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These folks are BOUGHT, PAID FOR AND BRIBED up to the point of being remotely controlled. Their opinion and LACK OF FACTS should be exposed to the public thru ANY mechanism available to unmask trolls. Good start but we have to do more...
I hate to sound like I%u2019ve been under a rock for the last few months, but I just haven%u2019t had the time to catch up.. Are the NEW MAC Book Air%u2019s (with Haswell) available NOW?? Thanks much for the assist%u2026
If I had wanted a washed out, cheap-looking plastic UI, I would have gone out and bought a Galaxy moths ago...I didn't... AND, I won't be upgrading to one either !!!!
WWWWHHHHhhhhaaaaa..... That's all these Wally-Street Klowns know how to do... Whine.., if YOU, the sucker little guy, won't pat their $ BILLION DOLLAR A MONTH BILLS, then they think they're under-compensated... FU** THEM....
I bought an un-locked, iPhone 5 from Apple in December. And NOW, T-Mumble and Apple are telling me that I have to buy another one to get all of the network I’m currently already on??    NOT LIKELY.
AND, those of us that got suckered in by the %u2018Move your iPhone over to us%u2019 program that ran over the last 3-4 months by T-Mobile, and shelled out almost a thousand bucks for an UN-LOCKED iPhone 5, NOW - WE%u2019RE SCREWED because the Hardware is NOT COMPATIBLE. AND neither T-Mobile OR Apple will step up and take responsibility for that screw up.. Thanks clowns.. If you think I%u2019m buying another iPhone 5 just to get the OLD T-Mumble AWS network, you%u2019re...
Given these lies, Apple stock will be selling for like 9.00 a share by spring... The s&*t pile of stupid surrounding what's doing at Apple is getting raunchy.... Time for a analyst turd-out....
THIS TOO is a lie.   Now that EVERY ANALYST that has tried and FAILED to say that Apple had some failing during the holiday quarter to cover-up their COMPLETE, IN-CORRECT and in some cases attempted stock manipulation failures, yet a final gasp of utter hysteria comes from another bleeding, screaming, drowning pundit of loser-ness, trying to draw some accolades to justify their existence…   YOU LOSE…. YOUR LIES HAVE FAILED YOU AT LAST….
Sculley…   You were an idiot way back when… You’re an idiot now… AND, that’s why Jobs FIRED YOU BEFORE !!!    SHUT THE FU** UP AND GO AWAY !!!    NOW!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: