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N O T !!!!!!!
These AT&T parasites will do anything to promise one set of specs, deliver far less, raise the price on everything they offer in their static network, and openly lie that everything they told you is fact... Sure am glad I AM NOT AND WILL NEVER BE an AT&T customer...
Let's look back, in the not so distant time-travel device called Google Search... THIS quarters numbers AND last quarters LOSS OF CUSTOMERS is EXACTLY the same number (close).... SO, if they stay on a trajectory like this, they'll be OUT OF CUSTOMERS soon... HA! Given that T-Mumble has the WORST MARKETING ORGANIZATION on Earth and the WORST CMO in the history of mankind - still, maybe that's the strategy!!! Kill it all and start over?? These people are morons if they...
Really? You're really excited that the wolrd's worse software will be on an iPad? Really? Complete, utter and sheer delusion....
Whomever this 'analyst' believes that he is or what grand crystal ball he's gazing into, but there is clearly only one word that can and should be used to describe this point of view - STOOPID.
I'm astounihes how long the US mrkelace is going to continue to actually believe these two Ben-counters about iPhones.... This game is all about flagelant egos - tht's it.... T-Mumble sucks , they know it, and are actual trying to be your local friendly third tier player and they like... The ghetto buner of Horne... These are pathetic people. Apple should just buy them and dismiss the whole Lot of them to the ghetto.
NOT, I repeat NOT going to happen....
Cole Brodman, T-Mumble's CMO is the STOOPIDEST Marketing guy in the solar system. IF he's naive enough or arrogant enough to believe that Apple is waiting on T-Mumble to do ANYTHING or decide ANYTHING, he's an idiot.
It's clear, from the PROOF SUBMITTED, that Carrier IQ IS a clandestine logger and is being used by manufacturers and especially the carriers, as a wiretap device. Thanks Cheeeney.... You and your pack of neo-nut clowns started this - now, we're going to finish it.
AND, if Tim says, NAAA , as he should, then what? Hey Bomber...POUND SAND !!!
New Posts  All Forums: