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Sorry mgabrys, but Relic is not who you think she is. She is an eclectic technology collector who doesn't see such a great divide between Apple and the other platforms. As she says in this thread, she works for a Swiss bank, and I think she has too much money and fun to be making pocket change from Samsung or whomever.If she has any life issues, one might be that she didn't do the sort of study with her fellow countryman Albert Hofmann that Steve Jobs did. But far be it...
Never. Ever. Ever. Get your right brain checked while you're at it.Microsoft's colors are as unappetizing as office supplies. Apple's colors are, as you say, like candy.
Then have your taste checked.
I never trust anybody who starts a sentence with "Trust me." Tweny years ago, the reflexive cliché for liars was, "Let me be honest with you . . ." Used car salesmen couldn't work without these tools of persuasion.Now what was it you were saying?
I agree with the true history part. Maybe Dick was too close to the business part of the industry.Microsoft nearly destroyed the personal computer with their incompetence, their unwillingness to say no, their willingness to say yes to bloat.It's the same American trait that allowed GM and Ford to keep making urban battleships when the Japanese were flooding the market with nimble runabouts. Now Detroit is bankrupt.I would hate to see Seattle go bankrupt. But we see it...
Great article. The story of Microsoft's predicament has yet to be understood—witness some of the comments in this thread—so the history of how they got here has to be told by someone who was paying attention back then. That's what we have here. The sarcasm makes the story bearable to read. How could he tell it without the snark? Not even Microsoft understands what's wrong. I'd say it's still a matter of taste.
You are obviously goading with a blunt, obtuse instrument there, but I'll answer you anyway.The basic R&D by Sharp and SEL may be brilliant and revolutionary on its own, but it's nothing if no companies with deep pockets (billions upon billions) like Foxconn and Apple recognize that there is life yet in LCDs and develop the refinement, until OLED matures. That's where the revolutionary brilliance lies, bringing the difficult technology to market at a mass scale, gambling...
No lighter, thinner and singly backlit without IGZO, I'll wager. (See the DigiTimes link.) If IGZO, then revolutionary, not to say magical.
I hope someone who knows what PrimeSense has been doing will comment.3D infrared "tactilevision" for machines, which can be transcoded into visible and tactile information for humans, is a hugely fundamental technology, sort of like photography itself.I can't imagine that Apple would want to monopolize all applications for itself, but rather want to license it out widely. This is about a new kind of awareness, in the same class as the microscope or telescope.On the other...
Good. Godspeed.I like this kind of talk.
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