in it. I totally missed that detail when someone, I'll look it up later, was talking about the reinforcement that I thought was maybe for EMI and heat. Anyway, it looks like they're spending quite a bit to get this plastic and metal "architecture" set up for a...
It's very simple. Aluminum is cold and hard, polycarbonate is warm and soft. Or look at it as mineral vs. organic. These differences are not best grasped with the mind, but unconsciously witth emotion and touch. The 5C is a better phone than the 5 for some because it is plastic.
Neither. Smart. Since the crowd is almost all journalists, they have to be careful to edit the audience cutaways so that none of the supposedly hardboiled cynics gets caught looking stupidly enthusiastic.It is a much tighter room. There's no margin for directorial looseness.Edit: Or according to TS, there's no danger of enthusiasm, but I maintain there is still a danger of catching some writer looking stupid in a live broacast.
You are so full of it! Subdued audience? Did it not occur to you that this was a group of supposedly objective journalists packed into a claustrophobic space who have to resist all provocations to be enthusiastic if they want to maintain any credibility?No of course you didn't. You are not thinking about the human and professional context. You know what that means about you.
Finally, some sanity and reason. There've been others, I should add, like Macky and jfc1138.
I for one hope you get back to us with the pricing perspective from India.
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