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this is f'n amazing... i too have actually thought of the same thing back in the day when all the new mouse threads were goin around... i have found one glaring problem that might be easily worked around with a good driver however the "touch technology" may not allow it. People rest their hands on the mouse all the time when surfing the web and such and why would you want to have to lift your finger up off of the mouse and then back down again to perform a single click...
I see no problem to an update of about another 5 gigs... what if they offered a 5 and 10 version the 5 at about 350-400 (as I understand the drive alone is almost 300 consumer) and the 10 could be 400-500 depending on drive cost and price of 5 gig model. Can the current iPod's be opened? Maybe you could upgrade in a year or two when these drives can be sold seperately and a bit cheaper? Ideas?
I don't know about you but I don't believe Apple would hold out the displays for the G5. Apple has not had a problem with tweaking the lcd shells to match color schemes and with two trade shows in the near future and the promise of no new CPU's I think that LCD's and digital device(s)would be very likely as well as some new (i)tech. betting on 19 and possibly 23, both widescreen.
Nvidia has supposed to have released some sort of GeForce 4 card for laptops that should be available to oem configurers RIGHT NOW! Nvidia's website says that some toshiba satellite notebook has a 32meg version of the card installed and available. Think this could end up in the Powerbook revision? Think it could end up on the streets soon for powerbook owners to upgrade to?
Ha! this is great... I am actually looking online to buy one right now and I was thinking I was going to have to settle with the 550 because of the prices. I came to this board to ask if anyone knew if the 550-667 DVD powerbooks come with the ATI Radeon Mobility? Can anyone help? Thanks
I want to get a sony CLIE peg t415 but I am not sure if it will work with the Palm Desktop in OS X. Sony, I don't think supports their handhelds on the mac however I thought since it ran Palm OS and connects through USB it should be able to sync to my mac and function just as any other PDA, no?
Why would apple port os 9 to os X on an entirely new processor. It makes no sense. For one thing the g5 isn't due till at least early next year and by then os X should be at or past the 12 o clock. It would take extra dollars to port classic to a processor that no classic apps would take advantage of.
I don't think DVD-R will show up in a powerbook even if it does become possible within the next year. People who feel the need to produce something on dvd would most likely, i believe, go with a powermac system because it has the extra power (especialy for the money compared to a powerbook) to run applications to compile a nicely developed dvd of some sort. I'm hoping a MP3 like solution will come about for copying dvd's. except i don't mean i'd like to copy lossy dvd's...
The real reason for the new superdrive isn't the 2x dvd read speed boost (although i think it's a nice addition) apple included it in the imac because it is smaller than the first superdrive which was a bit larger than a standard size 5.25? drive. Superdrive 2 is of standard size.
[quote]Originally posted by Bodhi: Percentage of those technologies to be implemented into the Mac? 20% TOPS. I had an 867 with a GeForce3. Loaded up Giants and half of the graphics options are shaded. Why? Cause even though that game was made to play like a dream on the GeForce3 Apple has yet to implement most of the advatnages of that card into OSX. We never saw FSAA on the Radeon, never saw it on the GeForce3 and I doubt we will see half of the cool...
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