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Sculley…   You were an idiot way back when… You’re an idiot now… AND, that’s why Jobs FIRED YOU BEFORE !!!    SHUT THE FU** UP AND GO AWAY !!!    NOW!!!!
This seems to be a clear-cut attempt by Um and collaborators at the Wall Street Journal TO  MANIPULATE APPLE STOCK. After Apple’s  earnings have been announced, HOPEFULLY Apple will publicly ADMONISH AND EMBARRASS both UM from Wells, and the Murdoch Klowns at the WSJ, for their public and obvious follies. ANY ACCESS these fakes had to ANY Apple data in the past should END - IMMEDIATELY.
And that's fine, BUT their MARKETING PROGRAM TO SPIN THEIR NETWORK 'REFARMING' to be a 4G nationwide offering for iPhones is a COMPLETE SHAM. For UNLOCKED IPHONE users in the MAJORITY OF Southern California, THIS ADVERTISING/MARKETING IS A LIE. I tested it Last week, with the help of T-Mumble technician (person on the towers), and the very best we could get, with LIMITED RANGE FROM THE CELL OR TOWER (approx. 1/2 mi. from the cell) was 11.5 Mbps down, 4.0 Mbps up. That's...
Let's see.... 78 percent versus 7 1/2 percent ??? Today AND ALL OF THE NEXT YEAR I don't care and neither should anyone else !!! Sheer idiocy.
Don't worry, the 'investors' (read traders/speculators) will take Apple down another 100 points because Apple didn't sell 100 million this weekend !!!
All I want is an UN-LOCKED iPhone and waiting for months in the US is an insult to the people who have made Apple so successful - it's customers. It's astounding that the carriers still drag around the manufactures by the short hairs and get away with it... If we look across the spectrum of companies that provide the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPIERENCE of any entity in the tech business - bar none, it's the US telecom carriers... The GLOBAL pariha of the tech business.
WHEN APPLE POSTS “Phone available in UN-LOCKED VERSION at your local Apple store” on their web site, THEN you know they’ve caught up.. NOT before.
It's clear Bomber's math skills have gotten as bad as his technology skills.... both have almost ground to a halt driven by dementia.
New Posts  All Forums: